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David Foster Event - Vegas - May 9th

Couch Tomato

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Here's a concert where these 3 people will be performing:

Clay Aiken

David Foster


I have been waiting and waiting for these three to share a stage. Yep, three of the most gifted artists that I am always raving on about to anyone who will listen [or pretend to listen]... but I can't go because I have commitments I can't do anything about.

Damn. :cry4:

ETA: And if Clay and Charice end up doing The Prayer* or something, I will slit my wrists.... but then hope to recover sufficiently to search for clack. :hahaha:

The Prayer* ... Charice has done this duet with a number singers, including Bocelli and Tyler Hamilton. How I'd love to hear her sing it with Clay.

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Lotus, if I were you I would look around for package deals. Vegas is hurting right now and there are definitely good deals to be had! When we went for the skating thing back in.....2006?2007?.....we got 4 nights in a hotel PLUS our airfare for something like $400 Cdn each. I am not sure but we probably booked it through Expedia.ca.

ETA: There is really no reason to have to stay at the Mandalay Bay....there are trollies that run up and down the strip that stop at all the major hotels.

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My three sisters and I are going. We have booked our flight and bought the tickets to David Foster and Friends back in January. My one sister found out that Charice will be there on May 9 with DF so we decided to go (we were scheduled to go to LV last December but canceled at the last minute) and see her. I can't believe how lucky we are to have Clay as well.

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Sigh! After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided not to go to Las Vegas. I am hoping that I will be able to manage to go to the Gala instead. I certainly can't do both.

Lordy I hope I don't regret this.

Who knows maybe it will be taped and shown on PBS.

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