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#51: You go on with your bad self, Mr. Aiken

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    • Clay Aiken: Just like Timex...takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

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OMG look at him! :wub: He's a little chub ball. What a beautiful baby.

preden, belated birthday wishes. Sorry, I was offline most of yesterday as we were painting the kitchen and had to move the modem. Then I was off to Stars On Ice and dinner. Hope you had a great one!

cha cha, hee!

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He looks pretty excited by it all too. :hahaha:


Aw. It's like they're just living their lives now and not hiding him away. Exactly what Halle Berry did.

eta...guess we don't know how it came about. She sure doesn't look like she's trying to hide him or shield him from anything. They may have even called someone semi-friendly and given them a heads up to where they were going to be. Thus avoiding TMZ et al. being the first one to get pics and having them say something horrid. Eventually a picture was going to get out there. I have no doubt Jaymes and Clay knew that.

Halle Berry did the same thing. After avoiding the paparazzi like the plague and shielding her baby she just went to the zoo one day. All done.

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Good Morning Everyone,

Parker is adorable...I agree with Jamar; glad to see Jaymes and Clay just living their lives...can't expect them to hide in the house until Parker is 15 so no pictures get out...the reality is that Clay is a star and Jaymes is the mother of his child and if they are out, pictures are going to be taken. I think it is great that they were able to keep him protected for so long, but eventually pictures were going to surface.

5 Days until Viva Las Vegas with Clay! :yahoo:

10 Days until Clay is Rockin' 30 Rock! :yahoo:

Everyone have a great day!


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Awwww, he is such a beautiful baby!! .....and I don't have time to search through my pics right now, but he looks SO much like his Daddy at that age!! Red hair and all, by the looks of things....AND striped socks, from what I can see! :hysterical:

Probably less chance that there would be a mob scene with Jaymes with him, than with Clay...and I'm glad the site is respectful as well. Take that, TMZ!! thumbsnose

PS Parker needs some sunglasses :lol:

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Awwwwww. Pictures of Parker.

*pinches chubby cheeks*

*wipes down fingerprints left on monitor*

Hey! I guess this means Jaymes' isn't pregnant again!!!

Working from home this week until the memorial service on Saturday. It's probably going to be a long week -- but I'll be able to keep up here, which will help my spirits.

FromClaygary, I thought Parker should have a hat to protect him from the sun. Maybe Jaymes has hims slathered with sunscreen. OTOH, sunglasses would look cooler (see banner above)...

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What a kissyface he is!

Personally, I don't worry about pictures of babies being out there. Suri Cruise and the Brangelina kids probably have press agents at this point. Besides, if you had a baby as precious as Parker, wouldn't you be so proud that you'd want the world to see this angel? Lil' Cutie has such a contemplative face in the stroller pictures. Can't you just look into that child's eyes and see the intelligence quotient through the roof?!?!?! Clay and Jaymes may have a run for their money to keep up with Parker!

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Not that i did it ::coughcough:: but Parker's pretty pic makes a great desktop!! Just sayin'

Hypothetically speaking, I'm sure it would be an adorable desktop, merrieeee!

You think so? I might just try it out....but only because you suggested it!!!

ETA: Surprise it does make a cute desktop! :hahaha:

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I saw this 20 something guy on muni the other day and he on a tshirt that said "I'm Not Dead Yet" on the front in white letters on black. And it had the Spam logo very small on both shoulders. Has anyone ever seen that shirt. I would have bought that one. I told him I liked his shirt and he said he got it in NY.

I just went and checked my Spam shirt Couchie and it is the same as you described but with only one logo on one sleeve. My DH got the same one and we have both had questions whenever we have worn them. I don't wear mine out much but tend to put it on at the end of a hard work day. It brings back such good memories and the quote is uplifting.

Couchie, I bought this very shirt at our first Spam show in January when I was SITTING NEXT TO YOU!! I'm feeling pretty sure I showed it to you either there or back in the room!!

At any rate, it's still available:


I just wore mine at the last lunch of the medical meeting I was at in Atlanta last week when I changed into my plane-ride-home-wear. LOTS of looks...most of the comments were from fellow Python fans. I also have the matching pin stuck above my desk. Always good to remind everyone that I haven't succumbed to overwork or any of my various ailments yet!!

And since I'm still alive, I'm going to Vegas!!! I didn't find out about Clay being there until a day later than everyone else. My Clay jungle-telegraph system has evidently fallen apart, and friends had already made their plans long before I even heard about it. My DH interrupted my pity-party tale about how all my friends had abandoned me to say that he would like to go. OMG!!! He's a big fan himself, but RL work stuff has kept him from seeing Clay live since the JNT05!!!! He's instructing a 6-week class right now, so that keeps him off overtime requirements, so he can go!! We've hooked up with recapper extraordinaire poshpenny, who also didn't have ride-sharers or roomies and got a 1-bedroom suite at the Grand Vacation thingy at the LV Hilton. We'll be there from Friday dinner time until Sunday brunch-ish (it IS Mother's Day after-all....I'm adopting poshie for the day). Anybody want to say HI, let me know!!

And now to the important stuff:

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Parker is absolutely adorable!!! So glad to see them out and about and that TMZ didn't get the chance to break the pics!!!!!

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