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#51: You go on with your bad self, Mr. Aiken

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    • Clay is stil around, getting bigger balls, better hair, and broader shoulders.
    • "He doesn't need the spotlight. He just glows."
    • Simon Says: Shut Up And Sing 2 (Learning to keep mah foot outta mah mouth)
    • Clay Aiken: Just like Timex...takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

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Hummuna, hummuna, hummuna... Stubble!Clay! And sunglasses! :tasty: Somebody be sure to revive me if we get any more hot pictures, 'cause otherwise I'll just die happy right now!

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OMG, the lipbite and Clay's ears!! ....AND tp and diapers :hahaha: LOVE it!! LOOK at those cute baby toesies!! :wub:

What a great Monday!! :clap:

Great pictures:)

what a sweet baby and Parker is a cutie too

nice license plate MEDWOOF ??

Thanks everyone for posting those!

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Awwwwww, he's so cute!!! Such adorable toesies and that serious look and lipbite!!! *gurgles and dissolves into a puddle of goo!!!*

And the smiling picture?!! Totally adorable!!! Ahhhhhhh! *alternately sighs and coos*

There seem to be other pictures (of someone with similar features only somewhat taller) that are just beyond my field of vision but I'll check on those & comment later tonight. This is all the cuteness I can handle for now!!!



*and somehow, gazing at total cuteness relieves itching better than Bendadryl... all's well with the world!*

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Are we biased or is that one CUTE babeee?

Yes, and YES!!! He is just completely precious - those big eyes!!!!

And his hot Daddy is pretty dang special too. I'm in lurve all over again!

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Cute baby, cute daddy, cute Parker's mother, cute shopping cart, cute Reed. Clay's world is just all full of cuteness. The pictures are great. Don't they ever take a bad picture?

If anyone needs a bad picture to cleanse their eyes, I've got a few new ones.

We watched the movie "Billy Elliot" tonight and darn if that wasn't a cute movie.

Whatever happened to that apple we all liked so much last year. Didn't find them much this year. Weren't they cute too? Honeycrisp.

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If this "Drought of '09" gets any droughtier, I'm going to run out of room in my photobucket account. :imgtongue:


Who knew you could drown in a drought?


and on that note I'm going to work...its' so tough to drag my butt away.

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Oh Why is he gay...boo hoo!!!

The guy looks soooo good in those grocery shopping pics. It's just not fair.

At least we don't have to think about sharing him with another woman.

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O.M.G... that man is HAWT!!! I'm fanning myself here!

I LOVE the picture of Parker with the rattle... does Clay know it has a picture of a kitty on it??? :cryingwlaughter: And, do you see the way his toes are gripping the chair leg... so like his daddy's toes. :cryingwlaughter:

Ok... this gramma is fully satisfied to have some Parker pics to drool over... and to have those grocery pics of daddy Clay to drool over, too... :hubbahubba: HAWT!!!

Now, the Reed pics... just strange... tutu's???? :hahaha: He's cute anyway!

Perma... glad you're going to Vegas with hubby and posh! Have a great time!!! Blow him a kiss for me, pretty please!

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Is there anyone on here who can tell me how to post a picture from photobucket? I'm so confused.

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