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2009 Gala....Looking for a Ride?


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Hi everyone!

I thought I would add a thread, as I know there will be people looking for rides to/from the airport in Raleigh for the Gala.

For those who have not been to RDU before.....the airport DOES NOT have a shuttle service to/from downtown, nor does the Marriott. That leaves taxis which you can prebook or call; normal taxi fare one way will be around $35-40.

If you are looking to share a ride, please post here:

Arrival TIME and DATE ( I know some will be arriving early)


Offering a ride?

Looking to share a ride?

Destination? (ie, the Marriott or elsewhere?)

Hope we're able to hook some people up!!

PS Please edit your post when you are taken care of, so that people can see it's a done deal. :)

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....and the second! :)


Anytime after lunch Friday, Oct 16th (I can work around your time)

RDU to the Marriott

(I am returning a rental car I won't be using for a few days rather than paying for parking downtown)

Thanks to anyone who can help!

More than happy to offer gas money or lunch!

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Let me be the first! :hello::)


Thursday Oct 15th after 4:52 PM (my arrival time)

Arriving on JetBlue

My destination is Capital Blvd (North Raleigh), but I will take people down to the Marriott if you're headed there instead.

I might come into RDU too that day, would appreciate a ride if you offer. I'll let you know when I have booked my flight. thanks

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Hey y'all, I don't post here much, but I saw this...

SuperShuttle now operates in Raleigh, at a cost of $16 each way downtown, or a van load (of up to 10) for $65 each way.

I'm local, and if there's interest, I will do airport transfers for donations (a check made out to TBAF for at least $10). PM me with your schedule and we can exchange cell phone numbers, etc.

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