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#53: God, I love that man. He rocks my socks.


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    • I've never liked anything as much as I like Clay Aiken.
    • Is it "yet" yet?
    • How do you compare wonderful to awesome?
    • Clay is like a box of chocolates? (with a pickle on the side)
    • He's gonna look hot for decades.
    • I don't care what he sings. I just want a concert.
    • I love when he's in the mood!

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95 Days until The BAF Gala!:yahoo:

Everyone have a great day!


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bottlecap, I love that graphic!

I'm also disappointed that I don't have more striped socks pictures in my photobucket. Have no clue why that didn't happen!

To my good friend jmh123 -- :happybirthday05:

May you have a fantastic, wonderful day. Maybe Clay knows, and he'll give you a present?

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Wheee first page! :cryingwlaughter: He rocks my socks too. But what's the significance of replying to God? Hee.

I watched EIDN from last year's gala last night. That has to be one of the highlights of my whole fandom....just the look on his face when everyone starts screaming for him....and his reactions throughout the rest of the song. Was worth the price of admission right there....and then don't even get me started on Right Here Waiting, I sobbed through the whole thing. I wonder what he'll sing this time around? I vote for Falling. God I love that song too.

Happy Birthday, jmh123!!!! Hope you have a great day!

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Hee I'm all alone, so all alone, all by myself................

Where is everyone?

I am having my counter tops installed today. It is borrrring! The water is turned off so I cant do much of anything! I've d/l all my old CDs to iTunes and even bought a couple. I'm getting desperate here!

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ldyj, I was reading your post in the other thread about your husband being your best friend and that's what I always hoped for. Definitely didn't have it with my ex, but I did want kids so he was good for that at least. Not so worried about marriage, especially cuz I aint into the whole wedding deal, but sure would love the honeymoon. But I still want to find that someone who I'd want to spend the rest of my life with.

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jmh... :bdayparty2::bdayparty2:

merrieeee... awwww... I'm sorry you're bored. Dang that Clay for just lazing around playing with Parker... whatsupwiththat???? :cryingwlaughter:

For Clay, I would buy striped socks. I wonder if anyone has ever suggested that as an item to sell on his web-store. Especially with a discreet CA on them... :cryingwlaughter:

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:happybirthday01: JMH

I was looking for that ^^ and found a dancing pickle. Strange. :lol:

...and what's even stranger, you notice, is that it's actually a dancing broccoli. :hysterical:

Luckiest1 some days I'm not sure why I have a house and a mortgage...gotta have something to come home to every now and again I guess. :)

Well, the shuttle picked me up at 3:55 AM and with some stress in Quebec City (plane 20 min late leaving Toronto~I had a half hour between flights) I arrived safe and sound in Labrador City, Labrador. Verrrrrry innnnnnnteresting......*channeling WTH was that 70's Goldie Hawn show?*

You'll never guess what.....it's raining! I don't think I've been anywhere this year where it's NOT been raining! :(

It's also very remote. Google! You'll see what I mean! :lol:

It's also a mining town....but at least the hotel is better than I thought it might be. I may not have to sleep in my clothes tonight, and obviously there's internet.

There's a surprising amount here, actually~they have a Tim Horton's, and a McDonalds!...and a Leon's Furniture, and a Sears (kind of...), and the ubiquitous Dollar Store of course.

It's fairly treed, which surprised me...I was kind of expecting tundra...(ie, rock, marsh, no trees, like in northern Canada) and there are several beautiful lakes.

....AND, OMG, I just looked out the window and it's no longer raining.....it's SNOWING!!! ACKK!!!

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Happy Birthday JMH!!!


I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

My husband's nephew, his wife and two little kids, all from San Francisco, spent the night with us and did a little sightseeing with my husband today. Fortunately I had to work. I did meet them for lunch as they were nearby the office.They must have put him through the mill as he is in bed snoring away. :cryingwlaughter:

FromClaygary: Snow?? :freezing:

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Snowing? IN JULY???? Jesuschristonapony! :freezing:

I believe you're thinking of Laugh-In, though that ain't no laughing matter!

That's IT!! Thanks! My mind just wouldn't come up with it. Could have something to do with being up at 2 AM.

Snow doesn't seem to be sticking, thank goodness, but it's definitely white stuff. Lord.

FromClaygary, you should get extra every time you have to endure shitty weather. It's sunny and beautiful here.

Aaaarrrgh!! Of course it is! Prepare for rain Wednesday late or Thurs...that's when I'm coming back....and I like your extra pay idea! Praying for a decent weekend.


You got it! :hysterical:

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Happy Birthday JMH and everyone else I missed in the last couple weeks. I've been trying to stay caught up on my iTouch but don't post from there.

Had fun on Sunday with some local Clay buds watching the AI tour concert, NAT concert and Jukebox Tour concert - danged if I can remember what cities though.... anyway, watched on a BIG screen TV - delightful!! Oh, and a couple songs from the last Gala too... good friends, good food and Clay singing to us - can't ask for much more! Well... except maybe live? ;-)

Oh, and SNOW? Geez... we've had an unusually cool summer here - which just means we haven't really had much heat and humidity yet but gosh, snow... ugh. Bummer.

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FromClaygary Could you come down to Houston? We need rain really badly! We are on water restrictions and I can only water my lawn on Saturdays & Wednesdays. I hear brown is the new green!
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