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#53: God, I love that man. He rocks my socks.

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    • I've never liked anything as much as I like Clay Aiken.
    • Is it "yet" yet?
    • How do you compare wonderful to awesome?
    • Clay is like a box of chocolates? (with a pickle on the side)
    • He's gonna look hot for decades.
    • I don't care what he sings. I just want a concert.
    • I love when he's in the mood!

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ooh the eyes. Did I mention the eyes.

Stubble, freckles, green eyes... oh my... :flirtysmile3:

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New tweet:


FourPtRoll: Just passed Clay Aiken on West 4th Street. in New York, NY http://loopt.us/JdqVLg.t

This is Greenwich Village...shops in the area:

Friday's Hot Spots!


John's Pizzeria Thin is in when it comes to perfect pizza. John's doesn't get more perfect.


CB's 313 Gallery


Sonic Groove This temple of techno satisfies the DJ in all of us.

Wild Side:

Whatever Tattoo II Tattoo & Body Piercing

Don't you think Clay would look cute with an earring..especially with that new look...attention all photoshoppers!


I was there just last week!!!

Did you get a piercing or a tattoo? or both?

No just in the area lol!!!

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AWESOME banner!

What's better than a new photo of Clay to play with!!

Lots of Clay with Sally's Claze and a Rebus puzzles, plus a couple of exciting favourite videos to create some more enthusiasm:

Clay-The Man Fans Share Enthusiasm

Yeah to Decca! It's neat they promote their artists, and noticed the response to their Tweet on Clay! Last time I checked, the photo has been viewed over 20,000 times..

huggles.gif to you for your visits to my blog .


Way cool graphic Ashes!!!! I love it!!! :rainbowsmile:



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sorry I can't remember who was looking for the Ugly Duckling CD but there is a new one up at EBAY. Good luck :)


my friend uploaded the JBT Boston concert. This is what she says about it -- Several video clips were pulled together and spliced by me throughout the play list in order to get as many close-up shots as possible of Clay's performances.

She is the one who posted a while back how her son introduced her to Clay's music :)


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_#)($*O?<>#$ :P(*S{DPOM<>M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just logged in to see what's up, and saw the bannnnnnnnnnnnner of GAH. My, but that's a fantastic look on Clay!! Wowza! So glad I happened to stop by tonight!

I hope all of my fellow FCAers are doing well. :thbighug-1:

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49 Days until The National Inclusion Project's Chamions Gala!


Everyone have a great day!


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