FCA Photo Tourney...Round 2


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  1. 1. Which of these two pictures is your favorite?

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oh that one was evil. But I just couldn't resist that smile. His whole face is lit up.

Yep, it is the smile. That smile makes me happy when I feel sad. It is infectious. Hard choice because #2 is sexy, but I voted for the smile.

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Yeah, the smile's great. But I remember the reaction to those TV Guide pics...it was the first time he seemed to really get into the photo shoot and have fun with it...and all the excitement over the new hairstyle and the untied bow tie and the tux....Ah, yessss. It's a classic for me.

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This one was harder than yesterdays but I had to go with the smile. His whole face just lights up when he smiles.

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I definitely went for #1 !! That sexy look in #2 grabs my attention tho' -- had to go back, thinking, "WHAT tux???" LOL

Lately I've been staying off the boards coz I keep feeling as if I'm a lovelorn girl, mooning over old pix of her BF and crying sad word balloons. You know? But I'm sure he'll come back to us. He just HAS TO!!! Doncha think? Anyway, I'm :hangin: in there.

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NOTHING can beat a Clay Aiken smile!!

He makes my heart smile :flirtysmile3:

ITA Treenuts

- I looove the happyhappy pics. To me no.1 looks more natural and no.2 looks like someone who looks a lot like that Clay Aiken guy. ( Just my weirdness?)

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