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Name That Tune


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jmh, you're right!

I thought you meant that God Bless The USA was right and I was really WTFing!

I have it!!

God Bless the USA


And I understand why. :hysterical:

'splain why God Bless The USA would be right? IDGI

ETA: BWAH!! So the one I don't understand is correct. :cryingwlaughter:

America's song makes sense but I didn't realize what Scarlett was doing. She wasn't rephrasing the title, she was doing like Jeopardy.

Answer) A Horse With No Name

Question) What is America's Song?

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jmh! You edited your post but I'd already quoted you and was working on my post, lol. :cryingwlaughter:

Do we have a duh emoticon?


Wanna borrow one of mine?



I also have...




And the password is "creepy crawly octoped."


Well I KNOW Clay never sang "I Don't Like Spiders And Snakes".

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jmh, you're right!

'splain why God Bless The USA would be right? IDGI

I didn't understand what she was doing either. So in the play Equus, the horse was god (at times), god is also said sometimes to have many names, or no name. And the America part would be hidden in USA.

Oooooh, jmh, you did not say "Glory of Love" :flirtysmile3: .... now I have to go watch it mumblety-mumble times before I go to sleep.... Maybe I should just write it 500x instead? :loveletter:


I'm afraid to start. Although there is that UM that came later. ... ......

So yeah, still warm.

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Is this something Clay ever recorded, lol? Before I actually go hunting vs what I have been doing....

...which is sitting here on my lazy ass with my own virtually useless peabrain memory hoping that the answer will drop from the sky and knock some braincells into me.


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What is Password? :curtsie:

A game like Jeopardy where a clue leads to a response. In this case the response is a clue to the song.

Stop hurtin' my brain, lol.

This format isn't Jeopardy, lol:

So I guess we need another one.....

1. man

2. web

3. ???

That's Password or Super Password or the 25,000 Pyramid, lol.

If we're playin' Jeopardy it would be something like

"web maker"

Answer: What is a spider?

Yes, I'm just typing stuff cuz I have no clue.


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