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FCA Photo Tourney...Round 16


Pick Your Favorite  

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  1. 1. Which of these two pictures is your favorite?

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I'm choosing #1 but for a strange reason: there are so many stagedoor pictures that are cute or hot or funny or 'special' that I'm a bit numb to them. But that one of him on the stool---legs spread (gah), a look of "Heh...yeah, right. Go ahead and look, ladies, but don't touch!", that boot hung on the stool rung, the jeans and hands...

What tickles me about the pics during this time is how his shirt always seemed artificially placed--that is, as if he had purposefully pulled it to cover up the goods, you know? BWAH!

What a doofus...as if he could.... :hubbahubba:

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#1 for me! I gotta agree with muski on this. There were lots of fine stage door pictures, but I love his expression in the first one too.

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Crap! I just realized when I saw the tourney winner in the main thread, that I totally missed yesterday's tourney!!!! :gaah:

I do really love both of yesterday's pix! :Thud:

Solitaire from AI3 was one of my favourite looks evah! However his smile in the Kimmel picture is so goshdarned cute. Would have been a hard, flip a coin choice.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both of yesterday's pix! I'd vote for either of them hand's down over either of today's pix. Can I go back and vote for both of THEM instead, lol.



Love the close-up smirk. Spam 1 SD pix are my favs though. IDK. Love the splayed knees pose in #1 but I guess I've gotten to like looking at a mature Clay Aiken better than naive sitting on a stool posing with no idea of what is coming.

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I see it's being outvoted, but I went for #2 coz I loved Clay at the stage door pix, and his eyes show up sooo much better in that pic. Am I the only one to notice that the #2 pic has DEC 09 ?? wazzup with that??
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