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The ABCs Of Me


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The ABCs Of Me - Take out my answers and put your own.

A - Age - 43

B - Bed - cherry coloured, plain, double, single mattress on slats.

C - Chore you hate: all of them

D - Dog's name: Maia (pronounced My-yeah)

E - Essential start to your day: bathroom, lol

F - Favorite color: purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrple

G - Gold or Silver: Gold but I have to wear this silver-coloured ring cuz gold makes my finger black

H - Height: I thought it was 5' 5" 1/2 and I said so to the lady at the bone density scan today, but she said the wall thingie said 5' 6". I GREWWWWWW!

I - Instruments you play: clarinet

J- Job: teacher (Gr 1 & 2)

K - Kids: 19 oh... 0

L - Living arrangements: that's a weird question. House with my elderly Mom & Dad, 3 cats, 1 dog

M - Mom's name: Joan

N - Nicknames: canflyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: lots...more than I can count

P - Pet Peeve: Mornings

Q - Quote from a movie: All that comes to mind is Hasta la vista, baby!

R - Robot or Human? WTF hell kinda question is THAT?

S - Siblings: nadda

T - Time you wake up: depends on when I went to bed. If it's 3am, then likely noon. For school...the snooze alarm starts about 6:50 and I usually hit it like 5 times before I finally haul my ass reluctantly out of bed.

U- Underwear: cotton high-cuts

V - Vegetable you dislike: turnips and peas and onions

W - Ways you run late: Oh, let me count the ways...

X - X-rays you've had: just had a bone density scan today. Does that count? Wrist (3 times before they finally found the little broken bone...already fused crooked). Ankle. Head (guess it was a CT? I dunno)

Y - Yummy food you make: I'm more of a 'finder' than a 'maker', lol.

Z - Zoo favorite: Not big on zoos really.

Re: D - If you don't have a dog, tell us about Dad or a cat that thinks it's a dog or something

Re: R - If you can think of something better than Robot, please change that one, lol.

If you wanna add one "fun fact" or "something about me", go for it.

My addition will be clickable pitchurs:

This is my 2008 Mustang that I got a deal on from Quebec sitting in Sparky's driveway...in Quebec.


This is my airplane. I co-own it with 9 guys. It has a new interiour (burgundy) and new paint. I picked the colours. It lives in Tillsonburg, Ontario.


This is my cat "Who" protecting the garbage. He is cute but neurotic.


The is the squirrel's nest inside the engine of my 95 Yukon. Iz old. Iz good in the Winter. Got me to Williamsport and back in a blizzard.


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A age skipping :lol:

B Bed queen size blue comforter with stitching for flowers

C Cleaning the bathroom is the chore I hate the most

D Dog's name the dogs we had growing up where named Tika and Tasha (had at separate times)

E brush my teeth

F blue & pink

G Gold

H 5'2 in a half

I sadly none unless you count the spoons

J nanny and part time work in a store

K kids none :(

L apartment

M Nancy

N Smiley

O for 2 months when I was 14. serve asthma & pneumonia

P people who steal your lunch out of the frig at work

Q I'd rather have 15 seconds of happiness than a lifetime of nothing

R depends what they are for :lol:

S one sister, one brother

T depends if I have to work an hour or so before leaving house if not working that day whenever I feel like it.

U that's a little personal isn't it?

V broccoli

W too many to write

X broke pinkie playing volleyball

Y I'm more a finder than a maker also

Z don't think I have ever been to a zoo

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Well, thanks for participating Tribeca.

I was actually considering nuking this activity and putting some other game in it's place cuz it appeared nobody was interested.


If anybody else DOES participate, please include the questions cuz I found myself scrolling back and forth to see what the questions were for 3 or 4 of Tribeca's answers.

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