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FCA Photo Tourney...Round 22


Pick Your Favorite  

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  1. 1. Which of these two pictures is your favorite?

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I voted #2, although I generally love the Christmas 2006 look -- however, that pesky nose hair distracts me, and the face is screaming "Shave Me" even though I love stubble and beards and long hair and all that. Just not my favorite picture representative of that time.

No. 2 is new to me. I love the sexy, pouty look and the, forgive me, wide stance.

I can't believe it, but I do declare that I AM VOTING AGAINST STUBBLE!!

#2 is just too sexay.


Wow. Honestly, never noticed the nose hair cuz of...everything...else... for me #1 is perfection.

I don't get sexy from the second one at all. I get young Clay trying to look sexy but yeah, looking more annoyed at the photographer than anything ese.


This is from the same photoshoot as #2:

I know that there is more to the picture, lol....


Kewl, huh?

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