All the little birdies on Aiken Street love to hear the Robin goin' tweet-tweet-tweet

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bottle, what's this picture? All I get when I click on it is an error message :cry4:

eta - Oh wait. Is that just the twitter page? If so, nevermind. But if it's a picture.....then I wanna see :cry4:

etaa - Ok, I see in the main thread it's just Clay's twitter page. Sorry, nevermind. poopy

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From CV:

A Clay-team tweet!

clayaiken A great weekend indeed! RT @ohhaykristinn: You know you've had a great weekend, when you end it by jamming out to Clay Aiken.
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Catching up here...thanks to MsMarm at the CH for compiling these...

Posted on Twitter on October 14:

# The National Inclusion Project needs your help! With just 2 minutes, you can make a huge difference in the lives of... 1:26 PM Oct 14th from Facebook


# National Inclusion Project is up for a $10k prize & needs your help! Read more: & vote here: Thx! 2:01 PM Oct 14th from TweetDeck


# Apologies everyone, the correct link to read more about the National Inclusion Project on Clay's Facebook page is 2:04 PM Oct 14th from TweetDeck

Posted on Twitter on October 19:

clayaiken Clay's official profile is @clayaiken & updated by his team. He doesn't have a personal acct. RT @bobbyp124: @Clay_Aiken is this clay aiken


clayaiken #BeatCancer #BeatCancer #BeatCancer #BeatCancer #BeatCancer #BeatCancer #BeatCancer #BeatCancer #BeatCancer #BeatCancer #BeatCancer

Explanation for the above twitter, from the CH:

#beatcancer is a popular topic on Twitter right now.

eBay/Paypal and MillerCoors are donating a cent per hashtag (via tweet, Facebook update, or blog post). The campaign is aiming for a Guinness World Record “for the distribution of the largest mass message through social media” in one day.

Posted on Twitter (as two messages) on October 22:

Thanks to everyone that voted in the Christie Cookie Charity Giveaway. Your votes were enough to put us back in the top spot!! A $10,000 check was presented to the National Inclusion Project last weekend at their annual gala. This would not have b...een possible without you all.
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Tweet from today:

NIce! Now get some sleep! RT @PriErikaKothari: Listening to @ClayAiken on repeat makes me happy and awake after pulling an all-nighter..yay!
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A new tweet from Clay Aiken posted earlier this evening:


Thanks for sharing! RT @AmeeS32: Another great video of @clayaiken singing UM! You can actually see his adorable face!!

The link is for the Rob919 video of UM from the David Foster and Friends appearance in San Jose.

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New tweet from today, posted about an hour ago:


Oh no! Look for a DM RT @JessieMcV123 Someone stole all of my @clayaiken CDs. When u break into a car instead of cds, steal the $800 stereo!

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New "Team Clay" tweet from last night:


Know anyone at the airlines? :) RT @arazzo: I think its required you listen to 'Carolina in my Mind' when flying to NC. @clayaiken version.

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New tweet from early this afternoon:


An early Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Hope you enjoy the holiday and get some time to relax. Where do you plan to spend your holiday?

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New tweet from yesterday evening:


Thank you all for the birthday wishes to Clay. We'll be sure to pass them along & let him know how awesome his Twitter followers are!

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New tweet from today:

:) RT @deccalabelgroup: Listening to the upcoming @ClayAiken album in the Decca office & it sounds amazing! Fans will not be disappointed!

:04: :04: :04:

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Tweet from earlier today:


Clay will release his 1st album on @deccalabelgroup in summer 2010! It will be a collection of classic songs from the 50s and 60s :)

Followed an hour later by...


Clay will release his first album on Decca Records in the summer of 2010! It will be a collection of classic songs...

:wub: :wub: :wub:

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Earlier this evening:

clayaiken 7 years ago today Clay stepped on to the pop culture scene. A heartfelt thanks to all his fans who have shared the journey so far!

10 minutes ago from TweetDeck

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From last night:


Congrats and good luck! RT @AppleButterDear: Did super well on Physio test! Blasting @clayaiken music & then time to study for micro test

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Since the man himself has started using Twitter, I thought it time to dust off this thread. I'm going to make this "read only," meaning no replies allowed! I am making this an archive of his tweets.

January 4

@LisaLampanelli @tyrabanks@KChenoweth As promised... I'm twitting my very first twat to YOU!



January 5

Tweet from: @WarmTV N&O TV Blog

Cary native Clay Aiken joins #CelebrityApprentice& says he respects Donald Trump more than Simon Cowell:

Clay responded:

@WarmTV Cary? Really?

January 6

January 7

From Shadylil:

Day 4 of no smoking. It's hard so I'm going to sleep through the weekend to avoid cravings while listening to @clayaiken band page on FB

Clay responded:

@Shadylil WAY TO GO!! Keep up the good work! Proud of you!

January 8

Had a dream last night that I had a pet cat. WTH!?!
Is it just me, or is @JonHuntsmanthe only person involved in this debate who appears to have a working brain?
Sorry Good Wife, I'll be missing you tonight and getting my Downton Abbey on! Very excited! #DowntonPBS

Rosie O'Donnell tweeted:

Parker goes back to school - boo hoo

Clay responded:

@Rosie Holy crap! He's so grown up now! He's taller than you?!? Wow.. It flies! :-) @
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January 9

From his mouth to Obama's ear! http://www.nytimes.c...icket.html?_r=1

January 10

A fun challenge: Find out the song that was #1 the week you were born. Here's mine
@BrookeBCNN The parents of FAMU student R clearly trying 2 not let his legacy 2B defined by sexuality. Stop making that the story! :-(
@BrookeBCNN Big fan. Fellow Tarheel. Watch everyday.. But that teaser about them "making a major revelation" was tabloid and unfair. :-(
For the record... @BrookeBCNN is one of my fave CNN anchors, for sure. (along with @FWhitfield, who I LOVE) Just disappointed today.
This man almost makes me wanna vote Republican.... ALMOST

Newt Gingrich's wife's hair looks like she could lift it off and sit it on the nightstand when she sleeps at night.

January 11

No. You can not have my food!


January 12

Ok. Quiz: Who is this? Raleigh or Durham?


@Teresa_Giudice tweeted:

Here's the answer: xx

Clay responded:

@Teresa_Giudice I want some!!! :-)

January 13

The reasons some of u give 4 "knowing" r pretty funny. Durham has always been darker. Durham always been smaller. It was Raleigh. She's 8

What's that you say? John Edwards is suffering from a life-threatening heart condition? No, sir. He's suffering from karma!

For the record.... I hate twizzlers
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January 15

Will you be watching the Golden Globes to see who wins awards or just to see if there are any new commercials for The Apprentice?

January 16

@M2MEee I could never in good conscience accuse @pennjillette of not being nice. Other things?... Maybe, on occasion. But he's always nice.

January 17

Totally in love with the@CBSThisMorning format! If you're not watching it, you should be.
@malvs274 The new format of@CBSThisMorning is very much like Morning Joe. Same guy who created Morning Joe is the Exec Prod of CBS. Try it

January 18

Wikipedia may b blacked out, but the mobile version of the site is working fine. So much 4 the right hand talking 2 the left hand over there

Captain of sunken cruise ship says he "tripped and fell into a life boat". No need 2 write anything funny. That BS is laughable on its own.

January 19

He's a great guy. Fingers crossed that I escape unscathed!


not sure that anyone said "performing" "@toni1991: I had no idea that @clayaiken was performing on Feb 20th."
Kick ass job tonight@adamcarolla. Glad you liked our NC bathrooms!
@NBC30rock Why you gotta bring my city into this?! Ha! Funny though! #30Rock

January 20

Prob not! Extend a challenge and we'll find out RT @XBrendyBoyzX:@clayaiken do u think u could beat michelle obama in arm wrestling match?"

January 22

Money in your mouth. Ha ha ha! brilliant!…
If you can finish this, I will eat my shoe!
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