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All the little birdies on Aiken Street love to hear the Robin goin' tweet-tweet-tweet


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January 24

There r a few people n the audience at the State of The Union that look like they need 2b punched n the throat! Not saying who. Just saying'

Require every student to stay in school until graduate or turn 18! Amen! Why haven't we done that yet?!?

Someone wanna count the NC references (both in speech and invited guests) in the SOTU speech tonight?!? Nothing like being a swing state! Ha

Sen. Hagan grabbed that camera friendly seat next to McCain!! Ha ha. She better work it!! Wonder what that small talk is like!

Oooo! John Boehner is gonna get in so much trouble for smiling at that Obama milk joke!! He should know better than to display any pleasure!
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January 26

In the studio with bill & @llovelandon @MIX1015WRALFM Good catching up. Interview will air laterpic.twitter.com/H5CiJCY9


A Blount Street address in the future for @ErskineBowles or Cal Cunningham?? PLEASE!! #adiosBev

Cheryl Tiegs tweeted:

Hey @clayaiken Miss you much... How's life? Let's get together for some laughs!

Clay tweeted back:

@CherylTiegs I direct messaged you, but I may have done it wrong. Get @ArsenioOFFICIAL to give you my number. Would love to see you.

Conversation between Clay and Brooke Baldwin of CNN (@BrookeBCNN):

CLAY: Did it work?? RT "@BrookeBCNN: A woman says she was kidnapped, left without food and handcuffed ... all n the name of curing homosexuality."

BROOKE: @clayaiken sounds like Paula is now very publicly fighting against these "clinics".. and if you heard Rafael, she's been threatened twice.

CLAY: @BrookeBCNN Awful how much worse life can be for LGBT in other countries. Thankful for the progress in the US. Hopeful for more soon!

CLAY: @BrookeBCNN B sure 2 cover ballot init in NC banning marriage equality! Ur fav state is only state n south with no ban! Wanna stay that way!

Look for a blog from on the OFC falter today RT "@Walla52:@clayaiken Steadfast? Think I will wait for confirmation from Clay"

("falter" = "later")

This is laughable! My dog is more qualified. soc.li/4c4xmQk

This isn't new.. I just feel it's worth repeating! ;-) buswk.co/q3lCSX

There were also two tweets from earlier (showed up on ldyj's phone), but are no longer on his Twitter feed. One was a GetGlue checkin, the other was about "Heath Shuler" being a good idea.

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January 29

Neither please. Dalton is anti-gay. Def not him!!!! #homophobe"@AllCotton: What do you think of@WalterDalton and @BillFaison as NC Gov.

Thanks I feel old! "@zzippy888:@clayaiken Happy 9th Anniversary! It's been 9 years since first saw and heard u on Idol. Still here."

He cosponsored anti marriage bill. Not not just voted for... Cosponsored! No excuse for that. "@huntercorn: @WalterDalton is an#ally

it was in 2008 "@VickieED1:@clayaiken Got a link? I don't see@WalterDalton on this list of co-sponsors:charlotte.news14.com/content/politi…"

Not enough for me! "@fyeahclayaiken: @clayaiken "But@WalterDalton did express regret that... he co-sponsored a constitutional amendment.."

Don't trust @WalterDalton re:lgbt rights"@MOButtercup:@fyeahclayaiken @clayaiken Will he ride the see-saw if he's elected"

Flip flopping does not equal progress. I want someone can trust "@huntercorn: @WalterDalton only cosponsored in 2005. recognize progress."

If so, that's great. It seems like pandering. +Rather a cand. who can win! "@huntercorn: Prog. means ack. ability 2 change @WalterDaltonhas

From KellyClarkson:

@clayaiken if you talk during this movie I'm gonna slap you smile.gif

Clay's reply:

@kelly_clarkson you're the one talking! These people behind us hate you right now!!! ;-)
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January 30

Now reading : Shirley MacLaine joins the cast of "Downton Abbey" :bit.ly/yHfqlF via @CBSNews

Killer NC sunset today!pic.twitter.com/FnVjYzja


You would be GREAT at that!! We should tell @SimonCowell RT “@ArsenioOFFICIAL: @clayaiken I wanna host X-Factor!"
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January 31

In the car with @qparler. Girl, why do you smell like a Yankee Candle?pic.twitter.com/Rap1v5fQ


That's my girl! @kelly_clarksonLooking and sounding GREAT in NCpic.twitter.com/5tZL7zre



Miss Independent!pic.twitter.com/pBxGppai


Nicely done young lady! @kelly_clarkson http://twitter.com/#...9424384/photo/1


Kelly's reply:

Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson @kelly_clarkson

@clayaiken who is that sexy couple?!

Clay's reply:

Dunno. But u can definitely tell which 1 of em had a professional do their hair! ;-)
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February 1

Charleston, you have half the population of Raleigh...There is NO EXCUSE for traffic like this!@qparler this is unacceptable!

Some folks will never be satisfied with who you are and will always want you to be/do what they think you should do or be. That's sad. :-(

I LOVE my girl Kelly, and NO ONE does that type of music as well she does. That type is NOT what I want to do though.
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February 3

Just got an advance copy of the first episode of #CelebApprentice ! Excited... and a bit nervous! Let the games begin!pic.twitter.com/l5YNztqx


Team Clay tweeted this:

OFC members, win a pair of tickets to Clay's Feb 20 appearance for@DCINY at @carnegiehall in NYC!bit.ly/w53WRx - TC

Clay followed up with this:

Note the word "appearance" in the TC tweet. Not "performance"
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February 5

Lisa Lampanelli tweeted:

1st #CelebrityApprentice commercial of the Super Bowl. Yay! For about the Olympics and "Smash"! Promote us instead! Right, @clayaiken?!?

Clay responded:

Exactly @LisaLampanelli .. We've got more drama than Smash... And more Italians throwing things than the Olympics! ;-) #CelebApprentice

@60Minutes has a@Dolly_Parton/Anna Wintour/Meryl Streep special on at 8pm. Good to know my demographic is being looked after tonight! Ha ha
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February 8

Holy crap! THAT was a game! Wow! What say you @ArsenioOFFICIAL ?

This is about the Duke/North Carolina basketball game (where 10th rated Duke beat 5th rated NC 85-84)

And then, Clay's friend Cameron Saemonn posts a one word tweet:


Clay responds:

@camerons wah wah

Finally, unrelated to basketball:

Everyone... make sure you are watching my girl @LisaLampanelli on Jay Leno tonight!!
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February 9

4Kiddles tweeted:

@clayaiken Sorry, I don't think making fun of deaf ppl is funny at all. & if u had deaf friends or family, u wouldn't either!

Clay replied:

@4Kiddles When did I do that?

This exchange is about Clay's liking Lisa Lampanelli.

Driver whisks 6 students off N.C. bus before it bursts into flames cnn.com/2012/02/09/us/… #cnn

Hope my str8 best friend@camerons didn't mind being mistakenly identified as my "partner" on @adamcarolla podcast! Ha!#funniestof2012sofar
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February 10

You rock! RT "@dabrand5: . I'm putting $350 from tax Check n y National Inclusion Project jar. Will donate on 4/4. I do this 1 time a year."

Only got no. 24 & no. 29 wrong. RT "@lesliej42: @clayaiken How well will you do on this President's quiz?games.toast.net/independence/"

toni1991 tweeted this:

@JessieMcV123 when @clayaikenscreams at somebody "I said clean those bugs out of that pot now!" Quote from @ArsenioOFFICIALinterview smile.gif

So Clay replied:

@toni1991 Where is this "bug" interview?

I need better Internet out here! This@FrontierCorp crap is NOT cutting it! SOOO slow!
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February 13

Someone explain how Dr Drew can speak emphatically about people he has never met. Don't doctors have some ethical codes?#asshatoftheday

Waitress at restaurant tonight thought my brother looked older than me! He's seven years younger! She got a huge tip from me! :-)
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February 15

RT @HRC: NYT/CBS New Poll says that 63% of Americans support legal recognition 4 gay & lesbian couples. RT if u agree!pic.twitter.com/1l5k7dsU

In reply to a tweet commenting on a print interview Penn Jillette gave, claiming that Clay "hates" him:

@lynnieg100 Give @pennjillette a break! He knows I don't hate him. He is joking. No need to pile on him.
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February 16

Arsenio Hall tweeted:

@clayaiken You know there is a such thing as "A-MATES" Mister Aikenssz! Not many ... but they do exist!!! #Claymates

A Clay fan suggested another name, and Clay picked up on it:

OMG! I love this!! Adopt it now! "@FloridaFoto: How bout HALL MONITOR? @ArsenioOFFICIAL@clayaiken U know there is such thing as "A-MATES""
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January 19

As if I need to tell you...#CelebApprentice begins in less than one hour for most of the country! 9 ET/8 CT ... Don't miss the fun on#NBC

Clay retweeted from the National Inclusion Project:

Tonight at 9pm! Clay Aiken debuts on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice for the National Inclusion Project!ow.ly/i/sYjC...

Watch #CelebApprentice RIGHT NOW! And check out my blog onNBC.com after the episode airs.
See if you can spot me digging in my ear (like the classy man I am) during tonight's episode!

I don't wanna hear about George's loins! .. But it won't be the last time tonight!

Proud to be the first guy to bitch about something!! Honey badgers!?!?!

Feline is an UNDERSTATEMENT@DebbieGibson

That Wayuu Taya Foundation (in case you couldn't hear her)wayuutaya.org

Something tells me that@LouFerrigno really meant that gesture. ;-)

@BenFarnham No.. They are actually inside Trump Tower in Manhattan

I swear I thought @deesnider would have been the first PM. Surprise Surprise

@ginamlugo I don't intimidate easily. Ask @OCChoppers He Might have been intimidated by me!!! ha ha ;-)

I was not really sure I had any "guns" in the first place

Quick project! Compare the number of Aubrey's followers to@Teresa_Giudice ... GO!!!
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January 19 (cont.)

Don't cut yourself Penn!... What you won't see is... Lou was not so lucky. Watch for his thumb bandage in the boardroom later

I TOTALLY wanna have@Teresa_Giudice cook for me! I'm so jealous of Team Forte right now!

The scene of @GeorgeTakeichecking out @LouFerrigno is my favorite TV moment of 2012 so far!

@oppec0 If you're gonna be a homophobe.. go away

(This is because this person replied "Yuck" to Clay's previous tweet.)

If you're gonna grab the mic... stay in key!

@M2MEee If you're gonna be a homophobe... go away

A bunch of retweets:

My how I have missed#CelebrityApprentice So far, I am rooting for Clay Aiken and Debbie Gibson

Oh my goodness. CLAY AIKEN ON CELEBRITY APPRENTICE? Haha its just like old times.

Clay Aiken is throwin shade!#celebrityapprentice

I am so swooning over Clay Aiken on the Apprentice!

Holy fart, @clayaiken is on Celebrity Apprentice. Oh, I missed that North Carolina accent. I'm turning into a high schooler again *blush*
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January 19 (Cont.)

What doesCheese:Meat:Bread ratio mean!?!? It's that a technical culinary thing?

Another retweet:

Clay Aiken, oh I've missed you.
Back to Clay:
It's impossible to not be nervous in the boardroom!

Good for you @TiaCarrere That register work was tough. Way to go!
I preferred 2 keep my mouth shut n theboardroom unless I was asked 2 speak by Mr Trump. There were boardrooms where Ididn't say a word!

So many commercial "cliff hangers" on #CelebrityApprentice! Worse than idol. Makes me nervous... and Ialready know which sandwich won!
They certainly made that deceptive. Womenset a record that stood only until the men topped it 3 minutes later!

@PamelaCuro VERY TRUE!!!

This person had tweeted that the men's team hadtheir asses kicked except for the fact that they had one HUGE donation.

Who else is heartbroken that@wayuuprincess did not get all of the money 4 her charity thatshe raised? Go donate now!wayuutaya.org

@robyngail26 @wayuuprincess All the money goes 2 @OCChopperscharity, Make-A-Wish. A Great cause. But help out wayuutaya.org if u can

Heads up ladies! @TiaCarrere might be a force to be reckoned with!
here it comes!

And there is was #classyeardig

See you all nextweek. TRUST me... things get REALLY explosive REALLY fast next week. Tilthen!
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