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All the little birdies on Aiken Street love to hear the Robin goin' tweet-tweet-tweet


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March 20

We're probably actually too much alike! RT "@pennjillette:@clayaiken @tobeywan02 I don't think we disagree about much, really."

Retweet from the Human Rights Campaign:

Former President Jimmy Carter supports marriage equality. RT if you support marriage equality too!

From Clay:

Im pretty sure this is the type of crap that the Taliban would do!http://huff.to/yetE1w via @huffingtonpost

Retweet from realDonaldTrump:

I am deeply disturbed by what I have read in the case of@TrayvonMartin. I support a full investigation and justice.

From Clay:

Thanks! RT "@jackiejcollins: I am loving @ClayAiken on#CelebrityApprentice this season. You go Clay!!"

Retweet from BrockBNoe:

@clayaiken I went into TCA as a PennFan, and I've gotta say, I've enjoyed you a lot. You're a cool dude, gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised!
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March 21

Retweet from AllenOneDC:

Just caught up on #CelebrityApprentice and @clayaiken you stood up to Penn like David and Goliath -- Cant wait to see you as PM!

Retweet from Penn Jillette:

It's such a beautiful nutty world. After our show, we meet the audience, and now many mention @ClayAiken. Life sure has surprises. Wow

From Clay:

Hey @ArsenioOFFICIAL See all the great things that happen in NC?!?! http://t.co/h1cVKzVK

Retweet from Rosie O'Donnell:

@CINDIBERGER - WORKING busy locking in some big interview - fighting for air dates - she is her own sit-com !!!


From Clay:

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March 22

kathycalculates wrote:

@clayaiken I hope you are safe! I'd hate to have to stop watching this early in the season!

Clay's reply:

@kathycalculates even if I'm not, you should keep watching. It's a great season.

A retweet from Clay via jerrbear100:

@ApprenticeNBC @clayaiken .....i think Clay did a great job standing up to Penn in a very tactful way.....
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March 23

Arsenio Hall tweeted this picture to Clay:


Clay retweeted it thusly:

they've got the right idea. RT "@ArsenioOFFICIAL: @clayaikenpic.twitter.com/4dfwovDQ"

Retweet from Arsenio Hall:

U should be ashamed of yourself.@GeraldoRivera - Trayvon is DEAD! While U and others have the nerve to TRY and make this about wardrobe.

Retweet from the twitter account RIPTrayvon:

R.I.P to Trayvon Martin.. RT to show your respect. #RIPTrayvonMartin

Retweet from dbroncos730:

@ArsenioOFFICIAL & @clayaikenare the Laurel & Hardy of#celebrityapprentice.Love it.
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March 24

Clay retweet, from some...ahem...man named drklrdbill:

@AubreyODay @clayaiken I really hope Clay loses. He is such a tool and never contributes, yet bitches when they lose. I hate that guy.

Hey @AubreyODay ... ready to sing "fierce", "boo"?http://pic.twitter.com/OuU867A7


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March 25

Looking pretty "fierce" Ms@AubreyODaypic.twitter.com/962uU1Xx



With IndyCar legend Mario Andrettipic.twitter.com/FiVjL2Vp


Ms @AubreyODay better be careful she doesn't fall onto the trackpic.twitter.com/5OKG1cSr


I say we inundate this kid with donations! What a cool kid & great idea.#hopethatthiefchokesonhisdinner. thx @qparlernewsobserver.com/2012/03/23/195…
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March 25 Cont.

If you're not near a TV, get there soon!#celebapprentice is about to start on #NBC

Here we go folks! Tonight's#classyclaymoment comes early in the episode. Listen for it right after I step up as project manager.

Big night tonight. When you hear the#classyclaymoment Text CLAY to 50555 to donate $10 to @includingkids

Here we go west coast! Tonight's#classyclaymoment comes early in the episode. Listen for it right after I step up as project manager.

@LouFerrigno really has an incredible heart!

There it is! So classy! Text CLAY to 50555 now!

How much does that necklace weigh,@AubreyODay ?? #celebapprentice

You're a pretty good singer yourself@ArsenioOFFICIAL Big thanks to @Backeysfor coming and helping out with the music! Always a hero!

To answer your question... no.. i never take off the jacket! It was COLD!! I am thin skinned!

Retweet from thegaryburnett1:

@clayaiken Got to ask this. Why in gods name did you not win American Idol?? Though you have done good anyway! Congrats on ur success!!

No. They are done every day throughout the taping RT @Minnesota_Nice Do they tape the narration portions after the whole series is done?

I always thought it was spelled "chatch" ha! RT @mkerrigan7 Kudos 2 @clayaiken 4 being able say use the word "choch" on national television
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March 25 Cont.

Edited out to add some drama! Give it a minute! RT@DebraDunn1 WTH?? Where are the Claymates?

When the crowd "finally" comes into our party, c if u notice that the guys who just walked n r still n the shot! Ha ha .. It's all editing!

From Donald Trump Jr.:

Seems like the guys are missing 1 small element to a FUN party. People?

Clay's reply:

@DonaldJTrumpJr It's in the "edit" Watch when the crowd comes N N a min. The same guys who just walked N R still N the shot! Ha ha

People threw their coats on the floor behind@Backeys piano! Ha ha! So CLASSY!

The original song and CD were GREAT ideas@AubreyODay and @DebbieGibson

Those "random" party goers look an AWFUL lot like @AubreyODay hair and make up artists! ;-)

A retweet by Clay via thisisjoelv:

God Lord! The mens party went from cold to hot in 0.5 seconds! Where can I get bottle service! @deesnider @DonaldJTrumpJr@clayaiken

Make sure you tune in to the TODAY Show tomorrow at 10 when I'll dish with @hodakotband @KathieLGifford about tonight's episode!

Forgive us! We could only clear Under The Boardwalk. I sang it six times that day! ha ha

This woman's comments really piss me off! Our signage was VERY VERY VERY visible! They are obviously just stretching to come up with stuff!

No.. yours. RT @Penguirl another member of the gay white male mafia. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? #CelebrityApprentice

R U saying I'm not!? RT @jamieaiken919 If@clayaiken loses this challenge, I am calling bullshit. Trump only likes Aubrey because she's hot.

Random!?!?!? ;-) @AubreyODay

Retweet from Jasmine101008:

@clayaiken @AubreyODay You guys have been the best PMs so far :-) Can't wait to see who wins!

For some reason @realDonaldTrump always changes the subject whenever@ArsenioOFFICIAL is complimenting me!!!! ha ha ha

40 pounds is HEAVY!!!!!! ;-)

Clay retweeted this from Dee:

@clayaiken rocks! Now throw me under the bus! ;)#CelebrityApprentice

What say you do it either way!!!??? Please! :-) RT @ginamlugo honey u got this. If you win, I will add an additional $20 to the NIP pot.
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March 25 Cont.

Retweet from rcknrllmom:

Ruh-oh!!! Must suck having to name two when everyone does so good! RT@deesnider Thanks for the compliment@clayaiken...now...

Three people! oops! ha ha

Give a guy a break!You won't get fired! That room is more nerve wracking than idol RT@DonaldJTrumpJr Cut to the chase@clayaiken

Such a lively atmosphere! What a great excuse! ha ha ha

Woohoo for Clay and Team Unanimous!

When @LouFerrigno hugged me, he whispered "I love you man!" in my ear! So sweet of him to forgive me for calling his name out!

My friend @deesnider was so cool to forgive me for saying his name! It was so tough and he was ALWAYS great!

Ms @AubreyODay party was really incredible. It was comparing apples to oranges, really.

We're so much more than summer camps! Please check out inclusionproject.org

Retweet from USAFmedicVET:

@USAFmedicVET @clayaiken so true! Much pride and great people in the south!!

Love #GLSEN... but do we just have to cry now in order to raise money? Or do we actually have to win?

Retweet from claraAcp

I devote my virgin tweet to @clayaiken.signed up to tell him I live in singapore and don't even have CA here, but #claymate all the way!!!

Retweet from Corabethma:

@CrystalLight How about sponsoring@clayaiken on tour since he did such a great job for you! #celebapprentice

Be sure to check out my blog on NBC.comafter the show tonight!

Retweet from Eric Trump:

A great team won. Are you guys surprised at all? Here comes a tough boardroom, folks...

So excited that National Inclusion Project will win $50k! Please check us out atinclusionproject.org and follow us@includingkids

Such a wonderful classy lady@wayuuprincess visit wayuutaya.org

Don't forget. Next week's show starts at 8/7c I think it is BY FAR the most exciting episode of season! If U thought I was mad last week...
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March 25 Cont.

Retweet from LettieMN:

@pennjillette Looks like you really cam through for @clayaiken on #celebapprentice.

That's nothing. Wait til he flips a table on me! ;-) RT @USAFmedicVET: @DonaldJTrumpJrWow, U were rough on @clayaiken tonight

Yes! Jenna and I are so alike!! ;-) RT@StarryMag: Clay and Jenna Jameson will be on #WWHL on Tuesday night with@BravoAndy! @Bravotv

Retweet from MerleChloe:

If @clayaiken can handle Simon Cowell he can handle anyone! :)

Retweet from Baadistbitch:

@clayaiken I hated you for a long time. Now, I kinda like you. Not really sure why I disliked you so. Whatever, good win tonight.

Done! :-) RT @Janetfan4life: @clayaiken what does it take to be a claymate?

And then, Clay retweeted much of what he did during the East Coast showing of the show.

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March 27

LOVE that show! Hated the finale last year though! RT "@Dayanamendoza: Just watched the premier of season 2 of "the Killing"! I'm hooked !"

Retweet from CBS This Morning:

Attorney for Trayvon Martin's parents: They [the parents] only want equal justice and a fair and impartial investigation.


Interesting twitter exchange. RIFAN23 posted about the Hawaiian shirts:

But, they looked great on you guys!! Where'd you ever find them?@ArsenioOFFICIAL @pennjillette @clayaiken


@RIFAN23 @ArsenioOFFICIAL @clayaiken Aresenio and I can find anything. I was sent away to be punished, but we still had fun.


@pennjillette Punished? For someone who is FIRST 2 talk abt things not always being as they seem, u certainly take stuff personally.


@clayaiken It was a word someone in the audience used last night. I didn't see it. Thought I was sent shopping, I was told I was sent away.


@clayaiken I'm pretty out of the loop on this, I shouldn't really comment. I'm glad you didn't see it like the audience.


@pennjillette U know how those interviews go down.


@clayaiken I was in them, but I haven't seen anyone else's. I just know what people say, but they have been very kind overall.


Retweet from The Dowager Says:

Perhaps I'm too nostalgic, but I recall most fondly the times when musicians played real instruments and sang using their own voices.
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March 28

Retweet from Bulls_Fan33:

@clayaiken just watched celebrity apprentice where you won. gratis and i love the charity you won it for. thanks for making me a fan

Retweet from sunshineaya:

Totally loving @clayaiken after Celebrity Apprentice & WWHL this week. Not only is he hysterical, but he majored in special ed. Mazel!

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March 29

Ask me here. RT "@LosAngelesAlex: Thanks for NOT answering my questions last night on #WWHL A*"

Runners-up unite! RT "@IAMACEYOUNG:@clayaiken My girl @DianaDeGarmo song. Check it outitunes.apple.com/us/album/good-…"

Here's my chat with @CarrieKeagan on#VH1Buzz this morningon.vh1.com/BMBLclay @VH1

Answered @TamraBarney’s Pass The Bowl question for @VH1’s tumblr blog! http://bit.ly/PTBclay #VH1Buzz

Now @ArsenioOFFICIAL is jealous of Tito & me! Here I am with his future ex-girlfriend@jennajameson Such a sweet lady!pic.twitter.com/1MzvSixH


I think I cleverly deflected that one! ;-) RT "@LosAngelesAlex: @clayaiken My ? that@BravoAndy ask u was... "R u dating anyone right now?"

Retweet via Tracy Morgan:

Turns out that button in the elevator with the fireman's hat on it... is not the button you push if you want a fireman's hat.

Retweet from CelesteMingus:

Over $28K raised 2 help the young man who wanted to have wheelchair basketball in his school in CaryNC Amazing! @clayaiken
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March 31

Retweet from DSchaef921:

Accidentally started watching celebrity apprentice- reaffirmed my love for@LisaLampanelli and I learned that@clayaiken is hilarious

Arsenio Hall tweeted this:

Hey @clayaiken When and where can ppl find your #celebrityapprentice blog?pic.twitter.com/eZc0E8AD


Clay's response:

Every Monday morning at nbc.com/the-apprentice… RT “@ArsenioOFFICIAL: Hey When and where can ppl find your#celebrityapprentice blog?"

You watching the game @ArsenioOFFICIAL? I so want Louisville to take it by 2! But they can't get their mess together, it seems.

No thanks! Sorry! ;-) RT “@TerrySherrell1:@ArsenioOFFICIAL Heeyyyy!!! What about UK???"

Theirs! Sry! U don't need any more trophies n Lex! RT “@Blondie3703: Wht u talkin bout? Theyre playin UK. Whose side u on?@ArsenioOFFICIAL

That was easy RT “@ForeverFoiled: I've officially begun Operation Get-@clayaiken-To-Retweet-Me. Here we gooo.”

I KNOW UK is good. Just don't want them 2 win. ;-) RT “@laurennashley9: u don't know a good team when u see it, that's disappointing.”

Retweet from AJBeyBey:

@clayaiken that's alright not everyone roots for the underdog. I do, go Louisville!

Just against UK! We'll nvr catch up 2 them if they win another! RT “@ArsenioOFFICIAL: R most n the "Tobacco road" area, pulling 4 U of L?”

Life made RT “@scorpiogirlJKDW:@clayaiken if you retweeted me or said hi it would make my liiiife.. #InLove
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April 1

Uh?.. April Fool's, right? RT "@AubreyODay: But, I'm PREGNANT! Hope my baby is fearless! pic.twitter.com/mZxhJpFV"

The picture is of a positive pregnancy test.

3 hours tonight!! RT "@RavensGirl4Ever: Yeah baby, 2 hours of watching my sweetheart on #CelebApprentice, good luck tonight."

You hear correctly RT "@camerons: So, I hear that tonight's #CelebApprentice is the best so far this year."

@camerons Although you're gonna love the two that follow also!

I wish you had told fate RT "@ebann5:@clayaiken clay I have a feeling u made it to the finals!"

Retweet via ShareenMugford:

Before #CelebApprenitce I had no idea who@clayaiken was here in the UK, now I realise just how awesome he actually is! :)

Retweet from Donald Trump Jr.:

Don't forget tonight is a Celeb Apprentice Double Header starting one hour early. Its gonna be intense!!! @nbc @ApprenticeNBC

Two hours away from some supersized excitement. #celebapprentice
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April 1 Cont.

Here we go folks! Tonight's#classyclaymoment is a verbal one again! I drop the F-bomb on national TV for the 1st time! More than once! :-/

I can't help but think that some of those tears are fake as hell!! But not @Dayanamendozas

Yay @includingkids !!! Text CLAY to 50555 right now to donate another $10

@deesnider carries around a TINY diaper 4 a preemie 2 remind him of March Of Dimes' work. He showed us 2 get us excited about raising $

Dee Snider, retweeted by Clay:

@clayaiken LAMMFAO! @pennjillette ass isn't big enough for even just my forehead! It's about the fund reason stupid! ;)

$17,500! @DebbieGibson is rocking it out with the fundraising!

Doesn't @AubreyODay play to support a anti-bullying charity? Why does she say meaner things about people than anyone else?

The view from the roof of @realDonaldTrump s apartment is RIDICULOUS! I wanna live on his roof!

For the record @ArsenioOFFICIAL is about 4 inches shorter than me and he kicked my ass in that fight. He is strong as hell!!

@AubreyODay Never plotted. Also never said anything in interview that I didn't say to your face.

This is why you NEED a new talk show@ArsenioOFFICIAL . America wants you back!

Blue Man Group = INCREDIBLY talented and creative.. but also the BANE of my existence the week!

Thank you SOO much!! RT @redroses1944So excited to have been able to make a donation to you for this task.#hopeunanimouswins!

I don't always get along w/@Dayanamendoza .. but watching her on the show.. she gets cuter and sweeter every week!

Once again... the only person working the cash register! Mercy #celebapprentice See the disaster coming after the break!?

He's such a classy guy! RT @Teresa_GiudiceI had no idea @michaelandretti showed up with $ for the boys team! Wish it was for@Nephcure

Such a mob scene! TV can't possibly show all of the chaos that happened there the day. And I'll say exactly how I feel to Penn's face ;-)

@catherinemary17 @AubreyODay@LisaLampanelli Lisa is not a bully. She's just emotional... very emotional. HA HA

@claylily Bid for your own Unanimous Celebrity Guide Book through @includingkids. Go to inclusionproject.org tomorrow!

@AubreyODaysArmy @AubreyODay Let's put all her "shade" in a boat and all my "shade" in a boat and see which boat sinks first! ;-)

@AubreyODaysArmy @AubreyODay Oh wait! Were you there?

Stressful? I don't know. Chaotic? Absolutely. RT @justme2you who's idea was it to blow cash all over NYC?

Leave them alone! RT @JessieMcV123 Dying over you tweeting to "@AubreyODaysArmy"!! They don't even want to go up against your army!

Thanks for your support!! RT @imme77 Just great, 3 hours of you Whining again. Just Quit!!!!!!!!!!

The book made by @Teresa_Giudice s team was actually MUCH better than ours. That was well deserved!

@deesnider Fess up! Crappy idea!!! ;-)

Don't miss it! I'm pretty sure@realDonaldTrump just said I was right!!#HOLLA

Ok folks! that's enough. Leave @AubreyODayShe is really nasty on the show. But, she's sweet in real life. Everyone's strategy is different

Retweet from missnikkiashley:

I love that Donald Trump agreed with@clayaiken that putting the money in the balloons was dumb #celebrityapprentice

Thanks a lot! RT "@EricTrump: Support Clay... "@clayaiken: Yay @includingkids !!! Text CLAY to 50555 right now to donate another $10""

At least half RT "@It_sLinny: @clayaikenHOW MUCH money was lost in that balloon disaster??"

Retweet from vlk70:

Dayana was the first to give the book idea, no one else see that? @Teresa_Giudice@clayaiken #celebapprentice

Seems like a LOT of talking straight to someone's face is happening right now!#ironic

Yes! I'll follow your glowing example! RT@KellyRRod stop crying about@AubreyODay & what she does. Worry about you!

A team switch is on the way! The turd is about to get all sorts of stirred!#celebapprentice
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April 1 Cont.

For the record @ArsenioOFFICIAL "walked" in to being a GREAT dad to his son! I can't wait for him to get a new show!

Every single line in my face and in@ArsenioOFFICIAL s face was airbrushed out! We looked like aliens!! So weird!

Oh God bless you! You are my new favorite! RT @msirismg You're not even old enough to have lines yet! Aren't you still under 30? :-)

In fairness, @deesnider is up everyone's ass! He certainly didn't show any special favoritism to Dayana. He kiss up to everyone! Love ya Dee

I gotta say... @LisaLampanelli is cracking me up tonight!

Retweet from realityblurred (a columnist):

New rule: @AubreyODay and @clayaikenhave to be on every reality show. I can't get enough of their commentary.

Oh SNAP, Penn! Oops! Great save@Dayanamendoza

I think I am the only person on the show who pronounced @Teresa_Giudice s name correctly for the first 8 weeks! ;-)

I think I am being relatively nice and diplomatic! Did you see how Aubrey tossed that box aside?

Retweet from Teresa:

Aww... @ArsenioOFFICIAL kissed my hand in the boardroom... @clayaiken said I was the best team player "I love my new team!" xx

Be sure to read my blog on NBC.comtomorrow to learn what got cut that actually set @ArsenioOFFICIAL off in the boardroom!

There is a lot of NOT talking behind people's back going on right now!! #ironic

For attention!!!!!

again. for attention!

Wow! Great Walgreen's commercial for my friend @ArsenioOFFICIAL Get your Magic Johnson Foundation braceletwalgreens.com/walk

It seems popular! Try it! ;-) RT@shelbyrenee4190 Looks like it takes being rude and dissing @clayaiken to get retweeted around here! ;)

I love @LouFerrigno but that was a low blow against @deesnider AND not true! I NEVER saw Dee trying to "woo" anyone! Unfair strategy, Lou!

Nice how opinions change! A few weeks ago@LouFerrigno thought @pennjillette was the devil. This show changes opinions a lot. Sorta nice!

Let me guess... y'all are all searching Google right now!! ;-) ha ha

Retweet from RainStevens:

I must admit I like @clayaiken since Celebrity Apprentice especially when he tells people off kinda thought him more of a nerd/dork before..

ME TOO!!! :-( We'll be singing together too! RT @AllCotton Aww @clayaiken hate to see@deesnider go! :(
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April 2

I thought this might have been a typo, but I realize it's probably accurate. RT "@2tall4u2:@ArsenioOFFICIAL I was pathetic."

Retweet from WendyW_A:

Watching Celeb App, Seeing @clayaikenwith the children at the National Inclusion Project did my heart such good. What a great organization!

Retweet from jrw777150:

@AubreyODay @clayaiken i miss my top pick @DebbieGibson but now you two are my top picks!!! I'm torn!!

Retweet from Love_Bug2008:

@clayaiken after seeing u on celeb apprentice, I'm officially a Clay Aiken fan! I hope u have room on ur team 4 1 more Clay supporter! XO

Retweet from fldfireman:

@clayaiken Love your personality! Apprentice is great and I am now a fan of yours and Arseno
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April 3:

WE WILL BE!! RT "@drklrdbill:@ArsenioOFFICIAL u r still a misogynist pig for how u treated Aubrey. U & @clayaikenshould b life long pals."

1,000,000 kids could die in the Sahel. We can save them if we act now. Sound the alarm. Share this video.youtu.be/zRg9izN6T3s #SahelNOW

• 1,000,000 children could die in the Sahel if we don't act. Why isn't this on the news? Sound the alarm. unicefusa.org #SahelNOW

Retweet from fanoftheman:

@clayaiken Thanks to you making us aware of many things over the years, I now donate every few months to UNICEF. Thanks for tweeting this!

@txjennibear you couldn't be more wrong! I've BEEN to six countries with UNICEF. They are IN countries. They DONT outsource aid!@CarylStern
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April 5:

Let your local orchestra know you'd like me to RT "@yourpalv: When are you going to come sing again in Canada?"

So proud of @realDonaldTrump Thanks for standing up! :-) goo.gl/aHL4O

@SMS811a If we're not going 2 allow people a chance 2 grow & change and b thankful when they do, what's the point of trying 2 change views?

@VINTIFIL @SMS811a You call it flip flopping, most of the rest of the world calls it open mindedness and a willingness to grow.
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April 8:

My DVRs r going 2 overheat! I have 5 shows that I love airing at 9pm Sunday night. Can u guess all 5? 1st person to # all 5 in 1 tweet wins

@Conehead76 nothing. Not right. But close

@Conehead76 how could you leave off CA. Big fail on that!

GCB comes on at 10! I'm in eastern time zone. 9 pm people.

@claysweetea Downton Abbey has been off for over a month. Do better folks

@Kelly51721086 ok. Fair enough. My bad. Still not right though. ;-)

@helloOperatah No one has been right yet

I've already surrendered & said I was wrong! Next person who tells me there are 2 GCB on tonight is disqualified!!! ;-) That's NOT 1 anyway

@Conehead76 hard to win when you list a show that has been off the air for a month!

My fave 5 shows at 9pm EST tonight. I've seen them all mentioned, but no one has said them all (and only those 5) in one post.

I had no idea so many people liked Game of Thrones! I can't get n2 that type of period show. Not my cup. Good on them 4 having so many fans!

@gonzosgirrl @luckiest1s Jealousy is not a pretty color on anyone. And your assumption is wholly inaccurate.

@Conehead76 Pride! :-)

@helloOperatah here's a high five for you! 5! ;-)

@wandacleo You were the first to get close! If it hadn't been for that Game of Thrones you woulda had it!

@alstonboy4315 I've lived back here for over six years! Ha

@VickieED1 Downton Abbey and Masterpiece are not the same thing
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April 8 Cont.

OK east coasters, fun begins in 20 mins! West coasters, don't look! I'll try 2 retweet live for the west coast this week.#celebapprentice

No promises! :-( RT @Noise1nMyHead:@clayaiken promise no one beats up on Lou

@RicoMercato When does it air there?

@SandraNYNJ What the hell are you talking about??

@SandraNYNJ I didn't say I beat up on him! AND I put a :-( in the tweet! I'll accept your apology.

Mountain and Pacific folks. If you don't want spoilers, turn off your notifications.. I'm going to try to retweet live for you PDT folks

Here we go! 2nites #classyclaymoment has something 2 do w/the zipper on my computer bag. When u c it, text CLAY to 50555 for@includingkids

@Janetfan4life Pacific daylight time

That's sorta mean, but I also LOL'd at it ;-) RT@mbsmith444: @clayaiken@ArsenioOFFICIAL looking forward 2 more tears from Aubrey STANK ASS

My TV is "bleeping" so much from@LisaLampanelli that I feel like it may be a test of the Emergency Broadcast System! ha ha ;-)

I do love her personally. Give her some time. RT @Laura_ex0: @clayaiken did like@LisaLampanelli ! Now I don't what a bitch! Lol

Does anyone else notice how@ArsenioOFFICIAL pronounces Walgreens? he says "wall-grens" Does anyone else say it like that?

Glad @AubreyODay is standing up against bullying. Let's hope she can make it through episode without being mean to anyone! ;-) Place ur bets

EVITA!!! Was that some clever product placement by @LisaLampanelli for the B'way production? LOL

"jew-DEE-chay!" @TeresaGuidice RT@KrisCousins: @clayaiken I just want you to yell "GIUDICE" again. Haha

Retweet from 2HOT2NV:

@clayaiken why are you hating on@AubreyODay for? It's not her fault your career went no where! Get over yourself you nasty little bitch!!!

Glad that apology was so well accepted! At least one person in that conversation was being sincere! @ArsenioOFFICIAL

Retweet from alexanderj:

@clayaiken your show #celebapprentice is like eye crack. I can't get my fix fast enough!

@GraceGualtieri It's irony, dear Thanks for your support though! :-)

I've never had it, but the women I know claim that it is awfu! ;-) RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: What do you think of the PMs?
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