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April 8 Cont.

Given the quote on ur profile page, I certainly appreciate that u r talking bout me! RT@brenda_wharton: @clayaiken you are a hating douche.

(The quote is: "If they're not talking about you, you aren't relevant.")

No matter how much I try, the red in my hair can NOT be covered up for long!

U make me feel old! RT @Briannaxo52:@clayaiken I'm rooting for u! I've been a fan since I was 7. Now, I'm almost 16 & still loving u!

We need 2 do better. Don't return fire!! RT@Rainagirl2: @clayaiken LOL these Aubrey fans.

The actress in Forte's commercial was brilliant! She's gonna be very successful!

A 360 degree turn around?! Really? ;-)

Well… so much for not saying anything bad about anyone this episode. I thought@teresagiudice did a great job. Shame that Aubrey didn't. :-(

The next tweet is Clay trying again, notice the difference in Teresa's tagging:

Well… so much 4 not saying anything bad about anyone this episode. I thought@Teresa_Giudice did a great job. Shame that Aubrey didn't. :-(

@Christy_1987 Probably the same ones.. (just timed) A boy's gotta sleep! Sorry! :-(
Very talented RT @buckhollywood:@clayaiken she is. Her name is@gracehelbig - she is a big deal.

Retweet from Donald Trump Jr.:

Hey @LisaLampanelli are you feeling ok today? I can't believe I think I heard you complement @Dayanamendoza.

#classyclaymoment .. coming up!

Trump loved you too! Even commented on you! RT @gracehelbig: @clayaiken@buckhollywood ah! thanks!

There it is! So classy. Text CLAY to 50555 and donate $10 to @includingkids

Retweet from

haha @clayaiken and @ArsenioOFFICIALare cracking us up!

Touche' ha ha RT @nealcampbell: .@clayaiken there's photographic evidence that her biggest talent is NOT covering her ass.

Retweet from lowereastsmile:

Did @AubreyODay just say@ArsenioOFFICIAL & @clayaiken are going to gangbang @Teresa_Giudice? WTF?!? — smile #CelebrityApprentice

:-( But, yes.. their's was good! RT@that_tara_girl: @clayaiken yeah Forte totally won that. #sorryclay

Retweet from MicheleKeagle:

@widgeratheart2 I am really not liking Aubrey's followers hating on @clayaiken, but I seen his tweet asking not to fire back so I'm not.

How is "I would throw her through that wall" considered an "honest opinion"?#celebapprentice

STRESS!! RT @JessieMcV123: @clayaikenyou're looking skinner every week on#celebrityapprentice #keepitup

Lord! I'm greasy tonight! It's soooo hot in that boardroom!!

They turn it off while taping b/c of the sound! :-/ RT @Flower_Belle: There's no A/C in the boardroom??

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April 8 Cont.

A LOT. One for each of us plus some. All of them behind two-way mirrors! RT@movi_boni: How many cameras are shooting in the boardroom?

#HOLLA -- Thanks @OCChoppers !!

No. She's intelligent! RT @RickAus:@clayaiken is ivanka sexist? She criticized Aubrey!

Retweet from Donald Trump Jr.:

That's definitely a new reality show@clayaiken is taking over @OCChoppers for a year. Love it.

Nothing scripted. Shot straight thru RT@blondexambition: @clayaiken do they have multiple takes for the boardroom scene ?

Be sure to catch my blog on NBC.comtonight after the show airs on the west coast!

It depends. They can go for hours! RT@Ryinthehottub: @clayaiken how long do they shoot the boardroom for?

Who do you think won this week's task?#celebapprentice

Lovely! Really! RT @MsLeendah: @clayaikenhow is @LisaLampanelli away from the cameras? She just seems so mean spirited...

NO! Sadly, no. :-( RT @JaneShaffmaster: after some1s fired, does the gang get to say goodbye b4 they get driven away?

We're told where 2 sit RT @ALSxo:@clayaiken why do u always sit on the end n the boardroom? assignedseats or luckyseat ?

Poor thing! ;-) RT @allclaylong: My hubby thinks Forte won :-( RT @clayaiken: Who do you think won this week's task?#celebapprentice

NO. Blech!! RT @LettieMN: @clayaiken Did you drink some champagne or did you pour it for others?

She nvr talks behind some1s back! She is authentic! RT@ChandraMJordan:@LisaLampanelli is lovely outside the show, what about ON the show?

More like three day!! ha ha RT @briancyrart:@clayaiken Like the five o'clock shadow...

NBC posts it for me after the show airs. So best to look tomorrow morning. RT @elkinJD: What time do u post ur blog? @clayaiken

I have so much respect for @LouFerrigno for conquering a challenge such as this show while only reading lips! Inspired!!

Thanks for watching. Be sure 2 catch preview 4 next week. It is by far one of my FAVORITE episodes of the season!

Yes! :-( Almost made me cry! RT @PirateLiz: OH NO?! Did they break up@ArsenioOFFICIAL and @clayaiken next week?! BESTIES. NO!!!

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April 11

Don't worry. So am I! Seriously! Ha ha! RT “@JessieMcV123: AND NOW IM LOCKED OUT OF THE @clayaiken CHAT BECAUSE THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE!!"

No need to do that. They r working on it RT “@cpft: @clayaiken..people are logging off chat so you can get it..fingures crossed”

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April 14:

Retweet from Arsenio Hall:

When you find out, in detail, about the egregious behavior I am being subjected to behind the scene, my harsh language will be forgiven.

6 years of built up dirt and pollen on porch skylights! Yuck. Thanks Brett for climbing on roof with me to help clean!


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April 15:

Tweet exchange. The first is someone called KidnappedHobbit, a 22 yr. old gay male from Chicago:

Okay Claymates, help me out. Who knows what brand @clayaiken's green/blue/gold tie is? It's fabulous and I must have it.

Clay replied:

@KidnappedHobbit which one?


Boardroom tie Ad Hawk Episode?@clayaiken @KidnappedHobbit

Clay then tweets back:

@Joy2talk2U @KidnappedHobbit Tweet a picture.

KidnappedHobbit just tweeted this:

Clay Aiken tweeted me. = Complete.


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April 15 Cont.:

East coast… here we go! Mountain folks and Westies, Turn off your tweets.#celebapprentice starts now on #nbc

Tonight's #classyclaymoment is another verbal one! Listen closely during the presentation and text CLAY to 50555 for@includingkids

I had soooo little contact with@LisaLampanelli up to that point! Where did that come from!?

Did Aubrey just call me a "bitchy queen"?? How the hell is that consistent with her anti-gay bullying platform. GLSEN should be ashamed!
I certainly did NOT say that. Love her. Just don't know where that came from. RT@helpbusinesses: u r right @LisaLampanelliugly personality

Thanks @Dayanamendoza ! I like you too! :-)

I did do puppets in church a LOT. And I was good!!! Don't doubt it!! ;-)

Let's hope I can change her mind! RT@techie_mommy: @clayaiken Why does@LisaLampanelli seem to not like you already?

Interesting trivia: Brian's dad, the late, GREAT Jim Henson, made his last public appearance on @ArsenioOFFICIAL s great talk show in 1990

One of the ladies from Henson's Creature Shop who helped Team Forte make puppets was named Raleigh! I Loved her automatically!

YES! and sad RT @Jessicalynne3:@clayaiken You and Arsenio made such a dynamic pair. Were you nervous to play without him?

Our professional puppeteers were INCREDIBLE. Leslie may have been the most permanently happy and energetic people I have EVER met!

More! My respect for @ArsenioOFFICIAL was genuine! RT @__Tony__Stark__: @clayaikenI bet you missed Arsenio as much as Aubrey missed Lisa.

@teresa_guidice A syllable of the WHAT? ;-)

She actually is really sweet… 95% of the time! ;-) RT @SouthParkFamGuy:@clayaiken do you think that@LisaLampanelli is a nice person?

I swear to God I love that woman!!!!! Such a sweet and GENUINE lady! RT @canfly172:@clayaiken @teresa_guidice Jack broke his WHAT?

Retweet from VictoriaWank:

@clayaiken Clay, I think you should do voice-overs for animation or puppets. You have such a range of voices!

Sadly, no. :-( RT @cjane777: @clayaiken did you get to keep your puppet?

@DonaldJTrumpJr @mattyms AND modest !! ;-)

Oh @DebbieGibson must be so excited to have that information announced 2 the world!#fouralarmdump ha ha ha #brilliant

I told you! @Dayanamendoza is even HOTTER when she cries! And DAMN she's classy!

I am morally against some things that are going on. Yes!

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April 15 Cont.

2 b clear. holding that puppet up behind my head for so long made the hair on the back of my head so messy.#dontgiveashitwhatuthinkofmyhair


Be sure to check out my blog on NBC.comafter the show to get my take on the Dayana/Lisa dynamic.

Let me go ahead and make fun of the way I run out before you all do!

@corabethma Are you trying to be blocked? Seriously?

There's the #classyclaymoment ! Text CLAY to 50555 now to donate $10 to National Inclusion Project! Also, follow @includingkids

My blog tomorrow on will explain the improv setups AND why I think Forte made better use of our professional helpers!

Everyone remember @1PatrickBristow from Ellen? I loved that show and it was so great to actually meet him!

Retweet from the News & Observer's TV blog twitter feed:

It is settled. In @clayaiken's next career, he shall be a puppeteer. He killed.#celebrityapprentice

Did @realDonaldTrump just call me fat on#celebapprentice ?? ;-) ha ha

That's brilliant! RT @LisaMareeInSL: Watching #celebapprentice without@DonaldJTrumpJr is like PB w/o the J :-(

Boardroom and war rooms are inside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue RT @teachermom09:@clayaiken where is the boardroom?

What accent? RT @skittlesj20: I love@clayaiken's accent!!

Retweet from lennydpocketqb:

this whole @ArsenioOFFICIAL @clayaikenfriendship fascinates me... I'd like to see a separate reality show with them.#CelebrityApprentice

Not monitors. Mirrors behind the heads of the Trumps RT @jessica_vano: I always catch@clayaiken staring at the monitors in the board room

All that VBS! (Southern Baptists will know!) ;-) RT @GritsGreens: @clayaiken Clay did us Southern Baptists proud tonight with the puppets!

Ok.. So, who's counting? Who has won more times than ANYONE else? #HOLLA

Retweet from JamiQuintin:

Love @clayaiken and @ArsenioOFFICIAL 's "bro tap" there lol!

Retweet by SonsofYork:

Despite the jock-mentality we had in highschool, #celebrityapprentice has showed us that @clayaiken is a pretty cool dude.

Hey @ArsenioOFFICIAL did you put that guitar on your puppets t-shirt?

She's actually one of Ivanka's marketing employees! RT @britton_boy: can someone please explain Amanda? is she an actress, real...WHAT?!

who wants 2 take this? :-( RT@Middle_Name_Mud: @clayaiken Inclusion is the dumbing down of America. Smart kids get held back. WORST IDEA

Wrong again! Research proves otherwise. Ignorance is sad RT @laurennashley9: In social activities it's fine, not so much in the classroom.

Retweet from Conehead76:

@clayaiken @Middle_Name_Mud The "dumbing down of America" starts with your narrow minded way of thinking.

Car exits are pretaped RT @Cqtheresa:@clayaiken , where do the hide the jackets.. go in the elevator without 1 and then get in a car with??

I won't be tweeting live next week. :-( But be sure to watch anyway.

Yes RT @mattyms: @clayaiken so you all tape a car exit incase you are fired???

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April 17

Whoever decided to make a movie about kids killing kids should be punched in the throat! So disturbing!! #screwhungergames

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April 18

If you're gonna remake an old TV show into a movie, 21 Jump Street is how you do it! Don't you agree @hollyrpeete ? Really great job!#seeit

Thx 4 tweeting this. Such a legend! We shared a birthday, which has always made me proud! RT @lynninj:


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April 20

Certainly don't think it's complimentary. I saw lyrics but not thrilled w/the idea RT @luv70s:@pennjillette does Clay know abt this song?

Having a blast with @stuffedunstrung in Durham.#stillnotgoodenoughforacareerchange Thanks for the invite @1PatrickBristow Great show!
Such talented folks @stuffedunstrung in Durham


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April 22

Haters can kiss it. I know how 2 play the game! I love @Dayanamendoza I knew she wasn't going 2 get fired. That's NOT why I brought her back

I knw eithr Penn/I would b fired. If Penn went home and I stayed, I'd rather have a peaceful Lisa on my team than bring her back.

Check out my blog on tomorrow and I'll go in depth a bit more.

;-) RT @sadderwisergirl Clay, when you told us you wouldn't be live tweeting, you had me so scared.

maybe! ;-) RT @casey_grant111 did you do that intentionally to try and scare the shit out of us fans? Smart ass ;-)

I did! RT @Sullivation did u think u were close to being FIRED???

@GodessOfWar49 and follow@includingkids YOU ROCK!

Absolutely true! RT @MeganHannah1 Penn is truly a stand up guy. Hated to see him go tonight!

RT @GritsGreens: Clay you got game! Proud of my Southern grown ass man @clayaiken#celebapprentice

Retweet from Gianni862:

so glad @clayaiken made it thru another week ! #CelebApprentice Such new respect for this dude !

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April 23

@Ty_Seams119 And yet YOU are the one with a picture of your naked ass as your profile picture. Seems extremely homosexual to me! Good job!

@CSalner Thanks for reading. I tried to always be thinking!

VERY VERY true! RT @justclay12@StreamJunkie You do realize that we don't see a lot of what went on, don't u? You cannot know who did what.

I'll do it! Happy Birthday! ;-) RT “@StanzyMozart: Two more hours left to wish me a Happy Birthday! I have faith... someone!! :)

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April 24

The IMPOSSIBLE has happened! I have found a breed of cat that doesn't scare the hell out of me! And I actually sort of like it!

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April 27

If you're not watching this every morning, you should be! Today's Eye

How is #Community not the highest rated comedy on TV?!? Last night's episode was a masterpiece.

Retweet from We_Beelieve

Hornets fans...can we get a RT if you consider yourself among "the 84%"???


Retweet from Lisa Lampanelli:

This Sun 4/29 on @ApprenticeNBC, 9PM, Dayana is project mgr & @clayaiken and I have such meltdowns we change our name to Team Chernobyl!

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April 29

In SC with @qparler Cable is OUT! I will not be live tweeting 2nite 4 #celebapprenticeunless u can convince @TWCableHelp 2 get it together!

Uh… That's not the response we're looking for Quiana says "Blow em up" RT@kristyrobinett: @clayaiken Will miss your tweets, Clay!

All the lines are busy RT @yksask:@clayaiken @qparler @TWCableHelp who do I call????

Cable is back on just in time! Get ready! Just about 20 mins until an explosive episode of#celebapprentice on #NBC at 9/8 central

West coasters. Turn off your tweets. I Will try to retweet everything on west coast time. Eastern and central folks… here we go!

Well, Mr. Small Balls, why don't you watch? RT @robbrancio: @clayaiken my question is Mr. Big Balls y didn't u grab PM on a singing event?

Tonight's #classyclaymoment will be directed at Dayana. When you see it, text CLAY to 50555 to donate $10 to @includingkids

I could have sworn that all the pictures on her walls would have been of herself! ;-)

Great to see money go to such an incredible organization. @glsen @EByard

EByard is Eliza Byard, The Executive Director of GLSEN

Dayana really did not want me to go twice in a row… I asked if she was sure several times hoping she would bend the rules a bit.

You're actually wrong. @AubreyODayactually has a very nice voice. RT @KKBary:@deesnider Aubrey sounds like a mangled heat..

Quick… what rhymes with "oil"?

Hmmm… that sounded exactly like the same type of gender based bullying that Aubrey was preaching against just a few minutes ago!

I feel like @Teresa_Giudice will be working hard to keep the peace this task! God be with you Teresa!

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April 29 Cont.

I have a great deal of respect for@AubreyODay's brain. RT @Chikpy:@clayaiken Who was less painful to work with--Dayana or Aubrey?

What's confusing? RT @AubreyODaysArmy: So confused @clayaiken says@AubreyODay has a good voice but then calls her a bully!!!

Great job with "oil"! Now.. what rhymes with "Sam"? … You'll need this information in a few minutes!

And why is that? RT @Littleleola:@clayaiken you stink

@AubreyODaysArmy I never said anything behind Dayana's back that I didn't say to her face. ;-)

Maybe I should have listed my resume also! ;-) (just 2?)

We had a BLAST together… in spite of challenges RT @KKBary: @clayaiken and@LisaLampanelli together just seems like a magical time.

We literally spent 45 minutes going through EVERY style of music! It was a LONG TIME!

The looks on the band's faces were brilliant!

Retweet from DionneNoelle:

@clayaiken Lol, aw bless her heart. She means well!

I gotta say… I can only speak in one language. So @Dayanamendoza can rhyme in English better than i can in Spanish at least

Well.. I certainly would NEVER enter a beauty pageant RT @DannysKsGirl68:@clayaiken @Dayanamendoza is so lost clue what shes doin.

Trust, I'm not influenced. I know what was going on. I can form my own opinions. RT@DorryCline: @clayaiken u r truly influenced by Lisa.

True. @LisaLampanelli was SOOOO patient all morning. While I disagree with how it was presented, I agreed with most of what she said.

Nice try. I don't think she'll ever sleep with you. RT @BusterJamey: @Dayanamendoza I think your the greatest on @CelebApprentice

Seriously? she thgt i was saying smthng mean? RT @ArsenioOFFICIAL: LMAO RT@clayaiken: And why is that? RT@Littleleola: @clayaiken u stink

Thx for starting an entire account just 2 talk about me and @LisaLampanelli We're honored RT @OhHoneyNooo: @clayaiken U are so influenced!

@JeffPaterson I'll miss you.

There's a big difference between bullying and not putting up with BS. RT @Sheryl9000:@clayaiken I'm begging you! Please don't be a bully l

@Camejex Respect is EARNED. Not handed out for free. No one EARNS the PM position. they are given it. Being PM doesn't BESTOW respect.

Here comes the #classyclaymoment

It's a shame you are hidden behind your twitter account and can't RT @Sam_T_92:@clayaiken I wanna smack you.

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April 29 Cont.

Get a load of THAT Clay hairdo!!!

What makes people think that being PM commands respect? Being PM means u are PM, nothing more! Respect is earned! Folks earn it; some don't

Ha ha!! Such a mess! RT @deesnider:@clayaiken nice doo dude!#CelebrityApprentice

You can buy that BEAUTIFUL plaid jacket I wore tonight in an auction to benefit@includingkids .. Check tomorrow

@2_seamfastball Not if they are asinine

@LaLaLlland You're seeing 20 minutes out of 24 hours. tough to judge from very little.

It was just this task. I like Dayana a lot RT@Nickikiwi: @clayaiken is it this task that changed ur mind on Dayana, or a slow realisation?

This is one of my favorite board rooms EVER. I barely say A WORD!!

Retweet from Dee Snider:

Check us out on #DeeDoesBroadway May 8th! RT @KKBary @deesnider @clayaiken it would have been great to see you two sing together.

Retweet from leowjh93:

@clayaiken I'm sure everyone's heart was in the right place through all the stressful times. smile.gif

Lord no! It was a blessing! Let the face do the talking! ;-) RT @ac42: @clayaiken Was that difficult to sit there and keep quiet??

Ivanka even had a hard time not laughing at "I've never called you a word" Ha ha

Retweet from SillyLoveBirds:

PROPS to @clayaiken for keeping calm and silent, best to stay out of it!

I may be stupid, but Lisa went to Harvard! RT@calfredob: @LisaLampanelli @clayaikenare a waste, without principles and without education.

Thank you.. but, I'll still be honest if asked my opinion.RT @LaLaLlland: @clayaiken I like u again now that you are sitting quietly

Yes… and I can't speak any other language at all… So she wins there for sure! RT@CMFAIR: @clayaiken the english language is not her forte..

Retweet from rocketship74:

@clayaiken Smart move. Never get involved in a cat fight.

Wait… how is she involved in the Forte discussion more than I am?

Most are right before the boardrooms (a few are done on site of task) RT @tomBARCIK:@clayaiken when do u guys film those side interviews?

It is NOT funny when you live thru it! RT@nessatsd: @clayaiken It must b hard 2 sit thru the boardrooms & not bust out laughing at times.

He provokes it!! RT @Millajw: @clayaikenDoes The Donald enjoy the arguing?

I finally get to talk in a second!

Retweet from Xerocube:

I thought @clayaiken handled himself extremely well (given how things were presented after editing).

They can go for hours!! RT @bqotfu:@clayaiken how long is the boardroom?

Retweet from magofa:

@clayaiken This episode should win an Emmy just for @ClayAikens faces

I didn't agree with HOW she spoke, but I'm not gonna say she's wrong just b/c u don't like her RT @eshuffle: I liked u but siding with Lisa.

To be clear...that wasn't a cultural dig. Those were her two suggestions. Edited out RT@Theoismusic: LMAO@ Duran Duran and Rumba

I may have lost my patience w/her, but I certainly don't dislike @Dayanamendoza RT@Undakovar: I'm surprised u didn't rip Dayana in the BR.

No one can question the way@Dayanamendoza carries herself with grace and class. Despite this task, she is a very sweet woman.

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May 1

Brilliant! :-) RT @Dayanamendoza:@clayaiken Guess what band is playing the opening ceremony of Olympic games in London in July? Duran Duran

Retweet from mbmartrain:

@Dayanamendoza @clayaiken Will miss u on CA. U r a class act !! Have fun at concert # Duranduran

@yosamor PLEASE explain where you saw racism! Just because I was frustrated with Dayana does not mean it had ANYTHING to do with race.

She certainly is. RT "@_BrandonGray:@clayaiken @Dayanamendoza How ironic! lol I really liked @Dayanamendoza , she was very nice."

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May 3

Retweet from jayballs77:

@clayaiken great job on Celebrity Apprentice, I never thought I would say this but "I'm a Clay Aiken fan!"

U have same bday as my mom. Happy Birthday RT @pklittle: @clayaiken you would make my bday incredibly happy if you would reply to this tweet

Yes That's exactly how #dumbass RT@DeadMike8985: @clayaiken ur such a dirty Faggot u queer is that how u practice hi notes dick up the ass

I appreciate so many great comments frm folks but I can't respond 2/retweet everyone. I pick a few at random. Don't take it so personally!!!

And I occasionally retweet some folks just 2 highlight their ignorance & stupidity. I certainly don't take offense from crap said by idiots!

So nice of you! RT @DrDerek7: @clayaiken I didn't watch ur season of idol but after Sunday's perf, I want u to know u are a great singer.

Clear! RT “@LmaoHaHa127: @clayaikenWhat's your favorite color?”

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