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All the little birdies on Aiken Street love to hear the Robin goin' tweet-tweet-tweet


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May 4

Retweet from f***yeahclayaiken:

If @clayaiken songs make me feel life is one grand sweet song, then @kelly_clarksonsongs make me feel kickass and capable of anything.

Retweet from George Takei:

Please read about Amendment One and help us defeat it on May 8.allegiancemusical.com/post/north-car…

If u don't have HBO tonight you're missing out on 2 of my FAVORITE things... Real Time with Bill Maher and my pal@ArsenioOFFICIAL #jealous

Do it! RT @nikkacostia: Never was a apprentice fan,but @clayaiken keeps tempting me 2 watch.Deciding if it will b my new #GuiltyPleasure
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May 6

You have quite a campaign going on! Happy Birthday @StephenRogrThat RT@laurenkato: please wish my friend@StephenRogrThat a happy birthday!

:-) You've got some dedicated friends! Thank them! RT @StephenRogrThat: Thank you SO much @clayaiken for making my birthday a 1 of a kind.


West coasters, turn your tweets off for now. I'll try to retweet on PDT for you.#celebapprentice starts now on #NBC

I'm actually pretty well behaved in 2night's episode, I think… so when u see what you think is a #classyclaymoment let me know what it is!

Awww… my great pall @ArsenioOFFICIALseemed so upset when he thought I was fired. He's awesome! (ha ha ha) I'm so mean!!

It's said with love. I like Lisa RT @toni1991: When did @clayaiken become a girl? Ugh.. I hate that ish..#NotFunny

What did @ArsenioOFFICIAL just say!??? hahahahahah

@WholeLottaJulie @toni1991 Lisa says it with love and to my fact. the other says it behind people's backs and with malice. BIG difference

Retweet from smitten_britton:

i LOVE the dynamic between @clayaikenand @ArsenioOFFICIAL - when clay almost didnt walk in, arsenio was a sad little puppy! so fun.

Retweet from Lisa L:

Hey, @clayaiken -- People have no idea how much we get along. Guess they'll see tonight!! (And maybe even in future episodes if we're lucky)

Oh.. so you're gonna "attack" me@LisaLampanelli ?? Bring it on grandma!!! ;-)
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May 6 Cont.

@LisaLampanelli is about to deliver the MOST incredible piece of reality television EVER with @Teresa_Giudice … LOVE IT!!! Pay attention!

This @LisaLampanelli "negotiation" went on for 45 MINUTES!! I had NO IDEA that Lisa was gonna do this. I don't think she did either! ha ha

The only thing funnier than this@LisaLampanelli negotiation is this ad on my TV now saying Mitt Romeny saved someone's daughter. WTH!?!

I was all by myself n the war room with no1 to talk 2 about this hilarity, so I actually called@ArsenioOFFICIAL on his cell.#editroomfloor
IT'S A GAME PEOPLE!!!! It's not kum ba yah RT @NadiaSp: seriously @LisaLampanellineeds to loosen up and give it up.Shes the real dummy

@LisaLampanelli I have told that story to ALL of my friends.. i am SO upset that it can't be told publicly. That was the funniest EVER

And now we know what size@LisaLampanelli wears!?! ;-) I love her humility!

Can someone tell me what "can go scratch" means?

@LisaLampanelli That must be a northern thing. In the south we just say "bless your heart"! :-)

Thx 4 watching & supporting! xoxo RT@Jonathan_Htx: @LisaLampanelli@clayaiken 1 fat ugly bitch n a fucken fruitcake fagget i hope yall lose

You can't write this stuff! They FIRED THE MODEL THEY FOUGHT FOR!!!

Is Teresa color blind? That's not RED!!!

:-/ Interesting how my hair and outfit in that interview looked exactly like my hair & outfit in the first week's task! #quotedoutofcontext

She deserves 2b n ur good graces RT@DeniseMRoyce: As long as@LisaLampanelli treats Clay right, she may work her way back n2 my good graces

Not yet! But i TOTALLY want a CHI Touch! RT@Conehead76: @clayaiken did they give you all your own hairdryers to keep after this task?

What the H did he mean by something done n the 70s or 80s? I saw no bell bottoms nor shoulder pads! All those clothes came frm Lord & Taylor

Agreed. She did look great RT@josephdiano77: @AubreyODay Aubrey was so hot in those photos @clayaiken would have hit on her

Can we use u? U look pretty incompetent RT@peaceun2u2003: @LisaLampanelli@clayaiken 2 bullies. Lets c who u use 4 a fallguy whn u lose agn

Retweet from ohsostrangeGCA:

@clayaiken Maybe he meant your models didn't look enough like heroin addicts or crack whores.

I really think the Unanimous concept was GREAT! But it had ZERO information about the hairdryer!

NOT AT ALL!!! RT @skittlesj20: @clayaiken u calling @AubreyODay a heroin or crack whore huh lol?

Hey @LisaLampanelli .. What's say we have a #lovefest in the board room?

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May 6 Cont.

YES! So great!! Wonderful job! RT@deesnider: Have you seen the video for Mack the Knife!? Let it rock! vevo.ly/Ilw7PA

Retweet from david_anzini:

@clayaiken @LisaLampanelli As soon as I heard you guys won, it was over, don't care about the rest #teamforte all day

Unfortunately not for long! :-( RT@chartman51: @clayaiken I can breath now!

Huh!?!? That was some Category 5 double-speak from Ms O'Day

Sorry 2 tell u, after this brdrm, another of us gets fired. :-( RT @peruvian_4ever:@clayaiken I can watch you again next Sunday!

If NBC promo'd #celebapprentice as much as they do Smash & the Voice & Amer Got Talent, we'd be the #1 show overall#tiredofothershowsads

notice I don't even react to@ArsenioOFFICIAL and @AubreyODayattempt to pull the SAME gag on us!?!?! ha ha

Retweet from Teresa G.:

I Love you @ArsenioOFFICIAL

See?… unfortunately… tonight is gonna be the end of the road for some of us.

Yeah… so.. I sorta crash and burn in the@johnrich interview :-/

Saw her in London! Totally agree! RT @Rosie: tracie bennett as judy garland - amazing - amazing - amazing - go see@endoftherainbow!!!!!!!!!

Aubrey is about to say THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE thing of the entire season in her interview with @MarleeMatlin…. Be sitting down!


I Want one! RT @realDonaldTrump:#SweepsTweet @clayaiken might get some use out of the Chi Touch digital hairdryer

How did John form an opinion of me when he never let me say a complete sentence?

I've been able 2 "lead" u 2 spend hrs of ur day tweeting 2 me! RT @Dtrain147: @clayaikenNobody respect u! I told U ur a fucking foliower!

Bout 20 mins each. RT @mattyms:@clayaiken they only show about 3 questions, but how long were the interviews?

You were the toughest part of the season! Ha! RT @johnrich: @clayaiken I was hitting ya pretty hard dude. You did good.

Lisa NEVER went n2 "shifty" tactics! She's right. Maybe a few bat-shit crazy moments. But she was always upfront & never talked behind backs

Be sure to check out my blog on NBC.comtomorrow to get my REAL take on the REAL@LisaLampanelli … You may be surprised.

Take a close look at the preview for the next episode. :-/ And be SURE to tune in next week.
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May 6 Cont.

Retweet from graybs13:

American Idol was fun to watch but seeing@clayaiken succeed in business on Celebrity Apprentice is far more impressive. Make Raleigh proud!

Retweet from toni1991:

@clayaiken When she is rolling off lies names just slip out. I've worked with The Pope, James Brown, The Jolly Green Giant...
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May 8

Retweet from jenniab91:

@clayaiken Just connected w/ur charity! My daughter is cognitively impaired. Looking 4ward 2 getting involved! smile.gif

Retweet from MichelleH:

@clayaiken I am an NC resident and I voted against amendment 1.

@LolaSantana Had she done it 2u then u might have a case. Diff is I know her and U do not. So u are making claims w/o facts. U can't do that

Retweet from kbc143:

@clayaiken I voted NO last week. There is no other option.

@LolaSantana Saying u make lots of judgments &call her names on Twitter frm ur couch &that makes u no better. Yet I don't assume u r a b**ch

Retweet from emohrberg:

@clayaiken Proud to have voted AGAINST Amendment One today in Cary.
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May 8 Cont

Retweet from pirategal21:

@clayaiken I voted against amendment 1 last week! NC is no place for hate!

Retweet from the National Inclusion Project:

Welcome to the Project staff, Tonya! We're excited about the impact you will make! http://ow.ly/i/BZ6R

'Nuff said ...


Retweet from MarkMcLain

@clayaiken for Governor of NC! Great video Clay and thank u for speak out against Amendment One.

Retweet from BrookeBCNN:

You vote yet in NC today? Know about Amendment One? We've heard from Billy Graham -- today we'll hear from @ClayAiken. His concern: kids.

@JarrettHadwynn my concern is bigots like u. If u think ur following Jesus like ur profile says, check ur map I think u took a wrong turn.

Retweet from danceswithcat:

@clayaiken Protect families, protect equality, voted against Amendment One in Raleigh.

Retweet from kerrie_72:

@clayaiken Voted Against Amendment One in NC....want to protect the beautiful families that I know and love#voteagainstamendmentone

Retweet from kmburick:

@clayaiken Today was the first time I have ever voted! I happily voted against Amendment One in High Point, NC!

@Ethantp @jarretthadwynn I certainly don't have 2 justify myself or attempt 2b "loving and accepting" 2 some1 who is against my rights
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May 8 Cont.

Retweet from SetStefany:

@BrookeBCNN @clayaiken I just voted and voted against amendment one!!!

Retweet from purpleazalea:

@clayaiken On my way now to vote against Amendment One#doingmypart #Christianstandingforequality

Retweet from hac38:

Voted against Amendment One for many reasons. Thanks for helping to inform folks @clayaiken

Retweet from LL3322:

@clayaiken talked to a lot of voters today against amendment 1. Hoping the rest of the state does as well.

Retweet from Ms_Mia_

@yorkv01 @clayaiken If you're going 2 use that logic wearing 2 diff fabrics at the same time is also a sin Leviticus 19:19. C U in hell.

Retweet from claytonsgirl:

@clayaiken Went out & voted AGAINST #AmendmentOne...Did my part & hope it does some good...Fingers crossed

Retweet from DoleJody:

@clayaiken I can't help, but my NC residing son voted for me by voting against Amendment 1 #fairness

Retweet from Rambles_Robyn:

RT @clayaiken: RT @purpleazalea: @clayaiken On my way now to vote against Amendment One #doingmypart#Christianstandingforequality

@Ethantp @jarretthadwynn and THAT is the perfect example of ignorance! No one CHOOSES their sexuality. Thanks for proving my point! :-)

Retweet from SarahScord0:

@clayaiken Voted against Amednment One!! Love you Clay!

Retweet from Actually3:

@clayaiken Voted against Amednment One Thank you Clay, You are the best!

Retweet from WRALeightWood:

RT @sarahscord0: @clayaiken Voted against Amednment One!! Love you Clay!

my pleasure. Thank you. “@BrookeBCNN: @happy3940 @clayaikenthank you Clay!”
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May 8 Cont.

Retweet from threeonapage:

@clayaiken just came back from voting against amendment one...pray it gets defeated!

@Ethantp @jarretthadwynn you're right. Though i didnt actually do it, I certainly didn't need to call you ignorant. You showing it yourself

Retweet from CarylBlake:

@clayaiken Just wanted you to know that you have NY support against Amendment One. I do have friends in NC who are voting against it though

Retweet from eltsu:

@clayaiken If I lived in US I would vote against amendment one! We choose who we want to share our life with and no law should define that!

@JarrettHadwynn judgement begets judgement

Retweet from the Human Rights Campaign:

Last chance to vote "AGAINST" on #Amendment1. NC folks - Find your polling place: http://bit.ly/K8LShG . If you've already voted, RT!

I voted early. Need as many #equality loving folks as poss 2 get 2 the polls n NC RT @ArsenioOFFICIAL: @clayaiken Did you vote there today?

Great question! RT @zrod182: @clayaiken Whatever happened to separation of church & state?

Retweet from Carterstreet:

@clayaiken I voted earlier today and voting against the amendment was the first thing I marked.

Retweet from NewRaleigh:

Only 37% are expected to vote today in NC. Tell everyone you know to Vote.

@RevMikeS when you make laws based on a religion that is the gv't saying that I need to practice that religion. Same thing.

Retweet by RandallHouse:

@clayaiken Voted early last week AGAINST this uncalled for amendment.

Retweet from []bSwtSuthrnSass

@clayaiken I am one of the 37%....and I am saying NO!!!

Retweet from millie270:

Just back from voting AGAINST Amendment 1!! @clayaiken Hope it goes DOWN!

@yorkv01 that's the most inaccurate post of the day. They were fleeing a country that told them how to live and believe.

Yes I am. You sure are hot in that profile picture! Can we go out sometime?? RT @schrockboy: @clayaiken fag

@beckibolinger I have been retweeting supporters ALL DAY and I'm responding to you now. Don't get your drawers in a bunch.

Retweet from camerons:

70% in Durham County, 79% in Orange County, 57% in Wake County AGAINST #Amendment1 Just sayin' #TheTriangleRocks
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May 9

This is AMAZING! RT @MrBrianEnt:@clayaiken #TheCelebrityApprentice is so good I had 2 make a cartoon of it. RT please.youtube.com/watch?v=AwKds7…

Retweet from jeremyacorn:

@clayaiken Looks like Obama listened to you on CNN yesterday..AMAZING..love to see you stand up tall for what you believe in!

Give @ArsenioOFFICIAL a break. Sometimes coming up with a quick retort produces something unintended. AH is a GREAT friend & an advocate!

@briancyrart If he's doing it 4 votes, y wld he come out 4 something that JUST 1day ago 60% of people disagreed with? I think it's genuine

@ThelmaLouise5 give him a break. He NEVER makes jokes like that. u've never heard him make a gay joke. It was a slip/mistake. Retract claws

Wow @BrookeBCNN ... Did he listen to me or what?? ;-)

Mr @ArsenioOFFICIAL No apology necessary! I know your heart! You're my favorite #classact

Retweet from ColleenDougherty:

@clayaiken u got my mom 2 watch Cele Apprentice & shut my dad up about gay being a sin, quite a feat,thx. Hoping ur in the top 2, good luck!

Retweet from annlyn1:

When @clayaiken talks, President Obama listens.
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May 10:

Since u loved that so much, Don't miss me on Ed Show on MSNBC tonight at 8 pm RT@kckane: @clayaiken on @piersmorgan 's show, STFU! Faggot!

dolphsaint tweeted this:

@clayaiken Was rooting for U on CA. My respect 4U has diminished due to the hateful tweets your fans send to other ppl. Do you promote hate?

Clay replied:

@dolphsaint By all means, judge me based on what other people (who I have no control over) do! That makes you very wise!

SassyBizzness tweeted:

@clayaiken you have a passive aggressive attitude that comes off as arrogant if u don't mind an outside observation. Disappointing.

Clay replied:

@SassyBizzness U have ur breasts as ur profile picture which comes off as trashy, if u don't mind an outside observation. Sry 2 disappoint

@Caitlin111784 that was a little harsh. I don't call people names. Let's not. But THANKS for being supportive.

@Caitlin111784 bring it down a notch or two. ;-)

#HOLLA@ldyjocelyn: A good day:@clayaiken on The Ed Show (great job!), and#Community renewed!

:twinklewhore: :twinklewhore: :twinklewhore:

If so, u should eat me! RT @row1seat5:@clayaiken I used to like you...you have become nothing more then a flaming fruit cake reality joke!

r u NOW saying name calling is wrong?#confused @row1seat5: @clayaiken and you go on a show with a guy who calls women sluts and whores?
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May 12

So Zimmerman can kill an unarmed man, but this woman shoots a wall to protect herself from abuse and gets 20 years? WTFhuffingtonpost.com/2012/05/11/mar…

Time to put pressure on GA! RT@hollyrpeete: foxnews.com/us/2012/05/12/…student with autism not allowed to graduate..despite getting all A's & B's
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May 13

Retweet from Marlee Matlin:

As a mom, I don't want to see children bullied. I support all anti-bullying efforts like@glsen. Will you? action.glsen.org/page/s/open-le…

Retweet from gladys4351"

@clayaiken I was one voter who was waivering on re-electing Obama, but his stance on gay marriage/equal rights for all won me over!!!!

Me and my new pal, Bob Schieffer!pic.twitter.com/EZ1h0h8Z


Retweet from scholzenf:

@clayaiken saw u on CBS this am. I was never a big fan-until now. Thank you for having courage regarding the civil rights issue of our time

Retweet from wickedsharp1:

@clayaiken Im a whisky-drinking, gun-toting, nascar loving, repub hunter & i dig u dude. I dont think govt should tell any1 who to marry!
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May 13 Cont.:

Here we go… The end of the line…. on#celebapprentice .. right now on NBC

Thanks!! RT @CookseyConnects: Classy job this morning on CBS @meetthepress,@clayaiken! #makingadifference

A pale, gay guy raised n the south, a black guy raised n the 60s ( @ArsenioOFFICIAL ), yet the pretty white girl is the "ultimate underdog?

Start eating better! RT @JamiQuintin: Dear God, please let @clayaiken be in the final two. I'll eat better. Please!!! Sincerely, me

Hear @ArsenioOFFICIAL make the most unfortunate joke of the season in ten seconds!

Retweet from StephenRogrThat:

the chemistry between @ArsenioOFFICIALand @clayaiken is remarkable. reminds me of another friendship of mine... #clarsenio

Retweet from Face the Nation:

In the next 20 years, we're going to look back on this and be ashamed that we were against it...like interracial marriage says @clayaiken

B sure 2 check out my blog on NBC.comafter west coast airing 2nite 2 read why I picked who I picked & how i chose the order

Same thing. New name. inclusionproject.orgRT @Acristen: @clayaiken What happened to the Bubel/Aiken foundation you had started years ago

Retweet from LegendaryWriter:

Clay Aiken discusses gay marriage on 'Face the Nation' shar.es/2OKNd -

I'd like 2 think I have THE BEST team! Everyone REALLY is expert n so many areas!@pennjillette @AubreyODay @DebbieGibson@deesnider #thanks

! @AubreyODay had an INCREDIBLE idea 2 make the party a carnival! I'm so appreciative that she gave such incredible energy 4@includingkids

Wow! I tell you this season was LACKING without @adamcarolla humor on every episode! He's smart & the funniest there is.#totallygotbuicked

The magic of editing. I wasn't upset with@pennjillette - That was from a previous week. N fact, he comes up w/MUCH better idea. Stay tuned

Retweet from Lauren1433:

@clayaiken Im getting flashbacks of another reality show where you were in the final 2 with a black guy who became your close friend..Uh oh

Retweet from ALSxo:

Penns idea was great it's "a child with a disability" not a "disabled child" thank you exceptional edu classes great cause@clayaiken

@DebbieGibson is a MUSICAL PRODIGY! Bottom line. She can arrange anything.@deesnider is a helluva good sport to attempt 2 sing Motown!

I am partial to music! ;-) RT@DonaldJTrumpJr: Music vs Comedy? Which team would you have preferred to be a part of?

May 13 Cont.:

You think the crap is hitting the fan now? Just wait…. I've never had a more problematic task than this one! Everything seems to go wrong!

Retweet from John Rich (winner of last year's CApp):

@clayaiken VS @ArsenioOFFICIAL Well, here it is...Who's got the most horsepower fellas? Good luck to you both! THIS is where it gets cool.

Aubrey thinks BIG BIG BIG! It will come in handy, for sure… but it's a lot

FYI… there were over 2000 square feet of wall to paint… we didn't need to paint the clean white walls…. and we didn't have TIME!!!

Doing the mural was a very intruiging idea… but I think it's completely reasonable to want to see a drawing of them first.

Here comes the #classyclaymoment

Here comes the #classyclaymoment .. When you hear it text CLAY to 50555 to donate $10 to @includingkids

@Iam_Kat_G We didn't have that luxury. We told production that we needed a park and we went where they sent us.

We weren't allowed to shoot in Central Park. RT @Barbara816: @clayaiken Uh, Central Park has a little grass.

Retweet from 9breaknrun:

@clayaiken I bet you've said more swear words in the last five minutes than you've said in your entire life LOL!!

@rumbeggo Not allowed

That's boring and playing it safe. I don't do that. ;-) RT @RLT64: @clayaiken Did white screen ever come to mind with video?

RIGHT!? Thank u for saying that. ha ha RT@taurusbombshell: People telling@clayaiken where grass is in NYC on twitter as if this was live.

Patience people. Calm down! It's a TWO episode task! RT @JeannetteWelsh:@clayaiken could you have shot it inside a gymnasium?

We'll all find out together next week. RT@DannysKsGirl68: @clayaiken does that mean we dont c who wrns tonight? Ugh

Yes. Next week. RT @AlyP2: @clayaiken Is the final show live?

Correct. No one knows who wins yet. RT@bee_healthy: @clayaiken so any spoilers that have said who wins are lying?

Before Thanksgiving last year RT @JimPolk:@clayaiken @DannysKsGirl68 How long has it been since you guys shot this episode?

@FengChue Last year the 4th place winner did the blog. The year before the 5th place. I PROMISE that has no bearing.

Retweet from smashly424:

@AubreyODay so happy you are party of@clayaiken team! You 2 both have great charities:)

Be sure to learn much more about the National Inclusion Project atinclusionproject.org and follow us@includingkids

Thank God for @deesnider for backing me up on that!

Even though she is on Arsenio's team…@LisaLampanelli donated to my party and@includingkids !!! She is INCREDIBLE and always has been!

Tune in next week to see how GENEROUS@LisaLampanelli is to @includingkids

Retweet from KayElSee:

@LisaLampanelli I've gained more and more respect for throughout the past few episodes. Glad you're supporting @clayaiken and@includingkids

Yes ma'am RT @AubreyODay: Clay kissed me. And it was amazing!" @clayaiken#TeamClay
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May13 Cont.:

Retweet from abfaltert:

@clayaiken is laying the law down! That's how you get things done!! Let's go team clay!#CelebApprentice

Don't talk smack about me in front of my face on the phoneif you don't want me to respond and defend myself.

Retweet from saby195:

Kudos to @clayaiken for standing your ground. You need to see a sketch 1st. Why are the girls arguing w/ you on this!?

Retweet from itsme_d:

for the first time i agree with @clayaiken. if he didn't SEE it, why would he allow something to be PAINTED on his wall? um. no.

Retweet from BigticketGurl:

@clayaiken wow Clay, your tough with Debbie Gibson, good for you. Thank goodness Aubry's staying quiet.

Let there be NO confusion. I LOVE@DebbieGibson … She and I ARE good friends and will remain. Next week you'll see. :-)

Retweet from MaryfkaCrazy:

@LisaLampanelli It's going to be hard keeing up that "Queen of Mean" image after doing what you did for @clayaiken. That was so touching.
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May 14

Retweet from Debbie Gibson:

Hey guys. @clayaiken were n are on the same side! To make the project gr8! We argued professionally and were over it months ago!

Retweet from The Advocate Magazine:

Clay Aiken Future Politician bit.ly/L3gi6A

Retweet from JoeMyGod:

Clay Aiken Vs. Tony Perkins: And Tony Perkins sits right there on national television and boldly LIES that churc... bit.ly/JAjQt7

The complete tweet:

And Tony Perkins sits right there on national television and boldly LIES that churches are being forced to host gay weddings.

With a link to the Face the Nation clip: http://www.rawstory....ng-lgbt-rights/

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May 15

Not sure I can b taught that RT @oksokd:@PBatemanNY You can teach a person how 2b stylish, but cannot teach someone how to be intelligent.

Retweet from heyyymaeghan:

I'm going to make my first tweet a great big HELLO to @clayaiken and a high five for making it to the finale! #TeamClay

@Wildchildwendy Thanks 4 devoting so much of your time 2 me! U must b a big fan!

Retweet from SciaccaTweets:

. @pennjillette Happy to see you back on#CelebrityApprentice, sir! You're once again rocking terrific ideas for @clayaiken's charity!

Retweet from Donald Trump Sr.:

I hope Mark Zuckerberg signs a prenup with his current girlfriend- perhaps soon to be wife. Otherwise, she can walk away with 9 billion.
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May 18

A retweet from Debbie Gibson:

@wsflowers92 let's just say I'm proud to be on team @clayaiken !!! And all our arguing was because I care about him and the outcome!!!

thanks classy lady! "@Dayanamendoza:@clayaiken Congratulations Clay! smile.gif"

At Fox 5 studios for Good Day New Yorkpic.twitter.com/OQoKN8AG


I'd certainly like to. RT @MandySichler:@AubreyODay do u and @clayaiken not get along anymore?

Absolutely! He's like a brother! RT@wwelegand619: @clayaiken hey clay do you and @RubenStuddard keep in contact?

Retweet from Donald Trump:

The @ArsenioOFFICIAL & @clayaiken#CelebrityApprentice live finale is going to shock you! MUST SEE TV...9 pm Sunday on NBC

I hope I sleep 2nite despite being#heartbroken RT @wolfymammoth:#LastTimeIChecked i do have a penis. no you can not suck it @clayaiken

Retweet from Debbie Gibson:

Im a team player :-) RT @MAZZnation:@AubreyODay @DebbieGibson Are cheering for aiken or Arsenio?

Ok, folks @OnceMusical is the most beautiful thing I've seen on a stage in YEARS! Most talented cast ever! Seriously, just incredible! Go!!!

Retweet from KBarboseBerners:

@ArsenioOFFICIAL Disappointed Arsenio threw @clayaiken under the bus on J Fallon, big fan Arsenio but really? Clay has MANY FANS keep his #
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May 19

The first tweet is a reply to the last tweet from last night:

@KBarboseBerners @ArsenioOFFICIAL I promise you he was kidding!

Retweet from grayt_engage:

@clayaiken Thx 4 representing yourself on the celebrity apprentice with class and sensibility.

Retweet from BosBrat:

@clayaiken Clay I was a closeted claymate...but.. I'm coming OUT!! I love me some Clay Aiken!!!!!

Things r moving right along 4 the#celebapprentice LIVE finale w/me and@ArsenioOFFICIAL Tomorrow night 9/8c on NBC pic.twitter.com/i9pQx3Rt


Embrace your Electric Youth! I love Debbie. She's gonna impress you! RT@ToddBrennan: @clayaiken Please dont let@DebbieGibson sing

Pretty sure ur gonna lose that! Thanks 4 watching! RT @ozzydawg: @DebbieGibsondon't let clay sing he is trash and I'm gay and i hate him.

Thanks RT “@NBR345: @clayaiken also you seem like a decent guy..."

Wait... Are you schizophrenic? This is 4 minutes later RT “@NBR345: @clayaiken by the way, what u did to debbie...your a first class dick."

Retweet from Conehead76:

I don't care what u tweet about, but throw a#TeamClay at the end of every one of ur tweets this weekend to show ur support for@clayaiken

Retweet from toni1991:

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May 20

Retweet from StephenGHill:

"I brought the same to wear as when I met Obama" - Mom describing her attire for attending tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice finale- #GoClay

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May 21

Big congrats to my pal @ArsenioOFFICIALHuge thanks to all for the support for@includingkids #votewithyourwallets

Let's raise $251k for @includingkids and feel like real winners! #votewithyourwallets atinclusionproject.org

Keep it up! #votewithyourwallets RT@includingkids: Since last night, we've had donations totaling $25K! $470K b/c of Celebrity Apprentice!

Retweet from Conehead76:

Wishing @ArsenioOFFICIAL well doesn't mean I'm any less of an @clayaiken fan Where do u people come up with this crap?#getalife #alwaysafan

At the @glsen Respect Awards in NYC!pic.twitter.com/TqZEdlqq


Congrats to my table mate, @glsen Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Marguerite Kondracke at #RespectNYpic.twitter.com/Mh2mrnk3


Retweet from soesahead:

Like he ate a fresh turd! Mercy! RT@ArsenioOFFICIAL: @clayaiken That Journalist! OH MY! His breath ... was STANK as a motherfucka'

We're like Dean and Sammy! (I'm Sammy though!) RT @ArsenioOFFICIAL: Singing with@clayaikenshar.es/qoey8
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May 22

"@redroses1944: If all of Clay's followers donated just $10 to inclusionproject.org it could more than cover the loss!

Retweet from ohwow798:

@clayaiken If all of Clay's followers donated just $10 to inclusionproject.org it could more than cover the loss #votewithyourwalletsDone

Retweet from Conehead76:

Retweet from 1naturegirl:

@allclaylong @BrianneBeck @clayaikenEvery dollar is helpful and used wisely.

Retweet from DDA1:

If you wanted @clayaiken to win Celebrity Apprentice, vote with your wallet atinclusionproject.org! --watch.accesshollywood.com/video/clay-aik…

Retweet from FabFour65:

.@clayaiken Still mad abt injustice of ur loss on #CelebApprentice!So I'm DOUBLING my donation 2 inclusionproject.org!#votewithyourwallets

Retweet from Lisa Lampanelli:

@ClayAiken is amazing, & his charity is straight from his heart! XO RT @judascristo @lisalampanelli I thought that was great donating $ to Clay's charity. Sometimes the Queen of Mean loosens her reigns eh? Love ya! XO
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