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All the little birdies on Aiken Street love to hear the Robin goin' tweet-tweet-tweet


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May 23

Hey folks. Still time to #votewithyourwalletsfor @includingkids Text CLAY to 50555 now or make a donation at inclusionproject.org

Yes they can! mamafoundation.org/gospel-for-tee… Folks should go see em RT@ArsenioOFFICIAL: @clayaiken 'Dem cheeren' can sang!!! #CelebApprentice finals

Retweet from tomkat1st

Thanks @pennjillette @AubreyODay@DebbieGibson @deesnider for time/effort supporting @clayaiken on #CelebApprenticefinals! smile.gif

Is anybody else watching this stupid heifer of AC360??

B sure 2 watch @AC360 when it replays n your area. @andersoncooper destroys Stacey Pritchard. She & her pastor are embarrassments to NC! :-(
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May 24

If you missed this last night, it's totally worth watching!What an embarrassment to NC this woman is!http://ac360.blogs.c...-pastor-worley/ #cnn via @CNN

Whatcha think about my fortune cookie today @ArsenioOFFICIAL ?http://pic.twitter.com/mMMomP5g


Retweet this if you think @DIRECTV and@DIRECTVService sucks! (retweet it either way!) #crappycrappycrappy

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May 25

Retweet from StephenGHill:

"I'ma start a movement. If Sirius doesn't put Clay Aiken on a channel, I'ma get people to drop the entire service!!" -Mom, very serious.

Retweet from Unicef USA:

The U.S. Senate recommended preserving@UNICEF funding! Thanks for reaching out to your legislators. Keep it up!: ow.ly/b9EcA

Need to get in touch w you @McCainBlogetteYou can DM me b/c I follow you. Have a few questions for you. Thanks!

Retweet from harrylover25:

@clayaiken I have to say thank you to you Clay for being one of the people who have inspired me to be a Gay Rights supporter for life!!

Retweet from VyHigginsen:

@ArsenioOFFICIAL @clayaiken@GospelforTeens loved performing Lean On Me with you on @ApprenticeNBC and would love to record it with you
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May 31

Hi ;-) “@den4clay: @clayaiken How I wished you'd drop by to say Hi. Miss u.”
Say what you want about Howard, but he hit the nail on the head on this one!!youtu.be/Qty2-KnC8W0 via @YouTube
Ok... so.. I tweeted that before I got to the end of it. It gets pretty nasty before it ends. Be forewarned. But the KLG stuff was dead on.


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May 31 Cont.

Oh brother.... Give me a break!!yfrog.us/5sc0fz

Clay then tried a second time, with the same thing, but a different yfrog link. Then this:

I tried again. Still doesn't work. Probably 4 the best. Might have gotten me in trouble! RT “@MarySmeyan: @clayaiken doesn't work...”
the moment has passed. RT “@tobysmom412: LOL!! now we are all dying here you know RT @clayaiken
Sure! RT @vagabond_22: hey Clay! can we play 20 questions about the missing link?
1) yes @jax5230: Did it have to do with politics?
2) no RT @Caitlin111784: was it some crazy nut job ranting about gays?
3) no RT @iamc: was it from another musician?
4) no RT @Wowzers4Clay: Did it have to do with the 'birther' crowd?
5) yes RT @surelysoo: Did it have to do with John Edwards?
6) yes RT @vagabond_22: did it happen today in NC?
7) not exactly RT @surelysoo: Was it the verdict and mistrial?
8) yes. RT @Conehead76: is it about what John Edwards said after the trial?
9) yes RT @DittoPost: Clay are you playing 20 questions?
10) no RT @ncwannabe: Was it Edwards trying to sound sorry that "I did an awful lot wrong.
11) for me it is (wasted a question there)@allclaylong: Is not exactly a correct way to answer 20 questions? RT @clayaiken: 7) not exactly
12) not that one, no. RT @surelysoo:@clayaiken Was it him saying he has made many mistakes?
13) YES! What a fool! I think the only thing left 4 him 2do is stay home!! RT@chrislaws22: was it Edwards saying God has more for him to do
14-20) no RT @JessieMcV123: @clayaikenCan we play again?? 
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May 31 Cont.

I literally can not say this enough! I HATE@DIRECTV !!!!!
I would give my right arm for @FiOSTV or@Uverse or even @TWCCarolinas but none of them service my neighborhood!!! Only crappy ass @DIRECTV
Not working! The only thing worse than@DIRECTV is @DIRECTVService Steer clear folks! RT @kreemy1983: @clayaiken what's so bad about it?
No. They should treat everyone the same. But they can't get it 2gether RT @udderu:@clayaiken u're Clay Aiken they should make an exception!
I might if u know someone who wants to buy my house! Ha RT@Conehead76: @clayaikenit's time for a new neighborhood then. Come back to NYC!
Sadly, u're right! RT @smartchic61:@DIRECTV If they have a monopoly in your neighborhood they must not feel the need to have good service
Yeah! Let's fix that! ;-) RT @oe_star:@clayaiken It's crazy that no one has bought your house yet!
Ur TV must be out 2, since u have so much free time to b a dumbass RT @proJACKtive:@clayaiken i heard you liked sticking it in crappy asses

Retweet from casey_grant111:

@clayaiken i'm shocked a group of fans haven't decided to buy it and live together
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June 1:

If this means @ReynoldRyan will be making out with a guy in the sequel it's the best news of the year! http://www.cnn.com/2012/06/01/showbiz/green-lantern-gay-earth-two-rs/index.html
OMG! NERD ALERT! RT @camerons: Technically this Green Lantern is Alan Scott of the Justice Society with different powers so sorry
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June 10

Thanks. RT @valenciaa_98: @clayaiken I just heard you singing on an episode of Phineas and Ferb! Loved it!
Way to go @carrieunderwood !! Speak out bravely and honestly. Your words are gonna change minds!independent.co.uk/news/world/ame…
Spamalot goes 4 for 4!! All 4 Spam alums nom. 2nite win Tonys! Congrats to Steve Kazee, Michael McGrath, Christian Borle, and Mike Nichols!
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June 17

Retweet from caseygrant_111:

getting to see @ArsenioOFFICIAL@deesnider @DebbieGibson@RubenStuddard and @clayaiken in one room on the same night in october. #excited
Oh MERCY! @ArsenioOFFICIAL Maybe you should take some dance lesson from this woman! twitvid.com/Y2QIR #ivegotrhythm
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June 18

I feel like something exciting is gonna happen today. It's just in the air!
I get just as excited (if not more) when great things happen for my FRIENDS. So, it very well could be something exciting for a friend! :-)
Tomorrow night. Tonight watch ET! RT@den4clay @clayaiken just luv u sharing your excitement, should we be watching Piers Morgan tonite?
Now THAT would be INCREDIBLE news!!! RT @pklittle let's see.. did a FRIEND sign a contract to buy your house? @camerons
I wish!! I would LOVE that! And so would America! RT @MlbMohala in that case let's hope it's @ArsenioOFFICIAL sealing deal on new show!
Here it is!! I'm SOOOO excited for@ArsenioOFFICIAL 2013 can not get here fast enough! His show is going to dominate!!latimes.com/entertainment/…
Me too! For you! Eat that cheese! RT@ArsenioOFFICIAL: @clayaiken I am happier than a mouse running around the Kraft cheese factory!
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June 19

Retweet from earthangel733

I work in a women's consignment shop and I always play your music and so many people ask who is singing. I'm proud to say you!@clayaiken

Retweet from Marlee Matlin:

Mr @ArsenioOFFICIAL was FIRST to welcome me to late-night TV when no one else would & even paid for the captions himself. Love, your SWDJB

Retweet from lynnieg100:

@deesnider You are such a good man.@clayaiken is lucky to have you as a friend.And we are lucky to have found you .
@pennjillette I thought you'd enjoy this.img.ly/jKgz


Don't know why folks complain about aisle seats. They r JUST AS GOOD & u don't have 2 climb over people. I prefer them.#cantpleaseanyone

Retweet from the National Inclusion Project:

Still plenty of Gold Gala tickets available - Smaller numbers of tickets get you better seats!

Tweet exchange, starting with this from GemmieJam

@clayaiken I'm crying with rage right now, hopefully you can bring some awareness to this story in your hometownphilipchristman.com/2012/06/18/a-f…

Clay's reply:

@GemmieJam I'm not ready 2 believe this is real. Isn't coming from a reputable news source. We know better than 2 believe everything online

Her reply back:

@clayaiken comments make it seem like its not an isolated incident

His final reply:

I'm not saying its not true. I'm just saying don't believe everything you read.

And finally...this classic exchange, beginning with CCMInsider:

Please pray for CLAY AIKEN Today, we are praying for his salvation! Learn moregoo.gl/Y8FwF #lgbt #prayer #evangelism

Clay's reply:

@CCMInsider How's about you let me and God worry about my salvation so you can spend your time kissing my ass? :-)
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June 20

If these kids were mine... Holy shit! I'd get myself in trouble if I told u what I'd do 2 them! Contribute if u can. igg.me/p/124322?i=twtr
@GayCelebs I can't actually come out & SAY I agree with u. But if I COULD.... Id say thats a damn good idea. ... ;-)
@susan_raye That's for damn sure. I wouldn't had been able to sit on that bus for a week after I got my ass "tore up", if that had been me.
Pass this video around and RT it. Maybe if enough people go here they can raise enough that she can retire! #adiosbratsigg.me/p/124322?i=twtr
You got me pegged! I'm a HUGE homophobe, but please don't tell anyone! RT@GetDownFYAD @clayaiken Fuck you, homophobe.
Cute response. I like that. RT @Rebel_APClay i think he meant, "can i borrow your dictionary"
@Donnarie2 This story (including the fundraising) has been reported on by major national media outlets. Easier 2 verify and hold accountable
That might work! RT @M2MEee Try changing your sn to @LovingClay5230@LovingDaughtry8: @clayaiken I tweet u all the time but never get an RT.
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June 22

@eastersealer U need to read a bit more. NC the ONLY state that HAS agreed to compensate victims.
@includingkids RT @ChelsMo20113 I went to a Let's All Play training in Iowa! It was amazing and I can't wait to change lives!!!
It was a joke RT @mk_jett And this is funny how? @ArsenioOFFICIAL BTW .. I want to shoot a nude layout of 3 fine Claymates for Playboy
Now, it's starting to seem legit. :-(newsobserver.com/2012/06/22/215… via@newsobserver

Retweet from chartman51:

Some people take life way too seriously!@Desertflower2 @clayaiken It was a joke RT@mk_jett And this is funny how?@ArsenioOFFICIAL BTW .
Oohh. Didn't see this! Not cool! RT@ncwannabe This is typical of Arse's "jokes" re women Gentlemen: Ass Of The Day! t.co
@chelseaboots didn't tell anyone how to feel. Just don't think the comment warranted the reaction. Don't judge someone based on one comment.
@delightfuldot11 I certainly don't think anyone was being ridiculed. I'm actually sure of it. It was about 3 people specifically. Not you.
@DailyDriveler I don't expect my friends 2 have the same opinions as me on everything. I don't place people on pedestals either. Nor shld u
@ncwannabe Stop reading them then, Sherri! This is a ridiculous argument! I don't get upset at people for what their friends do!
I am sorry if ne1 was upset by a comment made on Twitter. AH is my friend and I know his heart. He remains a friend and an INCREDIBLE person
If you want to be upset with me about it, that's ur choice. But I will not condemn some1 who I know to be a great person.
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June 22 Cont.

If that is not enough, then its not. I regret that, but I determine who I want to like/dislike based on a more than 140 characters. U shld 2
Thank u 4 that. But to b clear. I did not apologize. :-) RT @amyrebo I'm sorry you had to apologize...people need to lighten up.
@1naturegirl U KNOW everything u need 2 know based on an edited show and some tweets? U certainly have a full, clear, accurate picture.
@ThelmaLou5182 @ArsenioOFFICIAL YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!! It is laughable how uninformed people pass judg. so quickly!

This one is important, IMO: MadelynAnneNYC replied to Clay's tweet that is listed first in this particular post with this:

@clayaiken I sometimes think we were better off pre-twitter b/c it gives the ILLUSION of knowing people based on tiny snippets.

Clay's reply:

@MadelineAnneNYC Agreed. It's why I never used it, and it's why I will probably stop using it now.

Retweet from nickikiwi:

@clayaiken I think I will spend my energy on getting exited for the @includingkids gala in Oct #waitingforairlinesale
@peggyw26 Do you eat foods you don't like? Do you watch shows you don't like? STOP READING TWEETS from people you don't like?

Retweet from divaintraining:

@clayaiken Sad that in our society of reality tv ppl seem to think just watching someone on tv makes them some type of expert on that person
ne1 who has anything negative 2 say about my friends should simply stop tweeting 2 me & stop following me. I will block ne1 else who does.
I block everyone who talks crap about fans. And I will block ne1 else who says anything slightly negative about a friend. Period.
Wanna talk crap about me? Go ahead. Negativity about people who are supportive of me will get blocked on the FIRST time. Feel free 2 test me

ncwannabe says that she owes Clay an apology. Clay's reply:

@ncwannabe no you don't. :-)
Sunday thru thursday RT @AllNipsNoHips @clayaiken R u gay?
Apparently not, b/c u've been bitching more than anyone RT @ThelmaLou5182 RealityTV is about the edit. Don't u think most of us know that?
@SportingBecky @Desertflower2 Talking crap about other fans will get you blocked too!! Don't test me!
Asleep RT @djsuperdon LMAO at the Sunday thru Thursday comment..so what are Friday and Sat?
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June 22 Cont.:

Thin RT @RyanPom @clayaiken Deep Dish or Thin Crust?

Retweet from rocstarbuck:

@clayaiken my motto is love me love my friends. if you don't like my friends then just keep your mouths shut and don't tell me I don't care
I prefer homonyms. RT @GayFive69@clayaiken what do you think about homophomes?
Tell someone to buy a show! Id love to come! RT @pinayrninsg Dont mind them@clayaiken for us in Asia you're still the best.
Great! Look forward to seeing you there! RT@clayitagain Love you Clay, got my V.I.P. ticket for the Gala!! My First Gala!
Same rules as last year. RT @TiffanylovescWill you allow clack/cameras this time at the Gala?

Retweet from wildoutlook:

@clayaiken A wise man once said twitter is the devil . I think I get it now . ;-)
Starting 2 look serious. I don't like 2 jump 2 conclusions based on only 1 blog. But now evidence IS starting 2 mount. bit.ly/MLLVj8
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