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Invision Powerboard vs phpBB


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I'm thinking of getting a copy of IPB but I would like to compare it against other BB's. For those who've used it here or elsewhere, what do you think are the best / worst / your favorite features of each system.

I'm interested in all features, including user-friendliness, support and available utilities and reports, but I'm especially concerned about data security, particularly the backups and logs. Since data privacy laws are more stringent in some other countries, eg. the EC members and Canada, I'd like to know if the logs/timestamps/backups/e-mail/etc are secure.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, including (I like xxxx or I find yyyy annoying because...)

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a few more questions...

1. Are our servers based in California? Is the support team based over there too? I was wondering about the speed at which they resolved the outage this morning and I'm curious if that's a typical response time for a Sunday morning or any regular time

2. Is there anyone here who's been an admin of an IPB board that wasn't hosted by invision? How much support do those configurations get?

Thanks a bunch!

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Hi scarlett, I don't really honestly know much about how this all works. Ansa was the brains of the operation. The fact that I can go a year without getting in touch with invision is a good thing. I only go to the site when something goes wrong.

Every trouble ticket I've ever put in has been solved within 3 hours. FCA has never ever been down for a significant period of time. They have a ticket system where you just explain what your issue is and they respond pretty fast. When we went down the other morning though I don't know what the problem is. The problem seems to have self-corrected and I cancelled the ticket. They staff the trouble ticket area 24 hours a day. Otherwise they have regular business hours and are closed on weekends.

They have a new upgrade that we'll think about getting. Maybe it has added security or will let us get rid of that damn flood control in pm box which I hate with a passion. The good thing about upgrades is they will do it for you if you're technically challenged..which isn't you. They do say 24-48 hours for responses from invision but if your site is down your status is elevated.

The admin control center is pretty simple to use but I honestly don't use most of it. They have additional security, logs, backup. They have a forum also where you can probably find answers to many of your questions.


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Thanks for all the help, advice and great intentions. :BlowKiss:

I was interested in this from an AI standpoint -- with the right product, one can create mirrors, run the right number of spiders at the right time of day, configure them to exhibit fairly accurate behavior... build complete make-believe worlds.

If anyone wants to "talk" to A.L.I.C.E. (or Captain Kirk or God), the Alice Foundation blog is an interesting site.

BTW, the Turing Test for measuring a machine's "intelligence" was named after the famed mathematician Alan Turing who is also an important figure in GLBT history.

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