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FCA Photo Tourney, Top 32...Round 12


Pick Your Favorite  

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  1. 1. Which of these two pictures is your favorite?

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Same here. Saw the first picture and I knew I would vote for #2 without knowing what it was. I never cared for that first picture. I love all the snowflake pictures. Love the darker, longer hair and that whole look he had going on. Too cute for words. Not a difficult choice for me either.

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To me, regardless of how many "other pix" might be available of one event, #2 wins over #1. His hair, happy smile and shining eyes do it for me.
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Not tough for me either LdyJ!

#2 all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I love the snowflake hair and while it's definitely not my favourite snowflake picture, it's still nice and I gotta vote against the still puffy jaw in #1. It just looks strange to me. Don't hit me. I do think that the suit and the tie in #1 were splendid though.

In spirit, I vote for yesterday's stubble picture over either of these! I wubs the stubble, eyes closed NAT picture. It's the bestest.


Yesterday's was the hardest pairing for me because I would have liked to have seen both of those in the top 5....and maybe top 3. I certainly love both of them better than some of the winnings in the other pairings. Sometimes 2 go up against each other have been nice or "ok" IMO but those two were both amazing pix. This tourney is kind of like a like a high-school pennant thing, where teams are randomly pitted against each other and 2 of the top teams can go up against each other early and 1 gets eliminated or sent to the B pennant and lesser teams can move on because the team that they were up against wasn't as "good".

Of course my opinion re: yesterday's 2 pictures and the GLAAD picture today is just my own and don't anybody yell at me, K? I'd have to go back and look at all of the pairings...(Could we have that ldyj? All of the pix posted in a thread back-to-back?)...but I think that yesterday's closed eyes NAT stubble picture would be my pick as my favourite of the whole tourney.

I'm assuming it lost? Cuz it was behind 3 or 4 votes about midnight. I'm too skeered to look, lol.

ETA: If sparky were here, she'd vote for #2 in a heart-beat. She loves the snowflake hair to the nth degree and strongly dislikes the GLAAD look due to the "weedwhacker hair" as she calls it, and the still puffy jaw.

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I knew that would kick your sick ass off of the couch!!! All it takes is a snowflake picture and she's heeeeeeeeealed, lol.


Seriously. I'm soooooooooooooo glad that you're back to feeling up to posting! :thbighug-1:

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I sent this out when I sent out the last email about the tourney, but the entire photo album is here. Anything marked with a "no" is out of the tourney.

Sorry, canfly, but your picture lost yesterday.

Yeah, this is a true random, 64 picture tourney. As I said in my emails about this (does no one read them? *g*), I pretty much randomly put the pictures in the photobucket account, and then had my husband draw numbers to set up the brackets. I swear on a stack of Rolling Stones that I've kept this tourney as fair and honest as possible.

Personally, I do think this one is tough, because I truly loved the GLAAD outfit, the haircut, even the damn jaw. But I also thought he looked great at the UNICEF thing too. *shrug*

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Yeah, I went to the main thread and I saw, lol.

Re: the emails...likely, I read as much as "photo tourney" and the admins had picked some random pix and vote for our favourite pictures and that's about as much info as I retained.

I got the important part didn't I, lol?

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