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FCA Photo Tourney, Top 32...Round 15


Pick Your Favorite  

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  1. 1. Which of these two pictures is your favorite?

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Not difficult for me at all. I picked #1. Love the look on his face, the clothes, and I was there at that show/concert. Don't care that much for #2.

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Oh yeaaaaaahhh #1 for me!! LUV that MAN at the MIKE!! Not that freckled, sweltering in the heat wearing a jacket, pretty boy Clay isn't fun to look at, but woah Mama, his LOOK in #1!!!


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Y'all do know, don't you, that I legally changed my middle name to "MicStand"? Yup, shore did.

Love the freckled face boy in #2...but not only do I :hubbahubba: the MAN in #1, I love all the changes that we now know happened for him between the time of those pics...and just the confidence and challenge in those eyes in #1.


Now if you'll excuse us, I do believe Clay is planning on moving those hands and we'd appreciate a little privacy.... :whistling-1:

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