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FCA Photo Tourney, Sweet 16...Round 2


Pick Your Favorite  

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  1. 1. Which of these two pictures is your favorite?

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Yesterday's winner was an "emotional" one. Today's choices are pure lust, IMO...and from the same damn photo shoot. Luck of the draw was a bitch in this one. Here are your choices:






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F___ a S___ P___!

In my freshman year at college the crazy women on my dorm hall cracked on all the cussing we were doing...so we started spewing words just to spew them...the ones that stuck were fuck a shit piss...

Heh...so whenever we wrote letters to each other (ah yes...letters...remember them? envelope? stamp? cute stationery?)...we'd write F.A.S.P. on the back of the envelope...

Anyway....that's what I thought of when I saw these two pics going 'head' to 'head' with each other. This one really IS too....er....hard.

#1--perfect hair, that LOOK!, furry arm in the sunlight, dark shirt tugged tightly across chest, loosened two-toned tie, perfect sideburns, the beginning of a trademark smirk, Gahhhhhhhhhh!

#2--good hair, eyes that have a secret to tell, open necked shirt with cool necklaces adorning pokey chest hairs, long thumbs (one sporting a suggestive ring) pointing the way (as if we needed directions!), gah jeans with the button straining against the motherlode


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first of all why are these two pictures up against each other....

one of the ones from yesterday should have been here... it would have been a much easier choice...

this is not fair....

love both pictures.... but I am voting #1

his eyes are piercing... and sexy as hell.... :flirtysmile3:

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This was quite a bit tougher than usual for me. I love both of these for different reasons. Love "the look" in #1 but #2 is the whole package( yeah, I know!). I love the whole look of #2. Love the pants, hands in pockets, open shirt. My choices hardly ever win.

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