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FCA Photo Tourney, Semi-Finals...Round 1


Pick Your Favorite  

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  1. 1. Which of these two pictures is your favorite?

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We're down to FOUR pictures! Wow. And, as many people have been saying, the choices are getting tougher and tougher. Here are the two pictures for today; one will be in the finals.






Please vote at the top of the page!

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This was sooooooo easy for me. I'm all for the hot piece of man in that first picture. Yes, I'm all for the UNICEF man, too....but this particular 'big-hearted Clay' picture doesn't tug at my heart like the ones of him with the long hair, all smiley, holding one child while a bunch of the kids are running around him. Now THAT pic would've made my vote tough big time.

As it is, slurp, drool and gurgle....it's #1 all the way, baybee!

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GOSH what a tough choice!! I let the shallow, gaga fan me override the good works admirer me, and I voted for #1, which was ahead at that point.

Here's an idea -- which doubtless someone else already said -- how about separate tourneys, one for hunky Clay and one for philanthropist Clay?

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Ok... not fair! This is getting h.a.r.d!!!

Actually, I was thinking about it the other day and maybe it would be fun to have several category contests, then pit the winner of each against each other. Maybe 32 from each so it doesn't take forever.

AI picture contest

IT picture contest

NAT picture contest

TV appearances picture contest

Gala picture contest

JBT picture contest

JNT picture contest

Out and about picture contest

Then we'd have a final 8 to get to the final winner.

I really enjoy starting my day with this contest and don't want to stop... can you tell??? LOL

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Yeah, that! ^ ^ ^

I wondered what would make me vote against the Unicef cutie. Guess now I know :wub: #1 is just too gorgeous.

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Don't think I can decide. It's usually pretty clear-cut for me, but this is a tough one. Can't do it.

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I didn't get this one in an email like I have been. I went looking for the email and found an old one and followed it through. Not sure why. I have really enjoyed checking this out every day. Getting so hard to really pick one over the other. Thanks for doing this. It's been fun in our down time.

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