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FCA Photo Tourney...The Finals!


Pick Your Favorite  

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  1. 1. Which of these two pictures is your favorite?

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Well, here we are. The finals. Fro 64 pictures to these last 2. It's been a long process -- we started this tourney in August! Here are your choices for today...






Two fantastic pictures, IMO. Please vote at the top of the page!

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I would campaign for my favorite, but we all know how well that worked out for me in the past. :cryingwlaughter:

This contest has been great fun and I have looked forward to voting every morning and to reading the comments on the pictures.


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Awww, MAN! I knew it would come down to these two and they are both wonderful. I have to go with my sentimental favourite though, even though the other one leaves me breathless.

Dang, he's gorgeous!! :wub:

And yes....thank you, ldyj, this has been lots of fun!!

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Thank you LadyJ for doing this. It was SOOOOO much fun and something to look forward to every morning. The daily committment from you..well all I can do is... :clap::clap: :04: :04:

Can't wait to see how our soon to be champion will stack up with future champions :whistling-1:

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Excellent top two! Both are perfection, but one has a little more of the sexy going for it so I had to vote for #1. Thank you so much for brightening my mornings LDYJ! I appreciate all the time you've spent on this. It was a blast!

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Now see...this is where I have to liken this contest to an athletic championship. If I may.....

In football the two best teams determine who the VERY best is--the SUPER BOWL CHAMPS--after playing only ONE game.

In basketball and baseball, there are multiple championship games to determine the winner.

These two pics deserve more than one day of voting. It can NOT be like football. It SHOULD be like baseball.

I then, you see, could vote for a different one each day! :)


I'm gonna have to go with #1. There's just too much goin' on in that pic to deny. I mean, c'mon! He's even got a nice flat surface behind him upon which to allow me to ravish him. In #2 he's thinking about it...thinking, thinking.....

Then...in #1 he's decided! He WANTS me! He REALLY wants me! :hubbahubba:

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#2 all of the way!

Just saw the results. :cry4:

I hear ya, Canfly, I voted for #2 myself. For me that pic is Baby when he was more of a baby pop star, but in that first bloom of fame. I love his eyelids and cheekbones, and the way he appears to be admiring his boots LOL

BIG applause and standing O to Ldyj!!

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I barely prefer #2, flat surface or not, muski. LOL

ldyj... THANKS!!! This has been soooo much fun every day. I so look forward to it and am going to miss it greatly!!!


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It's kind of funny. These two are so similar and they're also the final two!

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Two fantastic photos of a gorgeous man. How can there be a 'loser'???

At first glance it's almost hard to tell that they are the same person (to an outsider, I mean). But when you look at the lips *takes a moment* you can see that same little slightly-crooked upturn of the corners. He really does have a perfect mouth. When you can start with that, and then move on to the whole picture - my gosh, we are lucky, lucky fans. I'm so glad I *get* it.

I'm gonna vote for #2 just for old times sake, but I honestly don't care which one wins. It's like choosing between a million dollars worth of gold and a million dollars worth of diamonds. In the end, it's still a million dollars!

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How can there be a 'loser'???

Just me cuz I still can't stand his hair in number 1 and something about his eyes has always looked strange in that picture, so I'm likely the only person here who doesn't like that picture, lol. :cryingwlaughter:

(but the jeans and the shirt and jacket are nice)

I loved the other top 3 pictures and #2 is absolutely one of my all time favourite pictures of Clay. :wub:

Crap, my pic is canfly's so it's doomed.


Number 2 just looks more like Clay to me


plus it shows the whole length of him.


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