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    • Lots to look forward to. Clay being Clay. It's all good.
    • His heart's big enough for the whole world
    • Big heart, big feet, big......Man
    • Clay's going to sing. Life is good.
    • It's going to be the Summer of Clay
    • If Clay's happy, I'm happy. I don't care shit whether he rocks, sways, or jiggles.
    • What more could a girl (or guy) want?
    • Clay will sing, he'll sound great, and I'll be a happy camper.

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Wow, we just had a strong power surge that blacked out everything for a few minutes... hope everyone's ok!


good thing we had that thread from a year ago where we put all the color codes... if anyone's looking for codes, they're around here

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For MCWL and at least one of the other subsequent albums, he went to Osceola to do final fixes on stuff that was recorded elsewhere, so I think maybe that might be what he's doing there now. Post-production editing is one of their specialties advertised on their site. If the album is coming out early next year, it must be nearly finished by now. I do think LWLHD sounded better than a lot of his major label stuff, so I'm happy he's working with them, doing whatever he's doing.

Hi guys, was just reading/lurking (lol) and thought I would add that Clay used Osceola studios for ATDW as well.

from the blog of the N&O music critic, David Menconi, back on July 19, 2006:

As it happens, Clay has been working on his new album, the followup to 2003's "Measure of a Man." Dick Hodgin, partner/producer at Raleigh's Osceola Music, reports that Aiken was recently recording some vocal tracks at Osceola -- "And we got a keeper vocal on Sunday," Hodgin says. Still, I'd be surprised if an album emerged before 2007.

I really think Osceola is the place Clay goes to when he wants to be at home and still keep working.

...and while I'm here....Merry Christmas one and all!

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Just got back home from church about an hour ago. I played a handbell solo, which was fun. Then, hubby and I opened presents -- I got lots of DVD sets, which is great, plus accessories for my bicycle. Now, it's time for the umpteenth viewing of "A Christmas Story."

Tomorrow hubby and I are going to my brother's for a day or two. I'll be taking the laptop, and we're staying at a hotel, so I should be able to check in.

I just wanted to come here and wish all my friends here Merry Christmas! I love this place, and I love hanging with all of you!

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I'm interrupting the Christmas Eve celebration for a second. I thought you might like to see a photo of Joan. One of her friends emailed me four, and I added this one to the Carolina blog. She looks just the way I would imagine.



Have a wonderful Christmas. If I have learned anything the past two days from the outpouring at message boards and blogs, as well as emails from Joan's friends, that would be her wish for the Clay Nation.

In the Remembering One of Our Own thread of CV's Paint Shop Pro Forum, cindilu2 posted the most endearing graphic. I shared the message with a friend whose husband died last week: Do not mourn the absence of the flame. Celebrate how brightly it glowed.


Graphic by cindilu2

Merry Christmas Eve, FCA!


Caro :listen:

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Merry Christmas All!

Windy and raining here.

Lots to do this morning before we head to Emily's in a few hours.

37 Days until GFI!:yahoo:

Everyone have a great day!


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Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine!

Joyeux Noël à vous et vôtre de moi et du mien!

Frohe Weihnachten zu Ihnen und Ihre von mir und von der Grube!

¡Feliz Navidad a tu y la suya de mí y de mina!


I haven't wrapped any presents and my contribution to the family party is ice! A typical holiday for moi!

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Very sad news about Ashes. Very sudden too. She looks like a lovely person. May she rest in peace.


I am longing for more news about the new cd and what kind of music it will be. He certainly has travelled a lot recording it. Is it possible that Clay is his own EP this time? I was hoping that he had some very experienced, well known hip EP. As much as I love Clay sometimes he doesn't always show the best judgement as to what is best for his music and his career. (just my opinion)

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Graphic by Cotton

Merry Christmas to FCA!

The new Carolina blog -- Clay Aiken Sings of Christmas Joy -- extends holiday greetings, promotes "Merry Christmas With Love," and features seasonal graphics by Cotton, lindylo, and AmazingCA.

I right-clicked Cotton's banner from CV's Fine Arts Forum yesterday. Great minds must think alike because today it is also the board's Christmas Day headliner. :)

Thank you for your kind posts about Joan here and in the blogs. She is no doubt getting the biggest kick out of reading them. :hug:

Wishing you and yours peace, love, and all of the wonder of the season! star2.gif


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Merry Xmas and happy holidays to all.

I'm heading over to my sister's to watch the kids open their gifts..then come home and continue cooking. My sister invited us over..so that just means I cook at home and drag everything over there. The only benefit is that I don't have to clean up LOL.

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Merry Christmas!!!

My family has a Christmas tradition which I have ignored for the last 3 years but will be celebrating today. We always go to the movies on Christmas Day so in a little while we are off to see Avatar in 3D! I am so excited to see it.

No matter how you are celebrating, I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

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Merry Christmas to Friends Claying Around!!!




May all of you, your families and friends and Clay and all his family and friends have a fantabulous day/week/year!!!


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Hello, everybody! I wanted to drop in to say I wish you all a very happy holiday season with lots of love, laughter and warm hugs! My hubby, two daughters and I had a great Christmas morning and everybody was uber happy with our gifts. I'll get my mom from the nursing home later this afternoon to join us for our pot roast with carrots and rutabagas, mashed potatoes, Caesar salad and apple pie Christmas dinner. It's a laid back day for us.


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I wanna say something I like reading older Clay articles for nostalgia but, don't hurl tomatoes at me I just can't stand older article or posts from the same people who now hate Clay cause he did one thing wrong in thier minds or posted homophobic comments about him at his own board. I am so happy to be with awesome fans like ya'll (the ones who are still here and like Clay, non-internet or not) and not bandwagon fans who were obviously only there because he was the Idol of the month and then say "eww I used to like him, I was so young and stupid." or anti-fans who will hate him every time that Clay does something that he's not to do in their minds AKA step out their pedestals.

Wow, I am the queen of random convo.

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No tomatoes soulsista. But to be quite honest I don't know anyone who left. Of course that was a bad time in the Clay Nation, but it is water over the dam. 2010 will be the start of a new round of tours and cds. I prefer to look ahead to the good things we have to look forward to. JMO :shrug:

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^^I can't wait till 2010 too. I hope that year will be better Clay wise. And I hope I can go to my first concert or the people who set up the tours will help him go to the areas of the country where he has never set foot in. Or for the international fans, that they finally get to see him at some point preforming in their country.

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