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#56: Clay's going to sing. Life is good.


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  1. 1. What should be the next thread title at FCA?

    • A burgeoning roar of eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
    • Behold the Allure of Aiken!
    • Guys, it was just so, so, so good.
    • The man is a star and we saw him go super-nova.
    • Oh yeah, he really is just. that. good.
    • Shoot, I'm still suffering from post-concert giddiness, and I wasn't even freakin' there!
    • I really think it is now his time and yes it is about damn time!
    • And we love every minute of his many talents.

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From WinkatMe:

Clothing report


Light sport shirt pinkish with light tan linen sports jacket. Jeans and white sneakers. He is gorgeous!


Light gray or lavendar long sleeve knit polo shirt stripped in white, Curly hair!

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Via the CH:

merrieee stood next to Reed in the buffet line. He spoke to her and PerusingOne said, "have you tried the chicken? Here!" and gave them chicken! And possibly gravy. They were giggling so much it was hard to tell. I think they're smitten :)

Clay looks "lovely," wearing a light colored jacket. Kimye is "charmed."

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ETA he spoke about inclusion. He made a joke about seeing faces he sees every year, or sometimes even in his backyard or driving past his house. Groans from some fans in the audience. :cryingwlaughter: At the end he said he'd stop mumbling and passed the mic over to Jerry Aiken.

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Hee, they gave a shout out to Joe, the auctioneer from Raleigh. He isn't there, but they said that he and Clay together are entertainment all on their own, or something like that. ;)

First item: voice message greeting on your mobile phone. Starting bid online was $1000. Sold for $2500.

ETA: Weird, I never heard the auction for the wine.

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Clay is talking now - voice message for your phone - He'll sing!


Dinner with Clay - he's working the audience hard for this one. Looking for Jerome and he's not around.... Hee!

Clay's distinguishing between the golf side of the room and the crazy side of the room.

Clay will come to your town, unless you live in New Jersey because he doesn't like NJ. LOL! (I think he's teasing a fan he's seems to know)


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