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Magical Mystery Date March 12/2010 Post Breakfast


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Oops. ACL mentioned that she signed up. I thought she was going to be leaving early, so didn't think she'd be able to make it from what she said. Glad you two can come. I see that Scarlett and I aren't on "the list" for the breakfast.


I posted in the main thread that day that you said you'd look into breakfast, that both Scarlett and I were in for the breakfast but I never went hunting for a specific thread to officially sign us up. Mea culpa. Is there still room?


Both Scarlett and I are staying an extra day, if there are people staying who are interested in some supper thing on the Saturday, let me know.

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Also, I have an extra room at the Marriott for the 12th and 13th if anybody is arriving "day of" and wants the room, let me know before I cancel it. Somebody at CV was able to transfer my name to her reservation for the 11th, 12th and 13th. Before I cancel the one for the 12th & 13th I thought I'd ask if anybody here wants it?

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Can we meet at the Marriot at say 9:00am and walk to the restaurant I'was there when we went to the Gala but forget how to get there, I'am sure there is a group of people staying at Marriot that can go together. What does anyone else think?

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Evelyn, 2old4clay and anyone else wanting to meet to walk over....the restaurant is really easy to get to from the Marriott and Sheraton.

If you use the link I posted on P. 1, in the "contacts" section of the restaurant's website, there is a mapping feature. The Marriott is at the corner of E. Martin and Fayetteville streets. (Fayetteville is the main street that leads down to the capitol building); just walk straight east on Martin (across Fayetteville) 2 blocks to S. Blount St and turn left. The restaurant is about 1/2 block down on the left.

I think it's a great idea for a group to meet at the Marriott and walk over together!

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FromClaygary, can you please add one more guest for me and Cheri? Michelle Starks is going to be with us. So that should be, me, Cheri, Sammie, Terra & Michelle :)

ETA Oops, I thought we had Terra down already, but didn't see her listed...am I just missing her?


Sounds good! I'll add Michelle...it'll be good to see her...and Terra is there; she's still aiken4aiken etc, right? :)

PS...gotcha...champion - 1

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Gotcha all! There should be no problem with room. :)

Yay! The reply box is normal! Somebody fixed it! :thewave::thankyou:


Thanks for adding me but ya missed scarlett!

Scarlett and I are hanging out for another day... and I think maybe two... I haven't even booked a return flight yet... I could stay for March Break lol.

Is there anybody else staying, who wants to get together for a supper on Saturday night? Is there anything planned anywhere for that???

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