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2010 olympics

Couch Tomato

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Started a new thread since so many seem into.

I cried along with the Canadian skater last night. Wow, how emotional.

Rooting for the Korean girl. What a cutie pie. I don't know much about how to judge skaters officially...but I could just tell that she was the cream of the crop.

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Bringing this over from main:

Last night I could not keep my eyes open for the ladies freeskate at the Olympics. I am getting a cold, probably because I am sleep deprived. So I missed Yu-Na Kim and Mao Asada but I set my blackberrry alarm for the final flight. I could not believe Joannie Rochette's determination and focus in the face of tragedy. She was amazing last night and I was crying along with her in the kiss 'n cry.

couchie, Yu-Na is the Korean ladies champion, but she trains with Brian Orser in Toronto. If she can manage a gold medal win, it will be wonderful for Brian also, because he narrowly lost the gold to Brian Boitano back in 1988 at the Olympics, at what is now called "the battle of the Brians".

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Well one more day of Olympics and I can take back part of my life.

I really enoyed it.

Loved the Canadian Ice dancers tonight..their routine was fun. Everybody else thought they were still in competition.

My mom and I lauged a lot at the 4 man bobsleigh. Ansa and I were chatting and she was wondering what the 2 men in the back did. Well my mom only gave credit to the driver, saying you didn't even need to be in shape for that sport since you only had to run far enough to jump into the sled.

Loved the figure skating competitions.

Love the little cat fights in the skating and skiing and short track.

Apollo!!! and his dad!!!

My favorite competition remains the Swedes race for Gold and bronze in the Cross Country 30 KM pursuit. It was the most fascinating olympic event ever.

And tomorrow do we break Canada's heart and steal that gold medal in hockey? I might even watch...although I just could never get into the sport.

And finally -- NO MORE LINDSAY VONN. I won't have to see her face again until the next Olympics. Cuz seriously in America - all of these sports just disappear when the olympics are over.

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