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Biltmore Concert Series, Asheville, NC

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Talking about the last Asheville show...with the bats. LOL.

8 years since Clay and Ruben auditioned for AI. Talking about him hearing Ruben singing and thinking he would be going home. Clay and Quiana in the bar later ("She was trying to get me drunk, that's how she operates') and Ruben introduced himself. AT&T gave them phones, and they were the first exchanged phone numbers. Been brothers throughout this entire process. *sob*

Ruben doing Everything I Do, I Do It For You (fav song of both men)

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Ruben's taking a break. Clay's talking about the first time he heard him sing (on AI). Quiana tried to get him drunk.

Said he is his brother. Awwwww. What a sweet intro. These guys really do love each other.

Hmmm, Ruben is singing Everything I Do. Whoa!

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Missed one song -- but then La Vida Loca! EEEEEEEEEEE!

Next song is on the tip of my tongue....but I can't pull it out of my brain!

Look up ;-)

Wrapping things up.

I've Had The Time Of My Life.

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