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Hi! Well, I'm called roseviolet for no particular reason. I was trying to think up a screen name, but didn't want it to be Claycentric. Used to grow African violets. Hmmm. Violet. Shoot. Someone is already using violet. Dang. How about if I stuck the word 'rose' in front of it? Hey, it worked. Voila. roseviolet. I'm so lame.

I was pretty much hooked by Clay from the audition on. Didn't take me long to start searching for him on the web and immediately found him being discussed on a number of boards. I lurked at a number of boards and eventually found myself hanging around the Clay thread at TWoP for the most part. Moved along with them to the Clackhouse and now I pretty much split my time between there and Clayversity.

I'm finding the whole experience of being a fan rather interesting. It is not something I am inclined to do normally. At first I was just intrigued by him and loved his voice. Later on in the season I found myself becoming much more emotionally invested in him. When he lost the competition, I surprised myself by being devasted by the loss and was depressed for days. Now I'm just thrilled that he is doing so well and that he seems to be happy. I hope to hear him sing for a long time.

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Hello, hello, hello...

My name is ldyjocelyn. This is a shortened version of "Lady Jocelyn." I am also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a worldwide group that recreates the Middle Ages, and Lady Jocelyn is my "name" there. When I signed up for a Yahoo mail account, "ladyjocelyn" was already taken, so I took an "a" out. Little did I know that people would think I was then "Idyjocelyn." Heh.

Other interests are food and cooking (I love Alton Brown on the Food Network), all kinds of music (I play piano, and the flute, plus play recorders with my husband and two other friends), directing the handbell choir at my church, watching TV, and Star Trek.

I am a librarian, and just recently started a new job at a local community college.

When did I discover Clay? Sadly, I was not one whom he had at "take." I watched AI2 on and off for most of the season, but by the last few episodes, I was taping. However, I really didn't want to get "involved" with a reality show, and was in pure denial about Clay. Then the Anomaly hit. I felt like I was punched in the stomach for the next two days, and knew I needed to find out more about Clay. Quickly found my way to TWOP and the PRoC.

I've seen Clay at 1 AI2 show, 1 radio show (Santa Slam in Indianapolis), 2 IT shows, 5 NAT shows, 2 JNTs, and will be attending 3 JBTs.

Love meeting new fans!

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Hi everyone!!

My name is Lora - you can find me mostly at the Wild About Clay board - a small but very friendly, fun, and crazy place:WAC

I live in So. California and have a hubby who thinks I'm a nut with all my Clay mania and two girls who I drag along to concerts if and when he ever gets out to the WEST COAST (REMEMBER THE WEST COAST CLAY???)

I started watching AI2 after a friend mentioned it to me and that she was rooting for a skinny, red-headed, spiky-haired guy named Clay. I got hooked after he sang "I Could Not Ask For More."

I want to thank Ansa for so promptly posting our WAC pin design (and boy did the orders come in after that :o ) and even thinking to post the order closing without me asking her to (insert hug smiley here).

That pin page has been the best thing for us Clay fans - such a nice quick way to view all the available pins. Thanks to everyone who thought of that idea and for taking so much time to keep it updated!!! *insert flowers smiley!!*


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Hey there all :D Just dropped by for a quick hello,

I'm off to bed now, I've been sitting at this computer all day since 10 a.m. replying to hundreds of emails.

My butt and legs are numb,

Well I'll be back to see what's goiing on tomorrow.

Great site!

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Hello! Fdawg checking in ... watch the early clip of Clay at the water fountain with the big woofly dog and you'll know where the name arose! I have five furred children (4 dogs and 'Charlie the Attack Cat' who *thinks* he's a dog) and one 'winged' child. I love Sci Fi, especially Trek in *most* of its manifestations, S.Wars to a lesser degree and novels by Anne McCaffrey, as well as classic like Asimov, Bradbury and Herbert. I love all kinds of music ... but most of my time lately is claimed by that red-head who won me over at 'Take ..."! An original PRoCer, I just couldn't do the TWoP 'Our Collective Boyfriend' thing because my real TV Boyfriend, (Lieutenant Commander Worf) is very possessive! So I adopted The Kid as my TVNephew. Sing something by John Denver for your auntie, Kid

Waves to CynicalOne down below me on the page.

You should believe every word that she wrote! *g*

Edited by Fountaindawg
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YouStopRightNow here. I'm an admin at WMS, but, um... let's just say I get around. Heh.

I didn't join the boards until May 21st so I missed all the AI fun, but I could not tolerate never seeing Clay again, so I Googled... and the rest, as they say, is history.

I swear I chose my name because of Clay telling Ruben to stop crying, but there is no proof and nobody seems to recall the event. They all try to tell me my name is derived from the Rolling Stone article. But, it's not. Not that I'd be against that... :P If anyone ever finds a clip of Clay saying such a thing to Ruben, I'd be quite appreciative. :)

Anywho... I am a writing consultant for networking companies and work out of my home. I have 5 1/2 furry friends (5 of my own and the neighbors Golden who pretty much lives here!). I TRY to get work done in between all the board hopping I do. I have always been pretty social, but this takes the cake. I've never had so much fun and so many friends in my life.

I'm a pop-culture illiterate mostly, so this is highly abnormal. I know nothing about TV or radio or the entertainment business... I'd rather be outside. BUT, here I am, 2+ years later, still trying to pretend this is highly abnormal. LOL!

Great idea for a board, couchie and Ansa!

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Hey, a new place to play. Looks great! Thanks for using my favourite colour. *g*

As you can tell by the spelling, I'm Canadian. My home board is The Clackhouse but 'CynicalOne' originated at TWoP once I discovered the Clay thread there. Add me to the "he had me at 'take' group". When he first stepped out, I thought "Oh no, another geek who's going to make a fool of himself. Poor kid." But of course, we know what happened after that. I've had a blast traveling around following Clay and meeting some amazing new friends. I can't wait for this summer's fun to begin.

I'm not much of a writer so I'll probably stay a 'newbie' lurking around for a while. My forte is talking... and talking... and talking. Right, Fountaindawgie? *g*

Edited by CynicalOne
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I wish I could say he had me at "take" -- but we're huge West Wing and 24 fans and at the time didn't have TiVO (slap forehead). It seemed as if every week we'd flip to AI just in time to see Ryan chatting up Clay after his song. By the finale, we'd gotten TiVO and I think I wore it out watching BOTW. When it was over, I couldn't believe that was the last time I would see him and, like billions of others, I Googled him and voila! A world such as I never knew existed opened up and swallowed me whole.

There was the good -- so many choices! So much fun!

There was the bad -- WTF are those people talking about? And who has that much time on their hands to discuss such stoopid stuff?

There was the ugly -- weeks on end of staying up till 4 am clacking, going to work on 2 -3 hours of sleep, ignoring the spouse, having an intervention staged (I kid you not).

Now, I mainly hang out on one thread at the Clayboard -- safely hidden from all the madness, and I lurk religiously at the CH. Now that Jemock has a blog at the Oh-ffical Fansite, I visit daily. My threadmates at CB are dear friends and we are all meeting for a Dotapalooza in Cary in August. EEEEEE!

My interests are varied -- love to read, write and play outside. I live in paradise (San Diego) and right now am retired and laying around healing from foot and shoulder surgery (at the same time). At some point I will have to go back to making money. My hubby is in Iraq -- has been for a year, will be for another year -- so my clacking time is unlimited right now. I'll deal with the withdrawal when he gets home.

My passion is public speaking and teaching and I'm working on finding a way to do that full time on subjects that I find interesting. I also like to talk (can you tell?!)

Thanks CT for making this space and for FCA. I love it here.

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Hey, my name is bottlecap, and I have a few shameful admissions I need to get out of the way.

I watched Season One, and rooted for Guarini early on. I swear he wasn't always smarmy!

I have no memory of "Take". I started browsing TWOP, but I can't remember when. I did begin following the regular Clay thread at some point, but apparently didn't know the "Entertainment" thread existed.

I didn't vote at all until the finale. I thought I was too old to be dialing in like a teenager. Then I talked to a male co-worker who had been voting for Kimberley, so I decided it was okay for me to call in a few votes for Clay.

On finale night, I only voted for about a half an hour, and was getting in about 4 of every 5 attempts. This is what I feel the most guilty about, particularly when I read about so many of you trying to get through, unsuccessfully, for the whole two hour period. I guess I probably couldn't have made up the whole 130,000 vote difference myself [HA HA tm CHA].

I remained a regular lurker at TWOP, with occasional visits to the Clay Report, and Airplay Central. When the TITN video was released, I was following a link from TWOP, and somehow found the Clackhouse. I have lurked there complusively ever since. [by the way, Fountaindawg, do you know how frustrating it is for lurkers not to have access to what I can only assume are the hilarious pictures you post? Arrgh!!]

All this lurking was being done on the high-speed network at my job [nobody tell my boss!], until I finally got DSL at home, and bought a nifty new laptop this spring. Since I actually have a personal e-mail account, and all, I thought it was time to jump into posting. I'm finding TWOP all little too frustrating right now, I haven't quite figured out the navigation at Clayversity, and I haven't even tried to crack the wait list at the Clackhouse. This board seems the about right for me: I recognize some of the names from my Clackhouse lurking, and I'm generally angst-free about Clay.

Clay - I guess I should include something about him. I'm not a big traveller [translation: I'm lazy], so I haven't seen him in concert yet. When I opened the entertainment section of my local paper, and saw a concert ad, I let out an enormous shriek. Yadda, yadda, yadda - the end result is 4th row tickets to see him at the Toledo Zoo on August 16th. Can't wait!

I have succumbed to Pin fever way too much, and I blame this board for making it way too easy to Paypal my hard-earned funds all over North America. What, you expect me to take personal responsibility for my own actions? :P [by the way, when are the FCA pins going to be shipped?]

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Guest huskerfalcon

Hey, I'm huskerfalcon on most of the boards... except for RHT and the EZboards, where I'm ThereseP. I didn't know about using board names when I first registered on TTC back in April of '03.

I teach junior high kids, so my insanity is duly noted. I'm also a passionate reader... well, I was prior to Clay... and love Harry Potter, Dragonriders of Pern (waves at FDawg*), and Star Trek (*waves at ldyjocelyn*).

I first noticed Clay when he auditioned, and like the other person here, I thought "oh no... they're going to rip that goofy guy to shreds" until he opened his mouth to sing. Then my jaw hit the floor... I liked him, but hadn't given over to how much until Billy Joel night. Then the sexiness of Mr. Clay Aiken hit me with a ton of bricks. I got on the internet that night and googled his name.... and holy moly!!! I couldn't believe what I found!

After many veiled references to the "bad people" of PRoC, I looked around till I found them.... and discovered a whole new realm of creative, intelligent, snarky lovers of Clay. Amazing. When I first saw one of Churchmouse's skits, I was totally reeled in by this unique fandom.

I'm tha-rilled that couchie and ansa are starting this new forum... I hope it can be another home. I spend most of my time on CH and CV... so I'll just add FCA to the list!

And yes, those pins! Another unique thing about Clay Nation!!!

Edited by huskerfalcon
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Hi, I'm imaginaiken, and I'm an addict, but not a recovering one.

Yes, my screen name is rather "cutesy" and I keep saying I'm gonna do something about it. But, it's how Clay fans have come to know me over the past couple of years, for better or worse, and I'm just too damn lazy to start over. One of these days.....

I missed Clay's audition, was impressed with his singing in round 2, and was completely hooked at the wild card round. I liked several contestants on AI2, but it was all about Clay for me from the wild card on. I think I held my breath every week during judges comments and results shows.

I was devastated when Clay lost, just really couldn't believe it, but hadn't found the message boards yet. Thought life would go on, but I found myself obsessively checking Amazon and rewatching BOTW. About a month later I found the boards, starting with the Clayboard. I am or have been a member at many boards, including RHT where I found 43dudleyvilla's HDD thread, which I've followed until it became Clayversity. I consider Clayversity my home board, and I lurk as much as possible at the Clackhouse. Honestly? I need another board like another hole in the head, so I might mostly lurk. But this place looks very inviting, and with the cool people running this joint and signing up, well, how can I not sign up?

Yup, I'm an addict.

Edited by imaginaiken
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Hi everyone!

I'm ebird! I cut my fandom teeth at TWoP, spent some time around ezPRoC, and found the Clackhouse the first day or so that it opened, and have been there ever since!

I first discovered Clay when our local newspapers kept running stories about the "hometown boy" who was trying out for American Idol. I had missed the first season, but decided to take a peek to see what all the fuss was about. At first, Clay was like this darling little mouse like Fievel, and I thought he was cute as a bug. I just wanted to squeeze his little cheeks. And that VOICE! Good gravy.

Then, over time, I began to realize that he was seriously growing on me... I think Billy Joel night was the first night I realized he was a MAN and not some teeny, squishable woodland creature. And somewhere around BMUB time, I realized I was.. well... enamoured...

And here I am! I am a librarian at a local medical school library and in my spare time, my hubby and I travel and hike and do outdoorsy things. I also share a love for Harry Potter *waves at Fountaindawg and huskerfalcon* and was really into Star Trek *waves at huskerfalcon AGAIN and at ldyjocelyn* And probably the most important thing in my life at this particular moment is that DH and I are expecting our first child; a girl! I am 5.5 months pregnant, and I am sure I'll be quite the spectacle this summer!

And now I have a half blood prince waiting me... My two favorite nerds are baaack!!!! :P

Edited by ebird
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Do I have to do the introductory stuff? Harry is calling me. He needs me to finish his story. <g>

I caught on to Clay about halfway through the season (I had only been watching sporadically) and the attraction was instantaneous. My guilty confession is, however, that I saw the not-quite-a-snog (Harrrrrryyyyyyy) with Carmen which really got me going. He just looked...like he knew what he was doing. <g> I think there was drool on my chin. <g>

I case you couldn't tell, my other love is Harry Potter. I'll see you people in the book thread. <g> Well, and I have lots of other loves, but I'm not too chatty today. The book is calling me. Interestingly and not coincidentally, I'm not getting email from anyone. I think they're all reading. <g>

Ebirdy - I don't think Harry is quite the nerd anymore. <g> But then, I don't really believe Clay is either. Unless nerds are delicious. Which I guess they are. Oh, forget I said anything. <g>

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Waves to YSRN

BUT, here I am, 2+ years later, still trying to pretend this is highly abnormal.

Me to. I mean come on, how could I be obses....er enthuiastic about, lust fo....um admire, someone 1/2 my age.

I use almost the same name where ever I post. Either Neelie2 or NeelieB2. I'm not a big poster but I love Clayton's Place and I'm a newbie at The Clack House . The other boards I like are CV, WMS, ATC & CB. They have wonderful people at those boards too. It takes me so long just to catch up on one or two boards that it makes it almost impossible to post on many boards.

I watched AI2 from the start. During the auditions there was something about this skinny guy with the good voice that kept drawing me to him. It is truly like a moth to a flame. I wanted to see more of him than anyone else. There is no explanation for it; it wasn't just his voice that attracted me to him. There is something about him that is magnetic. I was so relieved when he was picked for the top 12. He had me at "Someone Else's Star" and I was totally "in lu..ahem...love" by the half-way home show. I didn't know what to think after the anomaly. I couldn't believe that we would never hear from him again, not with that voice. I never dreamed he would have what he has going on now though; CD's, TV shows, tours, BAF, Unicef. I am a fan/supporter for life on Mr. Aiken's Wild Ride. no smut intended*cough*no really.

Oh about me? Nothing interesting. I work full time, I live in Maryland (you do know that is why Clay tours the East Coast right? It's because he loves meeeeee!!) Separated from husband about 3 years ago so I don't have to worry about a non-understanding husband (yay me). My daughter thinks my Clay obsession is cute, but I do get some peculiar looks from my two sons who don't know what to make of it. I think all three of them think that I have lost my mind a little bit. Just for fun some day I should replace all their framed pictures in the house with pictures of Clay and just sit back with a serious face and watch their reaction. I like to read but since the boards take up alot of free time I haven't read a book in a long while. I've loved horror movies since I was a child. The only horror movie that scared the shi...stuff out of me was "The Exorcist". When I came home from seeing the movie my mother thought something bad had happened to me because she said I was as white as a ghost. That movie scared me so much that at 22 years old I slept with my mother, in her bed, for three weeks. I put a cross (gold necklace) around my neck and kept it on for years. I was actually afraid to take it off. That didn't stop me from continuing to watch scary movies though. I still watch and love them. Nothing since has scared me like that though. I have one spoiled rotten dog and one cat. I'm going to three JBTs and am very very excited about it.

no spell check? uh oh, I'm doomed.

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Hi, I am justanotherClayfan everywhere, because that's what I am!

I live in what I fondly, or not so fondly, call outer Not Clayland now, Western Canada, so I couldn't vote during AI2. But I watched every week. I was on vacation in Mexico, trying desperately to find somewhere to watch the final, but failed. I was going to try to hold off until I got home and could watch my tape but finally gave in and looked up who won on the internet at the hotel. I simply could not believe it. It felt like a kick in the stomach.

It wasn't until later that I went looking for other fans on the internet and my main base is the Yahoo group Aiken Breakin Broads, which is a fun group of ladies for sure. Lots of us are meeting up for the Indy concert. I also hang out a bit at the Clayboard and get most of my news from there. The Clayboard pin thread has been great! Also read at the Clackhouse quite often, but not a member there.

I work as a travel agent which has enabled me to travel quite a bit to see Clay, first in Seattle at the Jingle Bell Bash, then the IT in Raleigh. I saw 5 of the NAT shows, 2 JNTs and am planning 3 JBTs. Everyone at work and elsewhere thinks I am loony and treat me with kindness. My husband just sighs and hopes I am not spending toooo much money. Have to admit, I do think I have gone overboard on the pin thing!

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Hi everyone. I am buzztechie and I am an Clay Fan!

Clay had me from "Take". Yeah, I was one of those. I remember telling my friend during the Group 2 Auditions that I had a high school crush on the geeky boy with the good voice.

I am also a Clay concert addict. I cant even count the number of Clay concerts I have been to since the beginning, but I suspect I will top 30 for this upcoming tour.

I too love Harry Potter.

Nothin' much else to say about me.

Gald to be here. Take care everyone.

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My name is Chrysador which comes from Greek Mythology. (Chrysador was the daughter of Medusa, one of her twin daughters born from the blood of her head when it was chopped off. Chrysador was the good daughter who took her mother's rage and used it to do good things).

I love Clay Aiken.

I found out about Clay Aiken through radio. Weird, I know. Every morning after AI2, on my drives to school, the radio djs would talk about the skinny kid with the big voice. My curiosity finally peeked and I tuned in the second to the last program. I fell in love with his voice and his confidence. Everything else is just icing.....

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Hi, everyone. I am diamondjake2001 everywhere on the net. My name came from a need for a new email address & I'm not very creative. My husband had just given me a gift for our 20th anniversay. He was going to buy me a diamond but I chose a dog. He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Jake. And yes, it was in 2001.

My home board is Best of Clay, I post at Clackhouse and in the last 2 months Clayadelphians. Hubby & I moved to Philly last winter from Florida. Fortunately 3 hurricanes caused my insurance company to have to pay to remodel our house so we were able to sell it and buy a home here just north of Philly. I have 4 barely grown children. I have recently 'retired' from homeschooling all 4 of them through a private school in Florida. The youngest one graduated this year. I also worked for the school as a curriculum counselor & bookkeeper.

I don't remember exactly when I got hooked on Clay. I know that when I heard him sing Somewhere Out There I was intrigued. I went to the Fox website & watched the Jaded Journalist interviews. I love snarky Clay. I tend to be very cynical so I KNEW Clay wouldn't win but I knew he was too good to disappear. I had not even bought tickets to the AI2 tour until after pulling the first all-nighter in 20 years. That night was spent trying to download the "OMG OMG What is that move" video -sideways mind you-. The next day I bought tickets for 1 show. Then 2 days before that show I bought 2nd row tickets. (I had never heard of 'upgrading' for better seats & if you'd have told me a year before that I would do that I would have told you that you were nuts. That's absolutely crazy. Yep - That's what it is, but it's soooo necessary.) After that show I went to another one, then 4 IT, 7 NAT, 3 JNT & planning on 5 or 6 JBT. Clearly I’m over the top. Fortunately hubby is a wonderful supportive hubby. He likes that I have a new hobby & has attended most of the previous concerts with me. Though this tour he’ll only be at the last one with me.

I'm currently nuts over the pins. :D

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Hi, I am Carol alias MusicFan427. My user name is a combination of me being a big, big music fan of Clay and 427 is my BD.

I post at clayboard and TTC and a special section at the Josh Groban board dedicated to Clay. I am an older fan but very young at heart and can sing and dance at the concerts and have a blast whoohooing!!

I still have problems getting into Live Chat and Gallery here, not quite sure what to do, any suggestions appreciated.

I also do fundraising for The Bubel/Aiken Foundation and consider it a privilege and honor to do so.

:):) Smiles, Carol]

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Hi Everyone! I'm Clayed4ever on Bolt and Clayed4life on Rebels! I guess way back when I thought I needed a different name on each board! I post on Bolt, Rebels, Clayboard (a little) and the new Fan Club. Love our man! Live in Ohio and went to 12 concerts last year; signed up for 8 so far this year! Clay, you had me at "hello"! But I was pushed over the edge with "To Love Somebody"- goner, thudded and never recovered! Loving the pins! Loving the excitement! If anyone has any extra "Thud" pins, I'm lookin for two!


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Hi, my name is Joan and my board name is Cincy.....cuz I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio, where I am a proud grandma and legal assistant (notice my priorities there). I post on ClayAikenPleaseClickHere, the Clayboard, and the OFC. I recently joined a local group that meets monthly, SWOhioClayFriends

For fun, I like to go to river cities throughout Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky looking for Arts & Crafts era pottery.

I discovered Clay with Open Arms and could not believe he was eliminated. Then once he came back as America's wildcard choice, I voted for him each week. I have been fortunate to have seen him in concert three times and will see him again three times this summer....Columbus, Kettering and Indianapolis.

Shortly after the end of AI2, my grandson was diagnosed with autism. I really thank Clay for preparing me for this. Without the information I had on hand when our family found out, I doubt that I would have been able to fully appreciate this special gift from God. Autism and special needs have become very important to me, as is my work as a legal assistant where we represent people (including those with disabilities) who are discriminated against in the workforce.

This board looks great BTW! I am glad I saw the invitation to join!!!

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Rose3333 here. Never knew that a computer could be so much fun before

Clay. Don't consider myself the "typical" Clay fan. Whatever that is.? if you believe the 7 types of fans.

After AI found my way to the internet and have been here ever since.

I have met a very nice groups of friends (we get together for dinner and go to concerts). Our group has a wonderful time.

I work in an early childhood class and find that Clay has inspired me and others.

Clay has helped to bring awareness to the special needs child.

I like his voice just would like to see him dance a little more. Can dream can't I. :D

Edited by rose3333
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