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Silver Legacy Casino, Reno, NV

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I will be there with my friend CarolJean. I'll go to her home in Roseville and we'll drive up the day of the concert. Would LOVE a get-to-gether with friends. (Of course, we'll all be waving at each other at the venue!)

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For those going to Reno we were thinking of getting together after the show. How does that sound. They have a 24 hour cafe. The only issue is how busy is it after the show and would we be able to reserve tables. I'll call tomorrow to find out and then we can start to make a definitive plan.

Here's a menu


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couchie just talked to liney and she has scoped out a place for an FCA afterparty tonight!

Place: Gecko's BBQ in Circus Circus

Location: Next door to the Silver Legacy. There's a walkway to the place from Silver Legacy.

liney says if we meet by the two huge elephants next to Gecko's after the show, we'll be good to go!

Yummy BBQ and Yummy Clay! Life is good.

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Attending tonight's concert:

Reno, NV -- July 31


claylove +mama and +friend

couchie (+lurker friend +Mama Tomato)










wandacleo +friend

whatavoice +Mr. whatavoice

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Whew, so it isn't just me. I had to mute it--couldn't take it. Thought Linda Blair was a Claymate or something. :cryingwlaughter:

BWAH!!! That's the freakiest thing I've ever heard. Made me go lock my doors, lol.

It's back now (for the moment anyway)

Okay that's just wrong! DANG!

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Whew, so it isn't just me. I had to mute it--couldn't take it. Thought Linda Blair was a Claymate or something. :cryingwlaughter:

BWAH!!! That's the freakiest thing I've ever heard. Made me go lock my doors, lol.

It's back now (for the moment anyway)

Okay that's just wrong! DANG!

EW!!! - Linda's back. I think this is a sign. I'm going to give it some time and try again later if I'm still awake.

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I don't think I can listen to this. I'm starting to hear messages in there!


I know. It's too creepy. Reading at CV they are coming up with some interesting descriptions. Earphones off now, really. :cryingwlaughter:

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copingincalif at CV:
Hi y'all from Reno!

I'm not great at recaps so will just post this:

The Yellow Shirt is History! We got belted jeans!

Clay sounded great. No trouble on high notes. Ruben was terrific. Audience showed everyone even band the love.

I met Perma and we compared our hand Injuries hee hee

But loved being in 2nd row to see that man dance. He is getting skinny! Looked great as always.

Off to bed cuz got early flight and then in LA!

QUOTE (demeter @ Jul 31 2010, 10:58 PM)
After Concert Report:

deemer called... said the audience was great, really enjoyed it. She talked to a guy after the concert and she said "wasn't it fabulous?" and he said, "It was beyond fabulous!"

mentioned the hammer pants... shiny black, gold belt and chain hanging down... he was trying to hide the belt... Rube hadn't seen the outfit so he was really surprised, but he said the pants were actually pretty good.

Then when he took the hammer pants off, he also removed the jacket he was wearing with the pants, and the rest of the concert was Clay in his white button down shirt, tucked into his jeans.

Lots of clack tonight. Scarlett got everything.

Some drunks and Clay and Ruben made fun of them, then one of the drunks didn't make it through the show and Clay said "did you see how fast they took her seats? She was in front row.

Security didn't seem to crack down on anyone at all... the only problem might be obstructed view because the floor was flat.

Sorry about the cellcert. Verizon would not work and Dokie couldn't get a signal. I put my phone on the floor in front of me and I'm sorry it didn't work. I guess broadcasting from a dungeon doesn't work well.

I had a great time. Our seats were on the right so all of my Clack is from that side. I only have my netbook with me' date=' so I can't edit videos or work with my photos. I did use WMM to convert the hammer pants video and should be able to upload that tonight.

I was able to get one small file uploaded. Clay and Ruben talking to Alex.


wandacleo at CV:

Back from the concert (with a little detour for ice cream). OMG, what a great show! Little tidbits that I loved--when Clay was entering the stage and Ruben was leaving, they slapped hands The drunken lady--Alex--kept yelling out "I love you," and Ruben and Clay sort of just included her in the routine. At one point, Clay said something like "Drunk and funk" and was laughing. He asked us all to say happy birthday to Alex and asked her whom she came with. When she said her kids, Clay looked incredulous and said something like "You came with your kids!!" and then something about them needing therapy for that. (Sorry, I'm paraphrasing here!") At one point when he and Ruben were talking, and the woman was disrupting, Clay said, "Let me guess., you love me (or us)." After she finally left, Clay asked for a moment of silence for her and then teased the people who had run up and taken her seats. That woman interrupted them SO MANY times that at one point they forgot what they were talking about and Clay finally said, "Screw the script" and they just sang.

The best moment of the whole concert--I swear--was when Clay came out in the new Hammer outfit. It was so damn funny and he could hardly contain himself he was so pleased. Ruben apparently hadn't seen the outfit because he about split a gut. Clay had some kind of big satiny black jacket on and the most hideous black lame (as in lamay) pants with gold chains hanging and this indescribable gold belt. Clay said something like "Reno has great shops," since they must have purchased them there. OMG, he looked so funny I just about peed myself laughing. PLUS, he grabbed his crotch higher than usual, as in the real thing. OMG, funny.

The singing as always was great. Clay was pathetic as all get out (wrapped in a white blanket) whimpering, twitching, and moaning for the pastor and Ruben couldn't stop laughing.

Another time they both got to laughing was during the peaches and herb routine--you know, the "fruit and herb" just like us bit. Not sure why they got to laughing, but it was funny.

The whole evening just flew by and I'd be sobbing now that it's over except that I'll see it again in NY.

Little note: I noticed that Clay pretty much stayed in character and in focus all night, but a few times Ruben was sort of staring off while singing--just momentary lapses. However, I thought Ruben was great--loved his voice and loved the connection. The two guys really seemed to be having a good time--well, everyone on stage, actually.

Lots of men in the audience, and at the end I looked around and could see lots of them up, grinning, clapping, singing along and having a good time. The place was packed with people. We had great seats in the 4th row, so I was blessed. .

texwriter at CV:

Just back from the concert. It was completely full with more men than I've ever seen at a Clay concert. The crowd was very into it, but not to the extent of getting up and dancing like they did in Clearwater. As you probably heard, there was one lady in the front row who immediately got C & R's attention. She was wearing a black & white striped top, so I'm going to refer to her as zebra lady. She told them over and over that it was her birthday and that she loved them. Zebra lady stood up and danced (all by herself) through about half the show. I was sitting at the end of her row, and was thinking that the people behind her were probably really disgusted with her blocking the view. The boys did get a lot of mileage out of kidding her. Clay said the sad thing was that she would probably never remember a thing in the morning. He asked her who she'd come with and she pointed out her children, sitting apart from her. He said it would probably take them years of therapy to get over this night. I saw her leaving during one of Ruben's slow songs and she never came back. I just hope she made it to her room before she passed out because she told Clay that she'd been celebrating since 12:00 a.m. She was reallllllly drunk!

Clay has a new outfit for the 90's that even Ruben hadn't seen. It was a black zippered jacket with an elastic waist and these SHINY black hammer pants that looked like they were made out of black plastic (picture a garbage bag) There was a gold chain hanging from under the jacket. Ruben completely lost it when he saw Clay's outfit, then Clay pulled up the jacket to reveal this 4" wide gold belt that the chain was hanging from, and Ruben lost it again. Clay proceeds to turn around and flash his belt to all of the band members because he was so proud of his "bling". It was hysterical. I think a lot of the audience members were NJU and they were very responsive to the humor and the vocal abilities of everyone. Security was very attentive to what was going on and I did see them approach a few people with flash cameras. Not sure if anyone had to leave because I was in the first row. It was a really good show, and my DH said he'd never heard Ruben sound better. (He thinks Clay always sounds great!) I do think Ruben's improved a lot since AI. I also think that being around Clay has made him stretch a bit, which he never had to do during idol, because they were always praising him.


Forgot to add that at one point Clay said zebra lady was "ducking frunk", which also cracked Ruben up and got a drum roll from Felix. Felix was doing so many drum rolls during Ruben's preacher routine, that Ruben said "Felix, you're gettin' on my nerves with those drum rolls, cut it out." :lol

from kristie_rainbowgirl at CV:

Meet N Greet report:

Meet n greet was fun! Got a pretty picture signed. There was time for about 1 question or comment per person. He definitely knows how to keep the conversation rolling. If I was him I'd have all kinds of awkward silences haha. Talked about where we were from, the weather, how he loves... well, I can't remember if it was Portland or Seattle (bad fan!) lol. We were talking about dry heat vs humid heat. It's dry in UT, says he can wear a sweatshirt in dry heat. Humid heat is the worst, can't stand it. He asked me how I handle the heat in Utah, I told him I use my Air Conditioner haha.

Talked the the PBS specials, where they were airing, which cities had concert dates associated with them - but I think you guys mostly know that stuff already. If not I can't remember any new dates. He mentioned Denver as a possible concert stop and I'm not sure if that was already mentioned on the boards (bad fan lol)...

He said we'd get emailed all 5 photos taken at this meetngreet, since it was easier for them to mail them out that way, instead of trying to figure out which person belongs to which screen name. I hope it comes SOOON! My version of the word soon, not Clay's lol.

Well, my concert is already seating. I'm going to hop down there.


They teased the intoxicated BIRTHDAY lady throughout the show. She kept saying she loved them. They made a bet that she wouldn't make it through the show. Sure enough, she ended up being escorted out, slowly, by someone (like a relative or friend or something, not security I don't think lol). She kept wobbling and stopping. So it made it even funnier because they knew she wasn't going to make it to the end of the show.

I was so happy that he wasn't wearing that yellow shirt. He looked great in his jeans/white button up shirt/belt. Even better in the new 90s getup. Black parachute pants, gold flashy belt, gold chains. Black zipper jacket. Looked ridiculous in the best way.

I can't remember everything all at once. It keeps coming back to me in pieces. But I do remember LOVING "Still the One." I could listen to him sing that forever. I thought he was AMAZING on "Footloose." I hadn't heard him sing it before.

Maybe I'll think of more later. =D


Couple more meetngreet tidbits before I forget. So while Clay was talking to us, he looked down at his jeans. They were frayed at the bottom. He ripped off a piece that was dangling too much from the ankle/cuff of his jeans lol. I almost reached out to get it from him but I stopped myself haha. So Clay.

He signed my photo "Kristie - Stay True, Clay Aiken"

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