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Mountain View Plaza Casino, Snoqualmie, WA

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Whew, well I pinned the last concert's thread and unpinned this one early, but then I completely about the cellcert! :cryingwlaughter: I have a good excuse, I was unpacking. I worked so hard to pack and get here I kind of forgotten about how I now have to unpack, so I was deeply into it tonight. :cryingwlaughter: Thank you cindilu for putting a link in the main thread, so that ldyj doesn't kill me for forgetting. :hug:

Looks like I picked a good night to forget. Sorry I missed hanging out with you guys though.

Clay was going to get raunchy eh? I really hope we get some reports on that.

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From Can'tExplainIt at the CB:

West Coast person here so I will file a report tonight. This was my first Clay concert, so very exciting just because of that. And third row seats!! And on "Clay's side" of the stage!!! Everyone was in great voice and having fun. A few special Snoqualmie moments:

Black-and-white striped socks for Clay.

The venue is outside so the sun was still up when the show started. The middle section of the audience was in the sun and having to shield their eyes. Ruben said, "We'll call them the sunglass section." Clay said, "What time does the sun go down here?" Someone called out, and Clay said, "They want us to stand here and block the sun for them." So Ruben moved over a bit and Clay said, "A Ruben eclipse." Later Ruben went to call out to the sunglass section again but noticed they were in the shade now. He said, "What happened?" Clay said, "God is good, Ruben."

A couple came in a bit late and Ruben called them out saying, "Hey, gray dress lady." Hey, long-haired man." Clay teased them about thinking the show started at 8:00 instead of 7:00 and not checking their tickets. He said, "Did you even pay for your tickets?" Apparently the man said something about he was on the Tribal Council, and that made Clay and Ruben speechless for a bit. (The casino is owned by the Snoqualmie tribe; most of the casinos in the area are owned by Native American tribes.)

Clay said the nice thing about doing the show at a casino was that everyone was over 21. "So we're going to be a little raunchy."

Clay was talking about how nice the weather was tonight. He said, "We did a show a couple weeks ago... Well, it seems like a couple weeks but it was only a few days ago. Anyway, we did a show in North Carolina and it was 175!" He then talked about how beautiful the area around here is and Ruben said, "Look at all the Christmas trees, Clay!"

Early in the show a woman called out something and Ruben said, "Who was that?" Everyone pointed at her and Ruben called her "blue shirt lady."

At one point Ruben noticed a woman killing a mosquito. He demonstrated how she held her hands out to clap and waited for the perfect moment to get the mosquito. Later a mosquito was buzzing Clay and he "assumed the position" to try and get it. Ruben said they would have to have that woman come up and show them how it's done.

During Ruben's speech leading up to the Marvin Gaye songs, when he's talking about the Gulf crisis and the war in Afghanistan, a loud truck went by. (The entrance/exit to the casino runs right alongside the venue. When the music is playing you don't notice it, but when Ruben was talking the truck was loud.) Ruben stopped, and Clay yelled at the street, "We're trying to do a show here!"

When they were talking about how so many famous duos are different, like Peaches and Herb, Clay said, "How are they different?" Ruben said, "One's a fruit and one's an herb." Clay said, "Kind of like us." Then they got to the part where Clay said Ruben can be like Luther Vandross and Ruben started to say, "And you can be..." and then a woman yelled out "Barry Manilow!" Ruben said, "Who was that? Was that blue shirt lady?" He told her to come up there. She hesitated and Clay said, "If Ruben says to come up here you better come up." So she went to the front of the stage. Ruben said, "Turn around and face the class. Repeat after me. 'I (state your name)'" She said, "I (and she said her screen name which included "Claymate"). Ruben said, "Not your log-in name. Your real name." He made her say, "I will not steal Ruben's lines anymore." Clay was chuckling a lot at the way Ruben handled this. And then she got rewarded with an autographed t-shirt!!!

After singing September to close out the 70s segment, during which they dance through the whole thing, Clay said, "We should have recorded that" (instead of trying to sing it live and dance at the same time).

The Preacher/lack-of-rhythmitis segment continues to develop. Ruben came out in a white robe. Clay had a hard time keeping from laughing through most of it.

During When I See You Smile, a helicopter fly right over the venue and Clay raised his arm and sang to it.

When Clay came out for the 90s segment, he didn't have his Hammer pants on, but instead had his jeans on with one leg rolled up. Ruben said, "Why are you wearing your jeans like that?" Clay said, "Didn't you wear your jeans like this in the 90s?" Ruben told him he looked like he was going fly fishing. Then Clay explained that he did this because he didn't have his Hammer pants because when he threw them into the audience at the last show he thought he had two pairs.

Towards the end of the show, Clay and Ruben were joking with several people who were drinking quite a bit. A couple woman had made a trip out to get more Bud Lights and they were asking them how many they'd had (5? 7?) Clay and Ruben even talked a bit like they were drunk. Then a few woman went up to the stage and were talking to them. Ruben said, "You helped her through menopause, Clay." Apparently that's really what she said because Clay was laughing but also looked a bit mortified and said, "That's really what she said." Security had to get involved again.

I really like the 80s segment--lots of fun songs and Clay in great voice on Africa and Alone, plus fun songs like Eye of the Tiger, If This Is It, and Footloose. Also love More Than a Feeling! I like the opening too when they both sing their Idol songs, and I've Had the Time of My Life to close the show. They really have fun with that. I'll also mention that the opening of the show--before they come out on stage is funny. A recorded voice gives a big introduction about "7 years ago two singers met in a singing competition. Now the two legends meet again in a death match..." I can't remember all the words but it's very dramatic with the Star Wars theme or something playing.

It was a wonderful show! I've finally seen Clay and Quiana and Jerome live and in person!

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