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Potawatomi Bingo Casino, Milwaukee, WI

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God, I can't wait for Still The One in person. :wub:

It was a highlight for me. You're gonna love it!!!!

I think I lost my earlier post, but someone yelled out, "I love you, Quiana" and Clay said, "Oh good, a drunken lesbian" and it went on from there.

I can't make out a word of what Ruben is saying, other than he's getting ready to sing Marvin Gaye. I adored Marvin Gaye, and I thought this was Ruben's weakest performance. However, I thought he was fabulous on Superstar on Saturday night anyway. I hung on every note he sang. It was beautiful. The Marvin was just pedestrian for me. The Sam Cooke was superlative!

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Quite a few of the CVers are up in arms because Clay came out in wrinkled pants tonight and they find no excuse for that. The inimitable wandacleo said, ahem:

What exactly was he DOING when he wrinkled those pants.

That's what I want to know.

I love her.

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2old4Clay from CV:

At the beginning of the show a woman was shouting out to them and Ruben said turn on the house lights, she was in one of the booths, so she walked forward to the steps and said I'm a lesbian and I'm in love with a gay man!...Clay just stopped and looked at her, and said 'you're a lesbian' then paused and said...we can't do anything for each other".

As far as Clay's wrinkled pants, he has worn this suit before, from what I can tell it looks like a black summer suit of polished cotton. The material looks very stiff and even the jacket wrinkles at the bend of the arms. An iron won't help it out, it's the material.

During the duet with Casey where she gets really close to him, at the end he just leaned into her and kissed her, not a peck, but a short kiss, he was quite smug about it and just stared into her eyes for a moment.

He also must have read the article by that Ben because he mentioned several times that there were too many rim shots, every time that Felix would hit one.

KaTu from CV:

Clay and Ruben must have had extra wheaties today, because they changed up a bit of their banter and shenanigans.

When they were doing the stool schtick, Ruben kind of picked Clay up and put him on the small stool. Guess he was tired of waiting for Clay to offer to switch.

Clay's kissing Casey was cute. They must have some kind of running joke about it because when they were going back across the stage, Casey backwards, Clay with his arm around her waist, she was kind of making a small effort to dodge it. When he kissed her he had the cutest sh#t eating grin on his face. I think he must have won the bet.

Rev. Studdard was serious tonite, he had his glasses on.

I thought the crowd was very good. Not a quiet crowd. Lots of clapping and cheering and swaying arms. Pretty good for a smaller venue. The smallness also seemed like they were right in your lap. I was first row balcony and I could see their faces perfectly.

I do not know if anyone was taping. I saw two flashes.

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