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Caesar's Windsor Casino, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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My concert buddy and I might be interested. When you have some details let me know. Not sure of our arrival time that day but can try to work around plans. When you know any details post them so I can give you a firm answer.

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Great minds think alike! And I know you know the corollary to that :lol:

Apparently there is more than one party being planned tentatively for Windsor....and I know we'd all love to be together, not in separate locations....so I will NOT be proceeding further with plans for a preparty. Please check with the Clayboard for further information on preparty plans for Windsor...

I apologize, I am NOT a member there, so I don't have a link. If someone is and could bring it over, that would be awesome.

Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm!

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Clayitagain at the CB has been (somewhat) successful in obtaining a location for our preparty; the Market Buffet right at Caesar's Windsor has suggested that if we can be there right at 4:00 PM, there should be no problem with room for our entire group.

The invitation and information is HERE. You may need to click on "I'm not Lori" above the response box. :lol:

If you are planning on attending, your response for a headcount would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


The Market Buffet has accepted a reservation for us!! :twinklewhore:

Apparently there are several Claygroups that wanted to do this....and one Ruben fangroup! :)

So....our reservation is for the CLAYNADIANS

This should be a great time! Regardless of the reservation group...I'm sure we'll likely be able to mix and mingle...:)

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For anyone who didn't make it to the Windsor show in August the pictures of the outside of the Casino DOES NOT do it justice. The waterfall is gorgeous.

I had a blast that evening.

Once again Clay lost his microphone ...in his "drawers". :whistling-1:

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