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Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, IN

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laughn and I are talking about going to this one, but we're not sure yet. It may depend on what kind of tickets we pull up.

Some good information on this venue from PoisonIvy at CV:

I stopped by the casino and The Venue today to ask questions and get a feel for things. There is a presale for American Express cardholders. So far, no other presales... but IMO, that doesn't rule out an OFC one. I forgot to ask prices.

You must be 21 to attend. To get to The Venue, you walk through the casino. Smoking is allowed in the casino, so if you are sensitive plan accordingly. I sure hope it's not allowed in The Venue. Once through the entrance, you either go all the way to the left and then up an escalator or further back, to the right, and up a different escalator. There is a sign in the lobby of The Venue that states that audio and video equipment, among other items, is not allowed. We'll see if that holds true; I didn't ask if they'll be allowed for this concert.

Parking is free if you use the self-parking garage. There are five levels. There is also valet parking available; I'm not sure of prices, but I think it is free, $7, or $10, depending upon your Total Rewards (Horseshoe's rewards club) level. There is also a parking area for buses; if anyone is thinking of chartering a van or bus to get there, you may want to look into that. The garage entrance, at least where I parked, is just an elevator ride and a short walk to the casino itself.

Adjacent to the casino are several restaurants, including a buffet, deli, and steakhouse. I think there are four total.

About four or five miles south of the casino are a Ramada Inn, a Super 8, and I think a Comfort Inn. They're together and there are a couple of restaurants (KFC and Aurelio's Pizza, the latter being one of a well-known local chain I really like) nearby, but I wouldn't recommend walking outside the hotels. The area around them is somewhat isolated and industrial and while it's not the worst part of town, it's also not the best.

I called the Hammond Indiana Horseshoe Casino to ask about hotel accomodations. The woman I spoke to said they recommended the Ramada Inn. It looks like it's about 5 miles away from the venue.


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If I can find anyone from this area who wants to join me for the drive, etc, I am thinking of coming to this one as well. It's a Friday! And looks like about the same distance as Merrillville, which we've done a time or two before. ;) Thanks for the info, bottlecap.

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I'm trying to find out both where the American Express pre-sale tickets will be sold - AND where the regular sale will be. I've been to the Horseshoe Casino, Hammond site - they don't even have Clay listed there. Color me confused!! Help??


Mary Ruth

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From cincy at CV:

For Hammond, tickets go on sale at Ticketmaster and at the venue (at box office or by phone)for American Express members and Horseshoe members on Wednesday, April 21st and then to the general public on Friday the 23rd. You will need passwords for the presales. The American Express one is the number on the back of your card and the one for the casino itself is one given to its "members"...which I assume is its Total Rewards members.

The concert is still listed at TM as Jukebox Tour.

Late last night or early this morning, they changed the date from April 14th to April 21st for the presale. So just to be on the safe side, check Ticketmaster again tomorrow morning. I'd also be sure to check under both "Jukebox Tour" and "Clay Aiken" in case they change this.

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Via the CH:

New updated information in regards to the ticket sale per the The Venue Box Office:

The new sale date is, wait for it, Friday, April 30th at noon. The American Express presale is Wednesday, April 28th (or any other presale).

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Thank you so much, Idyjocelyn, for the update on the ticket sale date change. I got a little frantic when I went to the ticketmaster site this morning and the Hammond IN venue was not listed...WHAT!!?? I knew I could rely on someone at FCA to have an answer. Thanks again. **mwuah**


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After reading the reviews of the Ramada Inn that the venue recommended, we reconsidered staying there.

Instead, my group has made reservations at the Hampton Inn in Munster. Google maps says it's about 10 miles away, but it's a straight shot up Calumet Avenue to the venue.


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