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Exclusive Chicago PBS Show


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Ame Boutique Hotel

I'm staying at the Ame Boutique Hotel--a bed and breakfast right around the corner. $150/night. The lady said someone else from CA also booked a room for the concert. It's a small place, but looks very nice. Big old house. Breakfast included. I wanted something within walking distance. I'm arriving Wednesday and leaving Friday. I figure I'll be standing in line all day Thursday--LOL.

ETA: The owner, a nice lady, said there was a wine bar right close.

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I'm making plans to go to the concert in Chicago and I'm looking for a place to stay for 2 nights Oct 13th and 14th. I have a group that is flying in too but they are already full in their rooms at the Belden-Stratford and we are planning to hang out together and it would much more convenient to be at the same hotel. It would also be easier to find a ride from the airport and back. Thanks in advance. Or if someone is staying at another hotel walking distance to the Belden I could manage that.

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So where is everyone staying? I see that wandacleo got a room in a B&B close to the venue. I don't have a room yet, but was planning on using PriceLine this weekend to get that set up for hubby and I. I'm probably looking at getting something in downtown/Loop area and then taking a taxi to and from the show.

Do we want to try to do something before the show, or would after be better? Again, I'm not sure what's around there, but can ask PA for recommendations.

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I saw some discussion on Main about whether people were going to line up or not line up for this GA concert......did we ever reach a consensus about when to meet? I have finally decided to come to Chicago and will be arriving Wednesday evening, then flying to Raleigh early Friday morning. I'd rather meet sometime before the show, just because many of us will need to be up early to catch flights. But I'll go with the flow, whatever everyone else decides to do.

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First of all, EEEEEEEEEEEEEE for luckiest coming to Chicago!

I don't think anything has been decided yet. Part of it, for me, is that I talked to Pink Armchair when I was at the Hammond show, and she was trying to find out if the Park West was going to allow camping out in front of the venue. As far as I know, she hasn't heard yet. I personally won't be getting into Chicago until about 3:00 that afternoon anyway. I'm kind of hoping that I'll be able to get a Chicago deep-dish pizza before (or after) the show! I do understand, though, that people will be wanting to leave early the next morning!

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I'll be there!!! Flying in about 8:30pm on Wednesday night and staying at the Belden Stratford. I have Allclaylong staying with me on Thursday night but I'm all, all alooooooooooooooooone for Wednesday night in a suite with 2 queen beds. I knew luckiest1 was staying at the Days Inn, so didn't think to ask if she'd wanna switch over and can't work anyhow cuz lauraq said it's 3 in their room and with ACL on Thursday night, that's 5 and only 2 beds.

Anybody know 1 or 2 people who are at another hotel who would like to switch over to the belden stratford to be closer to the venue? Not 100% on the room cost for thursday cuz my email doesn't say but Wed was $198 plus tax.

Fromclaygary and I are hoping to find a bite to eat after I get to the hotel.

Anybody else getting in late on Wed night, who'd want to share a taxi with me from the airport to the hotel?

Anybody at the Belden Stratford on the united 8:33am flight to RDU who'd wanna share a taxi with me to the airport?


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Okay...here's some info about Thursday...

1. The weather -- I'd wear layers. Park West is close to the lake, which tends to be cooler (especially at night) than other parts of the city. So if the forecast is 67 and sunny, it could be as much as 10 degrees cooler there. Or not. Be prepared for anything from high 60s to high 40s and you should be fine.

2. The line -- I had originally thought there was going to be a separate line for people with booths reserved. But it looks like that is not going to be the case. Just one line. But not to worry -- if are in it when the doors open and seating begins, it moves quickly and you won't be in it for long. (I know this from my personal experience.)

3. The reserved booths -- From what I've heard, the venue is labeling the booths with people's names and you'll be able to find yours. If they don't end up doing it that way, tell the usher you have one (not sure how this will work but I think it will be obvious). Also, Clay's people reserved some booths that they will undoubtedly release, so they might shift people around a little, or save them for NJU folks.

4. What time? -- As I posted above, you might want to get there by 6:30 to get situated, order your drinks and socialize before the show starts, since they tend to want to clear the room fairly quickly afterward.

5. I.D. -- I don't know if they'll do this the night you're there, but as you come in the door, you might be carded just to make sure you're of legal age to drink alcohol. (Yeah, I know...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) Just make sure you have an I.D. with you if you want to drink -- they'll give you a wristband. This being a special performance, they might not do this, but I figured you might as well be prepared.

6. Ticket -- If you forget your ticket or, God forbid, it never came in the mail, I think the box office has a list. I will check on that, but that's another reason to bring your I.D.

7. A special request -- if you happen to chat up any NJU people in line or inside the venue, if you could keep the whole "booth reservation" thing to yourself, I'd appreciate it. Much as I wanted to, there was no way I could extend that offer to them as well (not having access to their information), and it would be nice if they didn't feel discriminated against. All the seats are good, so they'll be very happy with where they end up, I'm sure.

That's it! Some of the above may not work exactly as I've outlined (it seems to keep evolving), so some flexibility will be much appreciated! We're just trying to make it the best experience possible for everybody. It's going to be a great show! Looking forward to seeing you there.

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