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#59: Forget life -- It's CLAY time!


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  1. 1. What should be the next thread title at FCA?

    • My life has been so enriched by knowing this Clay Aiken guy!
    • I love Clay !! Forever and ever !
    • It's About Damn Time for the Spaghetti & Meatball Show.
    • Let's do it again, girls!
    • Clay is hilarious and lickable at the same time
    • I l.o.v.e. my hawt humanatarianactivistsingersongwriterambassador boyfriend
    • Brad Pitt, Johnny Dep move over, way over, here comes Clay.
    • It's always like the first date all over again with Clay, and I always end up falling in love.
    • Whoever shrunk those jeans... thank you!
    • He branded me for life.
    • Clay Aiken: I am me.

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EEEEEEEEEE! Love that Clay is getting to push UNICEF this Halloween!

EEEEEEEEEEE! Love that Clay is going to be articulate (and look good in the process) on my TV tonight!


Need some help please! I need the dates and places of all the PBS appearances where Clay was live in the studio. I have: Chicago, June 12; Houston, September 8; and Raleigh, September 11. Are there any others?


And while we're waiting...vote in the thread title poll above! LOTS of choices!

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Since I'm the only one who voted so far, my choice is at 100%. Woo Hoo! :P

Clay was in the studio for San Francisco - my Clack is labeled 8/2/10. Atlanta - 7/31/10. Whether he was actually live for those shows, I don't remember, but he was physically in the studios, as opposed to being filmed in NYC with various PBS hosts.

ETA: I see goldarngirl down below - she should be able to answer your question, ldyj.

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EEEEEEEEEEE! He's looking good, and he's so damn intelligent.

For the record, I recognize the shirt/tie combo right away -- it's the 2006 AMA shirt/tie, without the tux.

Can't wait for the rest of the interview....

He's done. They talked about the use of the word "gay" as a negative, and it was very thoughtful. Very nice interview, I can't wait to see it again. Oh, and Joy mentioned the TnT tour at the end! EEEEEEE!

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Well how cool was that? He is so articulate and smart, I love to listen to him speak. So glad I got the channel. And now I am off to bed to catch up on more sleep!

ETA: Hee, yeah, I was applauding when she plugged the tour! Wheeeeeeee!

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Pepsi Refresh Project Links

TNIP Direct Link on the Pepsi site


From your mobile phone:

Text* 102308 to

Pepsi (73774)

Alternative link for voting if you have problems with the direct link:

The National Inclusion Project's website has a voting pop-up


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41 Days until Clay's Birthday!


Happy Birthday to all celebrating!

Everyone have a great day!


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I'm wearing purple today too. :) Purple shirt, purple socks. And I noticed just this afternoon that my FB photo is of me in purple then too! It's my favorite color so I had plenty to choose from...and I'm happy to participate in this day of awareness. :)

I went out to buy cards to send to a couple friends walking the 3-Day in Ft. Worth in a couple weeks. They need some big encouragement.

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The new Carolina On My Mind blog is about Clay's advocacy for inclusion, UNICEF, and gay rights, all in the past five days. Tuesday one of my 8th grade piano students (one of the composers I featured this summer) gave his teacher a lesson in texting; and I text-voted for the first time on my ancient cell phone then and there. The story is in the blog. :)

My avatar at Facebook went purple to commemorate today's Human Rights Campaign.

Thank you for your blog visits/comments/tweets/etc. :wub:

Have a great rest of the week, all! :twinklewhore:

Caro :listen:

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The new "Clay Aiken Essential" on iTunes. Pretty damn cool!

"Singer" seems too slim a description to truly cover Clay Aiken's larger-than-life role in American pop culture; Broadway performer, TV personality, tireless activist, all these titles and more are part of his resume, though there's still no getting around that golden voice. American Idol fans may have been the first to find out what his titanic tones could do with Simon & Garfunkel classic "Bridge Over Troubled Water," but the rest of the world caught on quickly, making his version the best-selling single of 2003. The romantic sway of Aiken's smash "The Way" from his debut album proved he could put original material across with just as much emotional punch. And when he lights up the old Johnny Mercer standard "Moon River" - with guitar courtesy of Vince Gill - his place in the lineage of great American pop vocalists becomes blindingly clear. Discover Clay Aiken's multiple musical personalities, from power balladeer to jazzy crooner.

The Basics

Unchained Melody



Can't Take My Eyes Off You


The Way

Without You

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

Mary, Did You Know

Moon River

My Grown-Up Christmas List

Measure of a Man

Because You Loved Me

The Real Me


Next Steps

A Thousand Days

Lover All Alone

Suspicious Minds

Everything I Do (I Do It For You)

This Is The Night


I Will Carry You

Something About Us

What Kind Of Fool Am I

Where I Draw The Line

I Survived You

All Is Well

I Want to Know What Love Is


What Are You Doing New Year's Eve

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That iTunes thing is cool. I actually like the idea of the "multiple musical personalities" of Clay. To me, that shows that he can sing in many styles, and I'm pleased that someone else sees that too!

Who knows what side of Clay's musical personality we'll see next?

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DAMN cool. Clay got his own iTunes Essential. I adore that blurb, just adore it. :flirtysmile3:

Which is great timing because I've been in a mix tape mood as of late. I wanted to make some new ones that incorporated all the new music we've heard in the last year with some of his older songs. I also like to use some things that are for various reasons not on a recorded album, but still a huge favorite of mine. I a use a combo of album, TV, tour, benefits, etc.. "Me and You" opened almost every one I made for years. :friends: I had a great time rooting around my mp3 archive and concert audio files. I also found it very instructive in many ways in relationship to the perennial debate about his music style. Like when I decided to create an "upbeat," "contemporary" CD, it wasn't hard at all. But the one I'm working on now I'm calling "Vocal Stylist."

I was thinking it would be fun for us here at FCA to post some new Clay Aiken mixes, tell us what you came up with and why. I'll post mine too, but I'm still working on it. I need to listen to the latest one I burned. I actually burn CDs, listen to them, change one or two songs, and burn a new one, think of something to add, burn another. I almost always end up with notes of more changes that I want to make eventually. I'm obsessive about it. I'd love to hear about yours!! Make 'em as long or as short as you want. :twinklewhore:

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Well I really liked what iTunes put together as "essentials" so I recreated that whole album set! I can't wait to have some time to listen to it. :) I haven't done mix tapes or playlists in years just because I can get on a "full CD only" kick or just put my library on shuffle.

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I haven't done mix tapes or playlists in years just because I can get on a "full CD only" kick or just put my library on shuffle.

I haven't done any for a long time, but I got in the mood with all the new stuff. Sometimes shuffle just isn't enough for me. :cryingwlaughter:

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I haven't done any for a long time, but I got in the mood with all the new stuff. Sometimes shuffle just isn't enough for me. :cryingwlaughter:

I know what you mean. I can shuffle about 20 songs before I find one I really want to hear! LOL If I get in a mood like that though I just compromise with no music at all unless I'm going to pick something and stick to it.

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Just got hit with a virus called Thinkpoint. It starts out as a Microsoft Security Essentials notification in the bottom right (looks legit) says that MES found a virus and wants to clean your computer (exactly what it does legitimately) however, this isn't what happens, you keep getting a pop up at the bottom right saying it found another one or two or three if you click to clean it doesn't help. If you try to open in safe mode there is a pop up that has a windows type of logo asking to install Thinkpoint (which is supposed to scan your computer). With it coming up in what you think is safe mode and with the windows logo, it is very easy to be fooled. I was. SO I'm still struggling with this, although rkill killed the pop up that sat in the middle of my screen so I couldn't see what some of my options were. I was at least able to do a system restore (not sure that did it). BUT I wanted to forewarn everyone anyway just in case. Here is a link with a bit of information, this one computer I had hit is a vista computer and the manual removal information does not apply.

Think Point

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