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Miami, Florida -- Arsht Center

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Nevermind, found a report, via Oldmoviegal at the CH:

Wearing jeans, gray shoes, cashmere sweater, striped shirt, tie.

Hair was Ed Grimley -- Clay joked about having worked on his hair for a long time so no one could criticize it, which cracked up the band.

At the start, stage was black and band started playing Love Story intro -- Clay started singing, and then stepped from the darkness into the spotlight on the mike.

After Crying, Clay gave Quiana a nice long hug.

Concert seemed very intimate, like he was singing to friends. (although the venue seemed a little too big for this kind of concert)

Read from the newspaper and had his voice autotuned while he did it, to demonstrate how anything can be autotuned to sound decent.

Crowd about half women and half men.

Voice sounded great, hit some of the big notes right out of the park.

Sounds like a great night for Clay. Can't wait for the clack.

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Just taking stuff from CV cause I'm not listening either...

- He did the tug during Invisible

- After Unchained Melody he sang a Bette Midler song In My Life and then Solitaire

- ...which he messed up the words to!

- did the instrumentation on the computer

- Clay read something from out of a newspaper to show how different things can be done to a voice (auto-tuning?)

- 50/50 men and women

- jeans, gray shoes, cashmere sweater, striped shirt, tie.

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From the CH, this seems to be the set list from tonight:

Theme from Love Story

There’s a Kind of Hush


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

It’s Impossible

Something About Us



Cry Me A River


Suspicious Minds

It’s Only Make Believe

Moon River

What Kind of Fool Am I

You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

talking - takes requests

Band Intro

Mack the Knife


Quiana Solo


Build Me Up Buttercup


Unchained Medley

In My Life



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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Sounds like a really great show. Glad there are a few new songs, and yet also many favorites from TnT.

Thanks merrieeee for providing the cert. Sorry I missed most of it, but the headache got the best of me.

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Set list according to The Clayboard:

Love Story

Kind of Hush

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

It's Impossible

Something About Us


The Way

Don't Stop Believin

I Want It That Way

The Right Stuff

Glory of Love


Cry Me a River - Quiana

It's Only Make Believe

Suspicious Minds(not sure if SM was before or after IOMB)

Moon River

What Kind of Fool Am I

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Who's Sorry Now (3 styles)

Mack the Knife

Foggy Day in London Town - Quiana


Build Me Up Buttercup

Unchained Melody

In My Life


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Love story? Really??

Wow, I never dreeeeamed I'd be saying this but I'm kinda turned on thinking about him singing that. Wow.

Thanks for the reports tonight. Just getting caught up now. I'll bet the set list changes several times before this tour is over. I think he palns to surprise meeee us and I.can.not.wait :needclay:

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First recap I've seen , from idlefan4ca on CH:

Ydlefan wanted dessert so we had to stop for pie. I figure it's the least I could do for the poor guy after teasing him with my hawt boots all evening and making him watch me snuggle with my boyfriend.

So, about the cock fight...

So you caught Clay reading the Miami Dissenter ( make that Herald) to the autotune. Only in Miami would a news story involve a guy getting stabbed by a knife-wielding rooster. Seriously, stabbed in the calf by a knife strapped to the leg of a rooster. As Clay read and the rhythm built, Q would repeat a word or two, you know, sing backup. Close your eyes and imagine it. Okay. The hapless victim actually died (seems every Clay concert requires a story about somebody dying!) but they don't know exactly why, after all it was a calf wound, not a chest wound, but here's where it gets really good...the story ends with "No word on whether it happened during a cock fight." Now remember, Q is repeating words for effect. But she would not bring herself to say "cock" and Clay thought that was funny.

Maybe you had to be there...

Nah, it was hysterical!

I'm hitting "submit" but I'll be back for more.

This was a fabulous show and I couldn't love this man more if I tried!

eta: When he was bragging about how hard he'd worked on his hair, Felix hit a rim shot and Clay told him not to start. BWAH!

We got everything from TnT except Esso Besso and Misty; we got Something About Us, In My Life, and a beautiful new arrangement of Solitaire; we got three funny bits --- autotuned news, current songs including his two radio hits in big band style, and Who's Sorry Now in reggae/surf and country twang; we got one duet, Crying and two fabulous solos from Q; we got lots of great guitar work, more jazzy keyboards from Ben than I thought possible, a rimshot from Felix and a standing bass player without a raccoon on his head. We got "happy" Clay (in more ways than one!), sexy Clay, silly Clay, romantic Clay, sentimental Clay, ringing from the rafters and gentle voiced Clay. We got the whole package tonight. And I mean that exactly as you read it. *G*

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Via Get Clay Aiken:

From kbdm3 at the CB:

I haven't posted in ages and ages, but I just got home from the concert tonight and am THRILLED to see these gorgeous pictures! I was sitting in the second row of the pit, about 6 feet from the stage, and OMG, he was fantastic looking and sounding tonight! He looked healthy, rested, excited. He was funny from the first minute to the last and had us alternating from laughing and hooting to swooning and sighing. My kind of concert!

I haven't had time to read all the writeups yet, but talking to a friend who'd been reading the boards all night, one thing she hadn't heard was that Clay got fiddling with the clamp on the top of his microphone stand, and managed to accidently remove the whole clamp. Then he couldn't get it back on, talked about it in frustration, and then jokingly tossed the clamp across the stage in disgust. Very funny.

The medley was fun, but when he finished it with Invisible, everyone cheered. It was almost unrecognizable at that tempo. And I doubt he'll ever be doing a reggae concert. Quiana, either. Oh, Quiana's two big solos were fantastic! Her last song with all the scat singing was jaw-droppingly good. Be sure to listen to that when the Clack is up.

I was checking out his outfit and the dark sweater was so neat with the horizontal ridges about every inch or so, his very pretty tie and pinstriped shirt, the jeans, and the neat dark gray (I think) shoes. Looked like dress shoes that might or might not be boots. But my husband was sitting with me and said afterwards, "Did you see that he didn't have shoelaces in those shoes of his?" I didn't notice that at all but Peter has really sharp eyes so I don't doubt his word. How funny that he'd wear shoes like that without laces?? Maybe one of the meet and greet people noticed it too-- I know a couple of them so I'll ask them if they did.

The singing was just beautiful tonight. The power songs were huge and got standing ovations; the quiet songs were so delicate and luscious. I loved his "What Kind of Fool Am I?" Did anyone mention how he walked along the entire length of the very edge of the stage several times, lingering a number of times as he walked along? He nodded or spoke briefly to the people in the box seats at both sides of the stage. When he sat down on the edge to sing one song then had to stay down for a second as he said it was hard to get up, when he finally DID get up, he mentioned that he was sitting on a ridge or the microphone pack or something but that it "made a divot in his butt"! The people on the right side of the stage where he was sitting sure had a special treat to have him stay put right in front of them for so long. Sighhhhh-- I was on the opposite side.

What else. The band had no sheet music--they had ipads set up on microphone stands, so when the lights were dimmed and Clay was in a spotlight, you could see this lovely blue-ish glow coming from each of the ipads. There was a lead guitar, bass /bass guitar, Felix on drums, and Ben on keyboard and computer, and sounded like he was a 50 piece orchestra all by himself. The room was very "live" and echo-y, and the back wall of the stage was draped in heavy curtains but they didn't help enough-- Clay had a hard time hearing with his earphone and not much better without it, so he told Felix to go louder on the drums to keep him together. On the couple of slight keychange bloopers, they were most very likely due to his trouble hearing Ben. The most noticeable was when Ben changed the key one measure ahead of Clay and stopped playing immediately for a couple of beats until Clay made the shift up, then Ben came back in. It might not even have been noticed by many in the audience.

Be prepared for a very sudden end to the show-- the last note of Solitaire was still hanging in the rafters when the stage went totally dark and Clay quickly disappeared from the stage, and didn't return. Darnit, I wish he'd come back out for just a second, you know? We applauded an empty stage...

If you haven't decided to go to the concert, and there's a possible way to get to one, just do it!!! It was just wonderful! Thank you to all the Clack Gatherers for all you did tonight--the pictures posted so far are great and show just how good he looked. I'm looking forward to watching the videos. Sigh.............

Off to Sarasota on Saturday-- can't wait!

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Another one from CH, this time DolcePienza:

I was there and it was great! Front row fan club ticket, near the center, next to Solo and Perusing One. I have only had one or two other first row concerts in the last 8 years so this was a rare treat to see him so close!

The funniest thing was during the cock fight auto tune, Quiana started making rooster noises and Clay completely lost it laughing. He said that part was not planned. Then she would not say cock fight at the end. That bit was so funny.

Speaking of Q she has never sounded better. In part because she had good material for a change. I do not like the Mariah Carey diva stuff she usually sings but this time she was channeling Ella and singing classy jazzy stuff and scat singing.

At one point Clay was bantering and said something like Because we do not have enough slow songs and looked down at me. Which was funny because I LOVE slow songs and enjoy all the stuff on TNT!

He looked great. The sweater was really nice with a stripe texture and he had a sparkly blue tie and stripe shirt and jeans. He had some stubble and very sparkly eyes. The front of his hair was a little scary but otherwise, very cute.

He sounded good, especially on UM and Solitaire, some of it just blew me away. I was next to a speaker so it was loud and during some of the notes it was incredible. He struggled all night long with his earpieces and the reverb in the big echoey venue andwas constantly taking them out adjusting etc. At times that affected his singing, there were a couple off notes, but overall his voice was wonderful.

I was sad there was no Misty as it is my favorite song on TNT. I hope he adds it at later dates and that I am at one where he sings it.

I loved BMUB as always, and the comic bits. The medley was touching and funny because he sang the Way and Invisible. It was so great to hear Invisible again, even in 60s style, and it was also very funny, and touching when he did a little sweater tug. It brought back memories.

The different styles thing was also fun.

Overall a very fun enjoyable concert and did I mention I was in the front row? Awesome!!!

I am very sunburned from spending too long playing in the ocean yesterday. it was 19 when I left DC and here it is warm and sunny! Thanks for the excuse for a vacation Clay!

ETA a PBS M&G recap, from roxluvsclay at CV:

Well I had my 2.3 seconds M&G w/Clay! hysterical.gif It was the PBS cattle call. covereyes.gif They called us in in groups of 2 or 4. When they motioned you were "next", you walked up to Clay and he asked your name, he said, thanks for coming NAME, then picture pose, and then they're calling for the next person. And, I was perfectly fine until it was my turn and then my knees starting wobbling. giggle.gif I know he must've felt me trembling when we posed. hideTMCHA.gif Several people mulled around the room PickMe2.gif after the photo op 'cuz we had our item that we brought to sign. After the last person, Jerome whisked Clay out of the room, so we're standing there kinda like hmmm. post-3421-1297432726.gif Someone said Clay will be back if he can please.gif , then moments later, a blond lady who said she was his assistant, came out and said he's not coming back out to sign sniff.gif , but she will take the stuff back to him to sign and bring it back out to us. Okaay. So she did that and we got our stuff signed. highfive.gif

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