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Orlando, Florida -- Hard Rock Live

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Ticketmaster Page

Clay Aiken

Hard Rock Live Orlando

Orlando, FL

Fri, Feb 11, 2011 08:00 PM

Onsale to General Public

Start: Fri, 08/27/10 10:00 AM EDT

Ticket Prices

US $35.00 - US $50.00

Please Note

Hard Rock Live Presents Clay Aiken. Reserved Seating Main Floor and Balcony. Balcony Tables must be purchased through the Hard Rock Live Box Office. Doors open at 7pm.

Seating Chart

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I'm listening on CV. Good thing CH can't connect becoss I lost my password. cryingwlaughter.gif In any case I think everyone is listening to this one now. Sounds underwater but at least I can recognize Love Story. I bet cindilu2 is having a heart attack right about now. Lucky beyotch.

Changing up the order of songs a bit tonight. So far Love Story, Hush, Moon River and now Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, Something About Us.

Man this is hard to listen to.

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So apparently they did the jazzy medley again, same as last night, then Q sang, but then they did Lady Gaga's Bad Romance? cryingwlaughter.gif Suspicious Minds now.

Hey, guests down there! Log in and post! twinklewhore.gif

Build Me Up Buttercup

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

What Kind of Fool Am I?


Who’s Sorry Now Bit (Clay and Quiana)

I don't know what the first genre he did was but the second was rock 'n roll and he sang-screamed it and they all went nuts!

Mack the Knife

It’s Only Make Believe

A Foggy Day in London Town (Quiana)

Crying (Clay and Quiana)

Clay was talking to the clack gatherers, talked into their cameras, and said no one better throw out the filmers. twinklewhore.gif

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I didn't listen to most. Too much distortion again. But it's all worth it for those nights when the signal is crystal clear and you feel like you're there. What's he singing now? In My Life! Of course. I can't wait to hear this in person. :twinklewhore:

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He did Unchained Melody with the airplane note and the crowd screamed their heads off for 2 or 3 minutes afterwards. I wonder if maybe he went off stage and then he came back and the next two songs are encore? Now In My Life, and will probably end with Solitaire again.

eta: yes he did. Awesome concert. cocktail.gif

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Tonight's set list:

Love Song

There's A Kind of Hush

Moon River

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Something About Us

Jazz medley

Cry Me A River

Bad Romance (auto-tune banter/song?)

Suspicious Minds

Build Me Up Buttercup

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

What Kind Of Fool Am I?


Who's Sorry Now (different genres)

Mack The Knife

It's Only Make Believe

Foggy Day In London Town


Unchained Melody

In My Life


Blue sweater tonight

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Great recap from caperkeeper at CV:

I loved the first show in Miami - because it was Clay singing to me and because I'd never seen a first show of a tour before. I enjoyed experiencing how Clay put it together - how it flowed - if this or that worked. More importantly his voice was in great shape - he sounded wonderful. He still takes my breath away.

In Orlando if you had been to the Miami show you could tell the difference. It was tighter and flowed better. He tweaked the auto-tune business by using a real song to talk and with the added kick of Clay not knowing what song from show to show, it will be fun. Better than reading from the newspaper.

Loved Clay doing The Way and Invisible as big band - so funny and entertaining and Clay performed them beautifully. Changing up the set list is fun as well. When he started Breaking Up Is Hard To Do I visibly (if anyone had been looking) sucked in a gulp of air and I am not sure when I released it! And when he came to my side of the stage and sat down right in front of me (I was second row right behind the two women who were videoing) there was an even deeper intake of breath! Talk about up close and personal. Clay has grown into such a fine song stylist (and man!) - gosh he is magnificent.

As an aside I love those shoes he is wearing! They look sort of like he is probably walking on something spongy and soft and light - must be very comfy.

I am terrible at sequence of events - I am a person who experiences the sound and the visual rather than one who can remember all the details. Some things will permeate my consciousness and I'll think he did something wonderful with that note or that phrase but right now I'm having difficulty coming up with specifics - only that he did it over and over - caressing me with that special voice, talking and laughing and letting us know he really does know what we love and that he will give it to us if he can. He hit some beautiful low notes. His slide up to that note in UM was perfect last night. It is hard to do because he is condescending at the same time. And I adore the way he sings the end of UM now.

He is so good at finding someone or something happening in the audience that he can play off for comedy. Someone was enjoying her second or third bloody Mary. Je quipped that it might be necessary for this show especially for the men! (Not so Clay!) A little later he was about to start some bit and he found the Lady and said that now might be a good time to go for another because what was coming up was going to be 'boring' (not sure that was the word he used) - he was joking of course but apparently the woman took him at his word and got up right then to apparently go for another bloody Mary! Very funny.

Of course rocker Clay brought down the house just as the softness and nuance of In My Life and the power and emotion of Solitaire did as well. This is part of what makes a Clay show so entertaining and bringing me back for more - he can do it all and do it well and in a way that gets inside me. I guess that's why I'm still here after eight years. Gosh I love him.

note: My PBS M&G was lovely. I didn't expect more because I figured these would be different than the auction or fan club ones. They were to raise money for PBS and still he was charming, inviting and warm as he shook my hand and asked my name. He is such a presence, I know he is tall but when you get close to him he's even taller and bigger! He put his arm around me and I put my arm around him and felt just wonderful for the chance to touch him! After the picture he turned to me and said thank you and shook my hand and all I could manage was 'thank YOU'. He makes my insides go mushy. laugh.gif A good mush.

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