San Francisco, California -- The Warfield

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Seating Chart

Venue Website

Tickets not available yet. Please post in this thread if you find more information!

I have my tickets through my pledge so yay. I love that this is in my neck of the woods and plan to have a very nice pre-party for this one. I hope folks can come on down!!

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Couch Tomato or anyone familiar with the Regency.

Do you know how many rows are in the pit?

I was so excited :nana: to get tickets in row B thinking that it was the second row.

And then I read on CV of someone getting tickets in the pit....sigh. :(

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Warfield Ticket Purchase Page for Clay's show

Date: Sat, Mar 12, 2011

Showtime: 8:00 PM

Days until show: 163

Doors open: 7:00 PM

Ages: All Ages

On sale: Sun, Oct 3, 2010 10AM

Ticket Prices*: $31 in advance-$49.50 at the door

Seating Chart

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I wonder if anyone here can give me suggestions/recommendations for places to stay that are relatively near the Warfield in San Francisco. I also posted this on the main page because I wondered how many would see it here.

I am wanting to spend 5 nights in San Francisco to do some sight seeing and have just spent way to long looking on the internet. I am now just feeling exhausted, having not found anything.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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:cocktail: So where's the PARTY? I hope to see a lot of you there!

If anyone is or knows of someone who might be interested, I have an extra ticket. I had originally planned to take my mom but she doesn't want to go any longer. Go figure.

I really hate driving into the city alone too. poopy :(

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PerusingOne and solo are also planning on coming.

Just got back from taking my dad to a couple of follow up appointments following his hospital stay. Things are looking good so I should be able to fly to San Francisco as planned. See y"all there!

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Hi Guys..I'm working on a place. I have two in mind but my lurker friend and I will go Friday after work and check them both out. I'm not getting a feel for the numbers.

I'm seeing Merrieeee, Solo, Perusing One, treenuts, Me, My lurker friend and her husband, Lotus and possibly Lotus. I'll start off with a group of 15 and adjust accordingly.

More details to come by the weekend.

And Treenuts looks like we're both being dumped by our moms. Mine is going to Oceanside.

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So next Saturday is the San Francisco show. Last night my friend and I went to check out a restaurant she found online. And we both loved it. It's a charming French Bistro called appropriately for Clay pre-party PASSION CAFE. We met the owners and they were very nice folk. Oh and the music is all in french and the big screens play french movies ha.

The address:

28 Sixth Street, San Francisco, California


Time 5PM I'll get there at 4:30ish.

If someone can figure out that stupid menu please share.

Anyway, the cafe is located 500 feet from the Warfield. That neighborhood is *on the edge* but it's ok during daylight and we'll be a group when it's dark. And it's less than a block away. They have happy hour between 4 and 6 even on Saturday so reasonably priced appetizers and $5 cocktails. I had a yummy margarita. For appetizers we tried the sweet potato fries and the calamari frit. Both good. For dinners we tried burger and fries, beef bourguignon, and the open faced vegetable sandwich. Everything was good but the cheese on the grilled sandwich was a bit burned. I suspect that wasn't a regular event..well I hope not. Anyway if it's warm enough they also have a roof patio.

I'll post this also in the proper thread. I told him I'd give him a count by Wednesday. So please let me know. I know there are other pre-parties but I hope to see ya'll. Location Location Location. heeee

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I've got both the CV and CH cellstream going...CH is murkier, but also slightly ahead for me. I think I'll stick with CV for now...

And the first of the "last" pranks...Jerome is now "singing" WDIB! Hee.

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jmh, I've always thought that about with MTK and Paula. She was just WAY ahead of her time...

Of course, this is couchie's favorite song. *snerk*

But I LOVE it!

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700 Degrees in the theater tonight.

I think he just took his tie off.

Talking about not remembering his old songs, from the first album.

Watching an ET type show the other day, came up with something new "between all the Charlie Sheen crap!" The Johnny Depp story about his recalling lines from his earlier movies.

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