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San Francisco, California -- The Warfield

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First up...psychedelic. Fitting for San Francisco!

Bollywood next. Supposedly done it before, but Clay's like "how many music styles do you think there are?" Oh, I like this one.

Oh, this is precious...Sesame Street. Cannot wait for this. "Quiana, you're supposed to be a puppet!"

And now back to Disney again. Gotta admit, that was good the first time.

And finally--hip hop! The crowd is loving it!

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Quiana and he have a "strange marriage," can talk with each other only with their eyes when they are singing.

Introducing the band, telling the Felix wedding story, also about Felix playing golf everywhere they go.

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Band introductions. Story about Adam almost getting his head knocked off by Jerome!

Introducing Jerome, "such a good sport." Decided to the WDIB literally 30 seconds before the show began.

Person who helped put the Timeless Tour together in the audience.

I like that he still has Mary with him on tour.

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So I switched to CH for the recap. The sound on CV was fantastic!

The security people had a great time, artquest says. Questions - was Clay getting emotional. Not particularly, but he did like the lights she thinks.

The Sesame St thing was laugh out loud funny. He stood behind Quiana and she was supposed to be a muppet. Disney was completely different, very cute!

House was almost full, 100s of glow sticks, hopes someone caught that. The security people also had glow sticks. :cryingwlaughter:

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Slate blue sweater, grey striped shirts, silvery grey tie--it looked great. But he took the tie off.

Jeans were not the ones with the holes, which she had become with Mesa. Tonight no threads hanging, tight enough somewhere?

It's late.

Oh no, lots of people listening, GBB says.

Artquest says she had dinner with couchie!!

Talking to the 4 year old, Clay said how well behaved he was, "I can't wait til 4" and pumped his fist. Very happy to have a little kid there. A cyber hug for me. Awwww.

And off they go to have fun.

Sigh. I'm happy and sad.

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Thanks Clay, for allowing the cellcerters and clack gatherers to "work" for this tour.

And thank you Clay, for being you. You put a smile on my face, just thinking about you.

Like he's going to read this...

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I had a wonderful wonderful time last night. It felt really nostalgic for some reason. Maybe because it was in my backyard and I got to see some of my Bay Area peepsd and Southern Cal also.

So we had Dinner at the passion cafe. It was hit and miss with regards to service. Part of it was my fault because I downgraded our reservation because I just hadn't had much feedback. The place is small and I didn't want to hold up tables. But we ended up with a nice group of 12. But they had an even bigger party coming and I felt they pretty much spent way too much time preparing for a party that was 2 hours away. But, you know the company made up for it. And I liked my food.

So my lurker friend and her family came. Treenuts was VERY brave and drove to Oakland, parked at the West Oakland bart station and I met her there and we rode the train in together. Shortly after we arrived Solo, Merrieeee and Perusing One arrived and I was thrilled that Permaswooned and Artquest also joined us for dinner. Service was very French (meaning sllllllllllllllllllllllow) and I think I confused him by giving him cash and then my debit card for the balance...took him about a week to run the card. And for some reason they totally forgot to charge Treenuts and I for our combined 5 yummy drinks LOL. There was a lot of laughter.

The venue was close by. Something new happened for me. I got upgraded while in the venue. So had a very nice view of Clay from about row 8. Thanks Solo and Perusing One. I had a very enthusiastic guy sitting next to me. He yelled and sang throughout. I didn't mind because he really really love Clay and I could just feel it. He kept thanking Clay for the Best Buddies tickets as well. I was happy for him when Clay picked his "hip hop" genre for that part of the show.

I loved the show. I just basked in his voice. My how I have missed it. It's really the only thing that matters. He was funny and charming as always which always makes for a great show but I just loved listening to him.

It will be no surprise that Suspicious Minds was my favorite song in the show. I think that song is in my top 5 of clay songs ever.

I also loved Something About Us (aahhhh Fexlix wedding song - it was SO great to see him and Quiana (who rocked the house) and Ben) I also liked the new band members. The young guy was really good...and a cutie pie. --- back to favorites -- Build Me uP Buttercup (he tore that one up -- and it took me WAY back), Breaking Up is Hard to do, Crying and Unchained Melody. I want to have all those songs babies. But of course I want to have a lifelong affair with. ha ha. The Whose Sorry bit was funny, his tender chat with a 4 year old, and teasing of the audience as always made me giggle.

We went out to Lori's Diner after and.. let's see..me, treenuts, solo, perusingone, merrieeee, artquest, permaswooned, cloopy, and ficus. I think that was everyone. More laughter jealousy that they got eat decadent ice cream desserts.

It was a very good night. I seemed to hug so many people I haven't seen in a long time. Artquest for some reason looks younger and more fashionable than when I met her 8 years ago! How does she do that. Perma holds a special place in my heart because she was the first clay fan I met way way way back. And in case you don't read elsewhere... out of the group of us walking to get something to eat after -- it was Perma that was singled out on the street to buy some weed. How the hell does she have street cred and I don't. heee. I got to hug Spot and it's funny how I haven't posted with some people for so long that I can't remember their screen name ha but i remember their real name from all the parties she held at her house. So Kim, it was a JOY to see you again.

Oh I know what was funny and weird. I didn't recognize Jerome. How does that happen. I was like who's that big black man on stage that is not Clay heee. Maybe it was the spotlight. Oh and finally.. every time I looked at Felix I giggled remember that Vermont was a great little city. That has to be one of my favorite memories ever. For those who have never seen that..go watch. HILARIOUS all these years later.

I totally look forward to his next thing whatever it may be!

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