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#60: I l.o.v.e. my hawt humanatarianactivistsingersongwriterambassador boyfriend!


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    • Seven or eight years, phsssh, just a tiny period of time in the galaxy that is Clay.
    • He still sings pretty and I still listen.
    • It?s impossible to deny his voice is a thing of power.
    • Eight years of freakishly fun tours...and yes, he's still the one.

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I'd love to hear Always and Forever. It's a song I love. It's R&B. He'd tear that song up. I love the original version and heard it recently on the radio. Totally not curious about Touch. It sounded dated in 2003 but I'm sure it'll win since it's apparently a fan favorite. The song I'd most love to hear a recorded version of is Tears Run Dry..second all time favorite Clay song.

Ooh couchie, I'm with you on the Tears Run Dry. I loved how he sang that song, especially the one he did in Toronto. That was always my favorite of the 4 they previewed, then Just You.

I can't remember if I voted or Always and Forever or SOT. I'd love to hear him sing either but my favorite from AI was that little bit of Superstar we heard him sing. I'd kill (probably that girl from facebook) to hear him sing that. Ruben's version always bores me after about the first couple of lines, but I know Clay would have me panting on the floor.

And I loved that blog. That was better than the card for me. I just adore that man and love some of the lines he comes up with. This time it was the one about taking 6 words and turning it into a 10 page term paper. He just cracks me up. And now that I know the song choices came from him, I am excited about what he is planning on doing. Never cared that much about Touch either way, but I'd love to know what Clay has planned for that if it gets chosen.

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I give up. I can't find the song poll on OFC.

Can someone have pity on me and lead me by the hand? Where is it?


Log on to the OFC, and then click on this link:


I hope it works!

The news section is probably the most frustrating part of the OFC's site, IMO.

ETA: Ah, I've finally figured out the news section. lily, if you click on the "News" link, the latest news appears. BUT -- if you look off to the right of the latest news box, you'll see a box that's kind of "grayed out." Click on it -- it scrolls over to the next latest news item (which should be the poll).

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I have stopped by often, waved, and moved on without posting as we try to make December the NIP's month! Today I thought I'd tell Fear [after the fact] that I used her WFI quote in the new Carolina blog.

Although we, and I assume other groups, are raising serious money, we are also getting many people to text and or vote. We have had many high school students volunteering, who we keep telling to vote and many of the people we wrap for bring home the printed instructions for themselves or their kids to vote. They seem really interested in helping.

The new Carolina On My Mind blog features three montages from memorable Clay Aiken performances: "Four Years of Don't Save It All for Christmas Day" (SueReu), "Papa's Beautiful Star" (hosaa), and the "2003 Walt Disney Christmas Day Parade."

Also included are new and old seasonal graphics by AmazingCA and cindilu2, as well as updates on the Inclusion Project's campaign for a $50k Pepsi grant. The "50 Barbie dolls" reference belongs to Scarlett. :clay:

Special thnx to all who support the Internet Clay blogs with visits, comments, tweets, FB mentions, etc., this week and all year long! :BlowKiss:

Safe travels to those headed to holiday destinations. Have a wonderful evening, all! :dancetom:

Caro :listen:

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We did SO WELL today at WFI!! We raised almost $100 total AND our grand total is $250! We're sending a child to camp! I'm so proud of us and the people who came by and donated. :twinklewhore:

shorty... and fear... Congrats on the money raised for NIP and the chilun'. It's a proud thing to do... and fun!!!

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Caro, if you have the time, stop by to see us at Friendly Centre. Thanks for using the quote. We had a woman stop by today and offer to get her entire office to text.

I am so pooped just got home as we had a little dinner party after wrapping for georgiesmybaby.

Happy Birthday georgiesmy baby

:fest06: :poze: :happybirthday01: :fest09: :partytime:

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2 things I’m really looking forward to in the New Year: Clay’s TnT Tour and being done with the freakin’ Pepsi voting! :P

(Seriously, though, only a little more than a week to go and fingers crossed that the National Inclusion Project can hold on to the #1 or #2 spot. Peeps have been working really hard at this, and it’s time to win it once and for all! Woot!)

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I got a text last night from our WFI coordinator that they made even more money than on Tuesday. Last year we struggled to get donations..this year they're flooding in! It's just so exciting! And winning the Pepsi money at the end of this month would be justifying too. After four straight months of voting out butts off, I think we deserve it! LOL

I'm feeling like a sick mess today... I'm not actually sick, just a sinus thing..but it's awful. More meds, more hot liquids and another box of kleenex to go through... blegh. I'm so over this! I want to be well for Christmas. *sigh*

ETA: I'm looking forward to the TnT tour too!! :lol: I finally got my plans together for the Ft. Wayne concert! Woohoo!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! Cooking and baking today and getting ready for tomorrow.

40 Days until The T&T Tour!:yahoo:

Happy Birthday to all celebrating!

Everyone have a great day!


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aikim, is this your group? I saw this on Facebook via the Project:

Yorktown Gift-Wrapping Benefits Special Rec Programs

Doing bunches of last minute things -- baking a REAL cheesecake for dinner tomorrow evening, getting the brine ready for the Cornish game hens, last minute wrapping, and practicing the piano. My husband is going to make his piano debut tonight, playing two duets with me at church. I think he's nervous. Heck, I think I'm nervous FOR him.

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