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#61: Eight years of freakishly fun tours...and yes, he's still the one!


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Great Mesa recap, from skybar22 at the CH (posted with permission of the author):

Mesa Recap:

I want to give a big thank you to my concert buddies, toofargone and kocopelli. I had met tfg once, years ago and had never met koco before. They have been traveling to see Clay together for years now so I was concerned about feeling a little left out. NO WAY! They totally embraced me and they pushed me around in my wheelchair with warmth and acceptance. I felt like I was with old friends who really cared about me. Thank you both so much for making it possible for me to get to this concert. I had a blast with you both. MUAH!!!

I got home about 2 hours ago and am just unwinding. I will attempt a recap but I am pretty wired while at the same time exhausted. I love Clay.

He is so easy to love over and over again. He reminded everyone there why they became a fan. His voice was front and center all night and he was on, so on. He doesn't miss a thing.

It's interesting to me when people comment about him missing a note or not being 100% perfect because to me, his singing is perfection, even if he "cracks" or misses. In all my years, after I have no idea how many times I have seen live performers, I have never experienced anyone as consistently good as Clay Aiken. The total experience of LIVE Clay cannot be easily put into words. I'm having some trouble doing it.

I am not able to attend multiple shows and this is only the 5th time I have seen Clay live. Because of that, it is always a very special experience for me, one which I always cherish and savor for a long time after the show ends. I have been a loyal fan since "take" and can't ever imagine not loving Clay.

It was a great show and he does give his all. Clay is a consummate performer. It would be hard not to appreciate the pure talent of this man, even if one didn't like the genre of this particular CD. I am glad that I like the music too. I was dead center in the front row, a first for me and it was glorious. I was in heaven for the two hours. Truly a blissful experience for me and because it has not happened before, I will never take it for granted nor will I ever cease to appreciate the man and his talent. Yum!!!

I was swooning, bopping in my seat, closed my eyes a few times and just took it in, and I so appreciated all of it. His humor, charm, and wit were all on display. He looked at me a few times, not in any kind of acknowledgement but just while he was doing what he does, so effortlessly and I melted a bit each time. I can't explain it really but he has a gift I have seldom been privileged to see. He is so real and natural. Coming out to the world has added something to his comfort level and it shows. I love how easy it is for him to joke about it all. He just integrates it all so well, a major characteristic of a Sagittarian.

His voice was so beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the nuances of his facial expressions as well as how he caressed the mic with his beautiful, long fingers. The sensuality of this man's performance coupled with the glorious vocals took me somewhere I have never been before. I do not know when I will see him again live but I know I will. He isn't going anywhere. He was made for this and he knows it too.

Quiana is a classy gal. I thoroughly enjoyed her too. She is pure joy on that stage, a friend and a gift to Clay. They are so comfortable with one another. The Klezmer shtick was hilarious with Clay doing the Yiddish accent and Quiana "oying" and "mazel toving". This Jewish gal loved it.

Clay is so gracious to all of the performers on stage with him. He gave each their props. I really loved watching Felix do his thing. They are all a talented bunch and Clay appreciates each one of them. It shows.

The pitchy shtick was great. Never tell Mr. Aiken he is pitchy when it is so far from reality. Pitchy he is not. He may crack on a note once in a while but man, he is so good and covers it up well. His minor imperfections are nothing compared to most performers.

UM was divine. He carries that audience with him and we all soared together.

I also loved Crying. They sounded so good on that, the two of them knowing eachother so well and singing together with such tenderness. It is a beautiful song and I have always loved it.

All in all Clay has grown. His voice is richer, fuller, more powerful and controlled. He is comfortable on the stage like he knows he belongs there. I doubt he is giving this career up anytime soon. I look forward to what he has coming up next.

Now, to Janwhatever and her hubby. What a hoot. That was a very funny exchange Mr. JW aka Be Bop.

Thanks for seeking me out Jan and Permaswooned. Wish I could have gotten up and mingled a bit but I couldn't. I would have loved to meet more of you but we had to drive back to Tucson and it was going to be very late if we stayed.

Sorry this was so rambling. I'm tired and just wanted to share now while I'm still feeling the effects of a Clay Aiken show.

KAndre, glad your son is safe. Prayers to all affected by this terrible tragedy in Japan and the resulting tsunami...

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Hugs and prayers to all in the tsunami path and those affected!

Here is a decent Mesa review

The first paragraph is a bit of a wtf moment IMO but the rest (which is considerable) is mostly positive I think. Actually, it's really good in putting Clay as an overall "performer" up front.

Looking forward to seeing/meeting many of you in SF tomorrow night :dancetom:

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Thanks Bottle!!

I discovered the show was being aired before its advertised premiere so I hit that record button pretty quick-smart!!

Is it weird that I am waiting until I have no child or hubby related distractions before I actually watch it? I think the

first Clay sighting on my Aussie TV deserves my full attention! :twinklewhore: :twinklewhore: :twinklewhore:

On a more sombre note, those pictures from Japan are freaking me out. I know people who have family there.We have many

Japanese people at my work. My prayers are with them and the small nations at danger from tsunami.

They are still pulling people from buildings in Christchurch. My son is supposed to be going there on a school skiing trip

in July. I don't want to let him go anywhere near a fault line. I think I will just cop it as a mean Mum and follow my gut

on this one. He is 16 now so there will be time soon enough for him to traipse over the world while his family worries at


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Another good recap, this one from JanWhatever at the CH. Clay talked to her husband at length last night from the stage.

Back from the Mesa Concert-- Clay fog setting in. It was wonderful!

Clay talked to my husband,MrJW/Bebop after counting 11 men in the first 3 rows... asked him what brought him here and who he was with... Bebop answered "My wife!" Clay asked, "What's her name?", and one or both of us answered "Jan". I was told that Clay responded, "Jan-whatever," although I missed that myself.. I was waiting to see what Bebop was going to say.

Bebop said (off the microphone) "After almost 50 years of marriage I'd try anything to get laid". Clay said something like, "What did you say? Come up here!" Bebop stood up--we were in row 3 at the end so it was only steps from where Clay knelt down at the side of the stage-- Took a couple of steps toward Clay who said, "Say that again," and held the mic up to him. Bebop said (into the mic) "After almost 50 years of marriage I've learned it's better to just come along quietly." Clay laughed and stood up and walked back across the stage, and said into the mic, "That's not what he said, he said he'd do anything to get laid".

All of this was the reason that the audience was laughing so hard near the beginning of the concert!

This is as close as I can remember- Maybe Scarlett got it on video. ha!

He was in such good voice-- I thought he sounded stunning throughout the concert! Oh, BoogieWoogie was what we suggested he sing!

Quiana heard us since she was right in front of us and she liked that idea and told Clay. It was really cute! Looking forward to video!

WDIB has become my new favorite song of Clay's. So beautiful and what some might call over- the -top, sounds beautifully passionate and powerful to me! I got tears in my eyes hearing and watching him sing it live, and I am not one to cry easily.

The "pitchy" banter was really funny- we got to see pissed -off Clay! Worth the ticket right there! Haha!

Clay did Beat-box during the WSN shtick-- it was suggested by the girl next to me.. I am sorry I can't remember her name.. don't think she posts here. Quiana did the beat -box part and Clay jumped around like a rapper holding his crotch and rapping into the mic! Hilarious!!

After the concert we met up with the lovely artquest, gareem, Permaswooned, canuck, and smartypantssuz! We had a drink and a snack and a great time chatting. artquest said the TheMac Geezer had his own response to Bebop's comment.. but that is hers to share...LOL!

I want to do it all again. *sob*

WOOOHOOO for ausdon! twinklewhore.gif

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One year ago today, a huge group of us were here....


Waiting to see this....




It was a really great night, and how exciting was it when the curtain went up, and after so long, there was Clay, with his back to the audience, ready to spin around and break out with Mack the Knife?

And then there was the whole WTF is up with his suit and why is it soooo shiny? :imgtongue:


Have a blast tonight in San Francisco and make sure Clay knows he can't go away for very long!!

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That was an exciting day in Raleigh. My NJU friend, who was given a ticket compliments of playbiller, loved the concert. She was never able to watch it on tv due to the two days in a row and never again showings on PBS. Could it have killed them to show it one week day night instead of the income tax guy or Suzie Orman? I still have my fingers crossed for a Christmas special. :cocktail:

I almost forgot: Have a great time SF concert goers. I'll be listening as long as I can stay up. :dancetom:

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9 Days until the First Day of Spring!


Happy Birthday to all celebrating!

Everyone have a great day!


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Ok I'm at the airport.......lets get going already. I want to see my sexy singer man!

My DH today said just forget about him this weekend........ha ha ha !

Did you ever tell DH that you told Clay Aiken about him on the phone during the Dallas concert? Does he know that Clay wanted to speak to him? :cryingwlaughter:

Think about me tonight, alone in my room. Just like one year ago tonight, history is repeating. DAMN! Budgets suck! Last year it was the college's, and this year it's mine. I blame the airlines. They merged, laid people off, cut routes, and now there is more demand for fewer flights, the speculators have driven up oil prices, and fares from Houston to San Francisco are not feasible without frequent flyer miles to trade in. And the way I avoid air travel, I don't see frequent flyer miles in my future -- ever. Almost $1,100 for a round trip, domestic coach fare is not going to happen for me, now or next year. :toilet15:

BUT, always looking on the bright side of life, fares between Houston and New York remain extremely reasonable. Just thinkin' ...

Where are the bullet trains? If this country is going to live in perpetual debt, and that appears to be inevitable as the powers that be have gone back and forth on the benefits of deficit spending for the past 75 years, and the argument juggles between political persuasions infinitum, well then let's have something to show for it! I want first-class, affordable ground transportation. High-speed rail, coast to coast and all points in between. Where do I vote for this?

I'll be there in spirit tonight. Don't forget a thing -- you guys know how I love every insignificant detail.

Couchie, treenuts, and all my California buddies ..... I was gonna be a big girl and not be sad about missing this trip, and count my blessings and think about the unforgettable year I've had, but now .... NOW ... :cry: I'm no big girl, not even wearing the full size cotton briefs will help me.

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To those going to the show this evening....have a fantastic time and give my love to the Man.

To those of us who are not...we will be there in spirit. I know it hurts kf, and I was also thinking about my missing the show last year on this date as well. Sometimes it really sucks to be a responsible human being...or not being able to afford NOT being responsible.

Anyway...here's the thread for the show tonight. I will brew a couple of Cafe Americanos to stay awake, I've told my husband I've got an engagement this evening, and I'm ready to be blown away one final time, even if from a cell cert.

bc, I really appreciate all your pictures. Thank you. (You must have the best Photobucket account on the planet!)

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I wasn't in Raleigh either. In fact only one person of my closest group of Clay friends ended up going. It definitely makes me feel left though with everyone else who talked about how great it was, then and now.

I'll be in SF in spirit tonight too. I don't know if I'll get to hear the cellcert even. I saw a post by an RL friend of mine last night wanting to see friends, and I knew I'd get asked, and I was. I don't want to be rude and say Clay's final concert is tonight and I haaaaaave to hear it, so I was polite and said I'd come over. I'm bringing my laptop though in case I can sneak it in, maybe subject my friends to him more than once. :P That and I have things on here I have to share with them.

BUT, always looking on the bright side of life, fares between Houston and New York remain extremely reasonable. Just thinkin' ...

If something happens in NYC......I'll be trying my darnedest to get back there, but I know I have no guarantees. My mom's NEVER been to the city, and we have family who lives near there. I would love to make her take a few days off so we can visit and see some sights (along with the real reason I'd want to go). I love that town!

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Bottle your desk is too damn clean!

Hee. That's partly corporate policy (anything with client information or whatnot is always locked up and not left out on the desktop) and partly because I straightened up and rearranged my desk a bit before I snapped the picture.


DON'T FORGET THE TIME CHANGE TONIGHT!! That effectively makes tonight's concert even later for those of us in the eastern time zone.

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I wasn't in Raleigh either..going to try an stay up for the concert tonight, but no guarantees. This has been a great tour and I look forward to finally catching up on clack and to whatever is next in Clay's career...I know it is going to be exciting.


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Squeeeeee!! Have a blast y'all! The rest of us will party on right here! I thought the concert was last night and tuned up my cellcert radio only to realize it wasn't until tonight. I was disappointed at not hearing a cellcert right then, and yet happy that the tour would last another day. Weird, but I'll bet it makes perfect sense to y'all. :cryingwlaughter:

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My friends and I are going to eat breakfast at Dottie's True Blue Cafe at 522 Jones (between Geary and O'Farrell) at about 8:30 in case anyone's around and wants to look for us.

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Thank you Ben, Adam, Felix, Del, Quiana, Jerome, the sound guy, Mary and especially Clay, for an awesome tour. This tour was filled with beautiful music, beautifully sung. It was filled with much laughter. It was filled with great friendships. And above all, it was filled with love. Thanks to all who made it possible.

Good night.

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