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Celebrity Apprentice SPOILERS!!!


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Photos and such via CV through Openly Clay...


Saddle up the horses!

claziness at OC:

My daughter went by and stayed for a few minutes (had to get to work), spoke to Clay, thinks she saw Reed, per my description, thought there were about 50 people there. It was loud. That's all I could pull out of her before she hung up.



earlier Jax tweeted:

jax5230 Jackie S

And then there was that one time that Clay Aiken spanked me down a soul train after too many bellinis. I wish I were making this up.

Some posters at CV were concerned because they weren't sure by her wording if she had a good time.

She just posted at CV:

Hi everyone- I never post here but wanted to read some stuff after everything happened today. I wanted to clarify- my wording "I wish I were kidding" is something to be taken very lightly. I said to Clay, "Um...I have no clue what a soul train is?" He said, "Put your drink down, you can be my partner." So, we get to the front and he said he was going to spank me down the aisle. My response? "EXCUSE ME!?!" while trying not to laugh too hard. It was so funny and I know I can speak on behalf of all of my friends and I and say that it was such a great time. Probably my favorite Clay event ever. I wish everyone could have experienced it.

I think in my head my thought process was, "If I ever matter-of-factly said to my friend 'Clay spanked me down a soul train at his Crystal Light campaign' they would probably say, 'Are you kidding?'" and I would say "I wish I was!" but then proceed to say how great it was. I know that implies that I didn't have a great time today, but that's not the case. Just a figure of speech. Instead I should have said, "THAT WAS SO FREAKIN AMAZING!" So, I'll be sure to say that next time. ;)

Great to see a lot of you there. xo

Clay spotting Reed during the Limbo contest! twinklewhore.gif



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From playbiller at the CH:

OK, they chose a Peach crystal light. You had to sign in and sign a release then have your picture taken to make sure they could show you on TV,

There was a small red carpet outside, did not see anyone walk it.

Inside, there were lots of projecting lights in colors, beach music and two bars, none serving alcohol as Clay apologized to us.

It was an hour and a half hanging out with Clay and his friends. I can't believe some people chose not to go. I talked on person into skipping out on work and boy was she glad.

No chairs except 2 beach chairs in some sand with a cooler between them. I guess when you take photos things look better.

Let me apologize to all the friends in NJ I did not phone and tell about this get together. the two people I went with were both signed on to facebook so I just PM'd them, I fear calling people late at night, so many people I know are asleep. The people who came all had a memorable time close up and personal with Clay.

When I got there, I saw there was room for more, so I started calling people who I thought could make it in less and 90 minutes. As I was talking to DJS111 to post about it and tell people to come running, Dee Snyder grabbed my phone and yelled into it. I spent a lot of time on the phone, heh.

All the guys were dressed in Hawaiian shirts with t's under neath, I accept, that for Clay, a long sleeved T shirt is tropical wear.

There was music to Under the Boardwalk, Clay sang it 5 times. with several joining in, specifically Kathy Lee and Hoda at one point. They look much better in person. Everyone seemed to get along great on the team and respect each other, the one who seemed distant to me was Penn.

More coming

They sung one other thing - usually Dee and Arsinio - "We're not going to drink it, no, we're not gonna drink it , we're not going to drink calories anymore." - the idea was to have a loud fun party, not to just stand around looking at ourselves, so the guys kept ramping up the energy,

Which meant 2 limbo contests and one Soul train dance off.

Clay was running around making sure we all had drinks. He gave me a fresh one, and took my empty, and helped a few others as well, had to have full glasses on the camera.

I had to laugh, they gave out little promotional papers, and then when we left, the staff gathered them all up, except, since we got several copies they gathered not enough. I still have one.

But all you wanted to know about is Clay, he looked great, really really enjoyed the limbo contests, that was when he looked the most relaxed and natural. He was happy to see some familiar faces, and greeted each of us individually and thanked each and every one. I was surprised not to see many faces I knew, why would anyone miss this?


AND....from BigAppleforClay's photobucket link from jc4Clay....

Snippet of UTB - jc4aiken photobucket linkie

Video's pixelated, but he sounds good!

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One more picture for the night....


And this was posted on Openly Clay, via the Clayboard:

Okay, just saw this tweet at the CB and thought it was funny...

Jarret Hill

I don't care what anybody says, Clay Aiken sings his ass off. Completely off. He has to pick it up and carry it out when he leaves the studio.

...was Jarret at the party today?

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I know I haven't been participatory here or very vocal at all, been watching everything go down at CV...but I just saw this and had to bring it over. It makes me EEEEE inside, sounds like today went REALLY REALLY well for the men's team and our guy!! *g*

AubreyODay Aubrey O'Day

Horrible night. Going to lay in bed w my dogs and steal all of their innocence and love.

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"painter3 said:

Okay, just saw this tweet at the CB and thought it was funny...

Jarret Hill

I don't care what anybody says, Clay Aiken sings his ass off. Completely off. He has to pick it up and carry it out when he leaves the studio....was Jarret at the party today?"

Oh! Can we please have this as a thread title!!!!

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"painter3 said:

Okay, just saw this tweet at the CB and thought it was funny...

Jarret Hill

I don't care what anybody says, Clay Aiken sings his ass off. Completely off. He has to pick it up and carry it out when he leaves the studio....was Jarret at the party today?"

Oh! Can we please have this as a thread title!!!!

I second it. And I totally agree.

What was the challenge. I'm missing a step. And how did they raise money?

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couchie, I believe the challenge was to create an ad campaign for a new flavour of Crystal Light drink (peach bellini) and to throw some sort of a launch party. The fundraising challenge might be today. Thanks to everyone who brings the pretty.....loving all these pictures! And the one video sounds awesome, so great to hear his voice!

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More (AND GOOD!) pictures! BUT NO OFC PLEASE!

dancerdad's Peach bellini pictures (case sensitive!)

I've seen a few posted, but for some reason, my Google Chrome and Photobucket aren't playing well together. Maybe I'll have a chance when I get to work today to post them.

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Yesterday was definitely a great day in the Claynation. Got my fingers crossed for the men's team.

Will be busy most of today as we have a realtor coming over to guesstimate what our house would sell for. We already saw the house we would like to buy but if we can't get enough for our's the other is off the table and we'll start looking again.

Have a great day!

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I love seeing Clay so happy. He has a smile that can light up my cold heart. Like a ray of sunshine.

And I love that tweet too so I third the motion on thread title. Apparently some people tweeted him to clarify and he said he had just heard The Way on Pandora radio and it reminded him of how great Clay's voice is.

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Via Quiet1ne at the CH:

From Yesterday's event from ncwannabe at CV:
I know we've all moved on and this recap is s o yesterday, but I'm finally getting a chance to write it all down. So, if you want to take a moment's break and read it, that's great. If not, scroll merrily along.

When we first got to the location, they had a table set up outside for us to sign a release form. Then we went to stand in line to get inside the building. There were big storefront windows, so we were looking in and watching Clay and the guys get all their last minute things ready to go. Ben was there set up at his keyboard too. Shortly the doors opened, and Penn and Arsenio came outside and were checking to make sure we had all filled out our releases and just general chatting with the group. And, just like that, they started ushering us in.

As we filed in, the guys welcomed us and told us to make ourselves at home. Clay came over to us and said hi, and told us to take our coats off and we could put all our stuff behind some beach umbrellas that were set up at the back of the room. Dmom already commented on the décor, and it really did look great. Tiki bars – one front and one in back – manned by Paul and Lou, respectively. They had the product placed on the side of the bars, which were decorated with bamboo poles and thatching. There was sand on the floor here and there, and a beach chair or two and a cooler. Umbrellas were set up here and there. It was quite festive. Someone asked Clay why there wasn't sand completely covering the entire floor. He laughed and said that the sand that was in there was all that he was strong enough to carry in!

After we dumped our stuff, he got us all drinks and told us to make sure we had a drink at all times. He said they were looking to create a party atmosphere and to mingle and chat and talk it up. He said he had to make sure he circulated around the entire time. He said the executives would be coming, and that there were also usually "secret shoppers" who would come around and would be reviewing things without making it known.

He seemed very appreciative of the fans who came, and stopped by often to chat some more with us as he made his way around the room. They were permitted to play music in 10-minute stretches of time, he told us. I'm not sure if it was 10 minutes every 40 min or so, or what the exact ratio was. We had a blast singing Under the Boardwalk several times with him. He was constantly on the move, talking to everyone, and handing out drinks and the promotional flyer they had made (which he told us he "worked so hard on.")

When it was time for music, Arsenio would usually start by shouting "Hey Clay." Clay would answer back "Hey Arsenio." Then Arsenio would say that he felt some music coming on. And Ben would start playing and Clay would start singing. After the first time, they encouraged us all to start singing along on the chorus and the "under the boardwalk" part. Lots of fun! They filmed the singing part several times, twice with Kathy Lee and Hoda, and one time I actually got to clink glasses with Clay during the song. (let's hope they edit that out!!!)

We saw when the executives came in, and made sure we raised our glasses toward them. They were led to the bar, and got their own glasses and then they were asking Clay questions and the man was definitely selling the product. He was talking a mile a minute (as we know only he can do!) and it was great. They talked to him for quite a while, and then they were hanging around for a bit. We were standing a bit behind them as we were all watching the limbo contest and then as Lou came out from behind the bar with the pitcher of stuff and was refilling everyone's glasses. We overhead them talking and they seemed to be enjoying it and specifically heard them say it was "a nice touch" when Lou came out from behind the bar. They also stopped and talked with our little group and were asking us how we knew about the party, if we liked the drink, if we were having fun, etc. Clay came over to us later after the execs left and said thank you to us for talking with them. Hee. We told him we had his back!!!

The cameras were EVERYWHERE. Boom cameras. Guys walking around with cameras on their shoulders. When one crew left, I swear another crew came in to take their place. I think we all got rapped on the head a few times by the guy with the camera on his shoulder. I think a cute little touch was that we got umbrellas in our drinks too! We were wearing them in our hair! (yes, we're 12, why do you ask?)

I really was struck by how well the guys seemed to work together. They would take each other's cues and feed off of each other. Clay asked Penn to juggle down the soul train line. Arsenio started rapping a song at one point. And they seemed to get along very, very well. Except for Paul, who I can't say didn't get along, but he just didn't say very much. I basically never heard the guy utter a word. But maybe he was Mr. Personality over at the bar for all I know. I was frequenting Lou's bar!

At one point Clay was talking and I heard him say something about "tomorrow. " I happened to look up and realized he was talking to Jackie, and he made the sign for money with his fingers. She didn't see him do that, and she said "what?" - not understanding what he was trying to say. He saw me and said "did you see what I did?" I nodded that I did, and took it to mean he was trying to tell us that he may need the money tomorrow (which is today, which we now know he really needs it tomorrow).

Somewhere toward the end of the event, after we were all cheering for something, Arsenio shouted out "We're team Unanimous" and something about "we're going to win this thing" or something to that effect. Clay looked at him with a grin and said "what are you talking about?" - which was funny, as they're not to say that they are on TCA or give any indication of it. Also, once in a while Arsenio would start singing a takeoff on Dee's song of We're Not Going to Take it Anymore and sing "We're not going to drink it (the calories) anymore."

All in all, it was rather surreal. Here we were at an intimate, private beach party with Dee, Arsenio, Lou, Paul, Penn and, of course, our host with the most, Clay. I never expected that we'd have so much time with him in such close quarters. It far, far, far exceeded my expectations. So glad I was able to go!!! At the end, all the guys said a general thanks to the crowd. As we went to where we had stashed our gear, Clay came back toward us and was thanking us yet again for being there. We were thrilled we could help out. He told us he was sorry but they were telling the guys to get everyone out ASAP. But, as we started to head out, he gave each and every one of us a big hug. I told him as I hugged him "we'll see you soon," and he said "I may need you guys again." Awwwwww. It was just a great feeling to know that he knows we're there to support him and that we're cheering him on. And to know that he knows he can count on us. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

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Oh man, that one needs to be posted...


From dancermom:


But boy am I exhausted. Even with my flitflop boots my feet are killing me! I was standing for from 9:30am to 1:30pm. The place was jammed. And yes people were buying books. Clay was the man on the money. He had to write a receipt...give you a copy and put the other one away. If you used a charge card you had to sign an additional paper along with the screen on the credit card machine. I kept tripping the darn thing before I was done signing my name. He started ragging on me about that. He said you are the only one who keeps doing that. I went back to buy one for myself lol! There was no way any of us there could have gotten all the books everyone wanted. It was just that crazy there. It could have been better organized I think and they should have had two guys behind the booth taking the money. I think the $10K donation could not go through the credit card thing because it was way too big and there was no way for them to call. I also think they must have heard about the women selling it for only $5 and rethought their strategy. The guys were bringing in big donations. $10K, 25K and $5K donations were coming in. Teller brought $20K. Clay did have checks in a Fed Ex envelope from his friends and family.

The energy on the guys side was amazing. They were hawking the guidebook....and putting on a good show. They are showman and they were putting on a fantastic show. Then Teller came with the Blue Man group and the drums and the huge puppet and the canons shooting confetti it was intense! They also shot money out of the canon. The sad thing is some people didn't return it even though people were telling them it was for charity!!!! I hope karma bites them on the butt.

Clay looked gorgeous. I mean...gorgeous. He was tired. You could see by the end of the day he was pooped. I mean he processed every single sale and there were a lot!!!!!!

At the end a bunch of us were watching Clay from the side and Dee came up. I really have come to like him. The charity of the day is the March of Dimes. He showed us a premie diaper...it was so tiny. I have never seen a diaper so small. He then said I love Clay's fans...you guys are great...and he started yelling the Claymates are Great Clay.... (I do not like that word btw but I think we are stuck with it). And then he tells us you can bee Deemates too and Claymates...So where are the Deemates and we all gave him a cheer.

I think that tweet that said what force of nature brought Arsenio, Dee and Clay together was spot on. The three seem to have bonded and become friends.

I have a good feeling about today. Unless the women had a sugar daddy I don't think they stand a chance.

The book...I don't want to scan it until after the show airs after what happened with the flyer I am antsy about doing that. The guys are in a circle on the cover looking down at a camera. It's a cool picture. Then each guy took a part of NYC. Clay took the UWS and talked about the good energy there and the good food...and Lincoln Center and The Beacon and Riverside and Morningside Parks. Paul Sr talked about how he F***** hated the UES and the reasons he felt that way. Arsenio took the theater district. Dee took 5th AVe. Lou took Central Park. Penn took Harlem. Each guy has a picture of themselves by their little write up. It looks like they went to the Top of the Rock to take pics.

bigapple and jc4aiken got video but I don't feel comfortable vaulting it until again...the show airs.

Some women got in trouble from what I understand for what they did yesterday.... :whistling:

The guys were great autographing and taking pictures. They were working the crowd. At the end it got insane though with the crowds around noon to closing.

Clay still needs us to fundraise...I know that has been posted. He is thinking ahead. I may not get the thank yous out as fast as last time....but I will do them in a timely manner. I am so glad he knows we have his back.

Snail Mail or Paypal. As before...when he says he needs it we will send it to him. If the need doesn't arise we will donate it to "National Inclusion Project". We start off at $3000 which is great!

I am tired. He must be exhausted. They would have had to put this book together in one day and start thinking of who to call to get the $$$$$.

And he was f*cking gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

DH got pics. He said it was great...it was like shooting fish in a pond! LOL! Same woman from Tuesday said...I thought you said you weren't with the press? He said I am not with the press I am a lawyer. I said...he's my DH and I am a Clay fan. She said...he still could be with the press. LOL! I said...no he is just the DH of a Clay fan! He is taking pics for me!!!! (and a couple of others...hee!)

There are only 6 guys still in the game from the book...Clay, Dee, Penn, Lou, Paul Sr and Arsenio.

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A picture of Dee Snider that gives an idea of the booklet they were selling.


Clay talking to Penn's magician partner, Teller.


Via bigappleforclay. Supposedly bigger copies of these will be coming later.




From what I'm reading, the Project Manager was Penn for this project. The men left are Clay, Penn, Dee, Arsenio, Lou, and Paul Sr. There are 5 women left -- Aubrey, Deborah, Lisa, Dayana, and Teresa.

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From getclayaiken:

Wow, what a great Clay Day! Dancermom's recap provides a really good sense of the mood and energy of today's event, so I'll note some personal stuff:

Since I'm now living in the Hudson Valley, I can no longer just jump onto the subway to see Clay. It now takes 2 hours. Since I missed the "beach" thing the other day, I figured today might be my only chance to see Clay up close. I got to Madison Square Park around 9:40, and it took me a while to find the CA staging area. When I did, I immediately spotted Clay under the canopy, and my first observation was that he was wearing a lot of sexy eye makeup. I soon hooked up with jc4aiken, and since there were only about 20 people milling about, we decided to make our donations during the relative calm. I went up first and got a big and friendly "Hi!" from Clay. Clay said we could donate any amount and we could use credit cards. He efficiently processed my donation of $100 (kind of tricky to fill out the receipt form and also run thru the credit card simultaneous). Then jc4aiken upped me with a $150 donation. After hers was processed, he looked up at us with those big green grey eyes and said (almost pleadingly), "Could you do me a favor? Could you try and get me a pair of thin gloves" (it was still chilly then). Hello! We said 'sure!', and I said he could use my gloves in the meantime (a beautiful pair from Japan I had bought just yesterday--the kind where the fingers poke thru the holes). He looked quizzically at them for a second, said he'd hold on to them, and put them under the table. More people were linng up to give donations, so I just milled about taking video. Won't them make public until after the show in Feb., but here are 2 caps:



Also got nice video of CV's $10,000 donation via dancermom. And her nice hug from Clay:-)

The other celebs were all so warm and friendly, and we got pics and siggies from them all. They, especially Penn, Lou and Dee, really knew how to work the crowd. Consummate showmen. Within an hour the area was packed, and it was great that all their fans had turned out and donating sums large and small. I loved seeing Teller, who stayed in character the whole time.

Clay was opening a FedEx enveloped filled with checks. As I was standing nearby, Clay signalled me over and asked me to "pretend" I was donating one of those checks (a $10,000 one) so they could film it. So, I "walked over", handed Clay the check and he yells "Here's $10,000!!!!!!!!" Everyone whooped it up while the the cameraman got it all on tape. So fun! I think this pick was taken was right after:


A while later, dancermom mentioned the idea of getting more celebrity-autographed guidebooks for the NIP auction. So, I went up to Clay, said I'd like to make another donation, and told him about the auction plans. He asked "how much would I like to give?" [EDITED] Then he proceeds to fill out the receipt, but says quietly "Trust me on this". He apparently charged me [EDITED], and gave me an autographed book. The rest of us started to do the same thing. So, now we have a bunch of fully autographed books for NIP.

Clay used several of us as "messengers" throughout the day. He asked two other fans, Lori and Lynn to "stage" donations as I had done.

For Clay fashion afficionados, here's a shoe photo courtesy of jc4aiken (I had run out of iphone battery by then).


And my memento (bad hair day):


As mentioned in her recap, dancermom, jc, and I walked down to Union Square to check out the women. Apparently, the women's team had "begged" for that location but it was a poor choice since it is mostly residential/stores during the day, whereas Madison Sq. is buzzing with working people. Miss Universe is stunning and seemed nice, but the rest of the women were nowhere near as gregarious or show stopping as the guys.

Clay was kept busy throughout, you could tell he was tired, but he looked so, so handsome.


I remembered those early Clay watching days when he had that "deer in the headlights" look, and getting a second of his time seemed a small miracle. He is so much more relaxed and accessible now. Maybe a bit more humble as well.

The producers announced the last 4 minutes of the event and, sure enough, at the final second, even with people still in line, Clay threw his arms up in the air to signal they were done. But he did take a split second to push over the remaining books to us! After it took them a few minutes to hurriedly pack up to go, I asked Clay for my gloves back (btw--in between all this, he said he no longer needed gloves as it had warmed up). He grabbed them from under the table and said "Thank You!" But a few minutes later chided me for taking too many photos ;-)

I haven't watched Celebrity Apprentice as I cannot stand Donald Trump, but after today, I cannot wait for the show. It's gonna be phenomeonal with such great chemistry and camaraderie between the guys. The elimination process if going to be tough!

I :heart them all! But especially Clay. :wub:

:smooch to Laughn and claychangedmylife for posting for me, dropped calls and all.

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