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# 63: Clay Aiken for President!


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I think he was "singing along" with the recording he did, and then that was a video from his podcast. While I didn't understand many of the words, I also don't think it was anything to get upset about. And I actually laughed at the very ending, because I'm sure both Penn and Clay really didn't "get" those heart-to-heart talks very well either.

OTOH, just finished watching (via DVR) the Fox 25 anniversary special last night. Yes, Clay appeared -- they showed a brief clip of him during his surprise appearance at the finale of AI5. He was also briefly seen at his audition, and again during his own finale.

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Celebrity Apprentice Power Ranking for this past week

#1) Clay Aiken (34)


Celebrity Apprentice

was a little frustrating to watch this week as Clay had a little trouble pulling weight as project manager. Even more troubling was his presentation, which seemed as if Clay had put little to no thought into. Still, Clay’s consensus management is far better than Aubrey’s dictatorship and as a creative force, hard worker, and mostly clear of any freak outs, Clay is still the contestant to beat.

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Aster many listens, this is the best I could do on the lyrics to Penn's song:

Clay Aiken By Penn Jillette

I have never felt so set up in my life

You got your I-Pad 3, you got your I-Phone 4; got the I-Pad2 ; ? phone

Steve Jobs is dead; Apple’s jumped overseas

(……for a living)

Working factories

Leave your family behind for the plastic they’re making…while I’m having public heart to hearts with Clay Aiken

That’s the job…hypothetically.that’s the job, I’m a celebrity

If your working in the kitchen to the point of breaking you not hanging with arsenio and Clay Aiken.

(You’re not on celeb with Arsenio and Clay Aiken)

Meanwhile back in the jungle

( ………………spending the night)

Yeah, a diamond is forever like the treacherous mines,

(making no money with child laborers)

Around Zimbabwe and their African Neighbors

Family left behind for the ? they get

( They’re not hanging with arsenio , the hulk and penn jillette).

On a thousand dollar ? on a million dollar ?

That’s my job , hypothetically, that’s my job

(uh huh)

I’m a celebrity

If your working life makes you suffer and sweat, than have fun being fired

(Like Dee and Penn Jilette)

Those 5 weeks in New York City with the art of the deal praying for Trump’s ?

But New York City in November can feel like a mere 5 minutes


(yeah, yeah, yeah)

Cut it out

( yeah, yeah, yeah)

There’s an outbreak, there ain’t no cure, Got to send some doctors to Kula Lampur

American Heroes bring some ?

Emergency measures, quarantine..they’re barely hanging, there is no mistaken,,they ain’t

Playing the apprentice game with Penn and Clay Aiken

That’s my job, hypothetically, that’s my job, two bit celebrity.

While your going from one bad job to another, we’re having heart to hearts with each other.

That’s my job, (oh yeah) hypothetically, that’s my job, I’m a celebrity

If you’re given it your all but you still get taken

You ain’t having heart to hearts with me and Clay Aiken

If you world is shaking you ain’t having heart to hearts with adam, penn and clay aiken

If your goosed is cooked from bringing home the bacon you ain’t having heart to hears with me, the hulk and Clay Aiken

Meanwhile back in the boardroom.

(Now tell me tell it to me Penn)

I really hated those heart to hearts with Clay Aiken

(What about Clay, Penn?)

He really hated those heart to hearts with Penn Jillette

I’m so condescending

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Looks like it was a good week for TCApp ratings wise -

On NBC, Dateline brought in a 1.2 rating among adults 18-49. Harry's Law was even with a 0.9 in the demo. The Celebrity Apprentice averaged 2.0 rating with 18-49-ers during its two-hour broadcast, tying for the top spot at 9 p.m. and topping all other networks at 10 p.m. NBC averaged a 1.5 in the demo and 6.3 million viewers.

Apparantly the FOX special did not so well.

I wonder if Clay was in Chapel Hill today to see Obama give his speech.

Yoohoo, Couchie. Check your messages :)

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Hell has officially frozen over. New tweet from Clay:

The IMPOSSIBLE has happened! I have found a breed of cat that doesn't scare the hell out of me! And I actually sort of like it!

Did you see this response:


Steve Haviland @kingodawg


@clayaiken is this your first experience with a pussy? #CelebrityApprentice

in reply to @clayaiken

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Hell has officially frozen over. New tweet from Clay:

The IMPOSSIBLE has happened! I have found a breed of cat that doesn't scare the hell out of me! And I actually sort of like it!

I almost died reading this. :cryingwlaughter: I still kinda don't believe him till I see a picture!! LOL

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From new member jenni *waves*, originally posted in the news thread:

Attention all Claymates! I am excited to tell you that Clay is performing in New York City in 2 weeks! I work at an organization called Family Equality Council, which connects, supports, and represents LGBT parents and their children. We're hosting an event called Night at the Pier in NYC on May 8 – and Clay is now officially performing. As a fan myself, I am really excited and wanted to spread the word. Family Equality Council honored Clay with an award in 2009, and we loved that tons of his fans came to the event. Night at the Pier 2012 is only 2 weeks away – so hurry and buy your tickets! Check out www.familyequality.org/pier.

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I don't see the performers listed anywhere on that site.....I hope Clay tweets of TC lets us know if he is indeed performing. The tickets are steep but I'm sure someone will take one for the team if it means we can get some clack. cryingwlaughter.gif

Someone at CV has already bought tickets! Welcome to Jenni!


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My question is....What does Arsenio ACTUALLY DO on Celebrity Apprentice????? Every time they showed him on Sunday night he was standing in the back with his arms folded...looked like a security guard. I don't know if it's because what he is doing is not interesting(on any episode I've seen so far) so they don't bother filming him OR they only film him when he's yelling at Aubrey or cracking jokes that I really don't find all that funny...but then I'm a tough audience to please. :Iluvclaysbutt::cocktail:

By the way, I think "the cat" Clay is referring to was a puppet in the show with the muppets....I think. :whistling-1:

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I'm with the other speculations that I've seen elsewhere...that the cat in question may belong to someone special in Clay's life. Probably wishful thinking on my part, but whatever!

I actually think that Arsenio got very far on the show by being an "observer" and flying under the radar. He must have done something right though, if Clay was impressed!

This picture was posted on Stuffed and Unstrung's Facebook page today, with a "Caption This" heading...


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That's a cute pic! It kinda looks like an inquisition. lol

One of the members of Stuffed and Unstrung Troop at the Carolina Theatre replied to the post with the photo with a caption:

Grant Baciocco‏@ToasterBoy

@stuffedunstrung Clay Aiken, "Pick whatever puppet you want suckers. Someday, I'm gonna perform in Stuffed & Unstrung for REAL."

Clay's expression is pretty different--he looks like he can't wait. The others look worried.

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That's funny jmh! I didn't get a chance yesterday to look at the replies...

Clay tweeted last night. It sounds like people REALLY want video of him performing, which just ain't gonna happen:

Y'all need 2 dial it down. Theres not gonna b a video release RT @junebug0001:@Stuffedwrangler would love 2c video of@clayaiken performing

ETA: Missed this picture, tweeted by Arsenio, about 3 weeks ago:


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People are tweeting because the stuffed and unstrung folks tweeted and said if enough people respond their could be a video..they should know better than to dangle a "carrot" like that in front of Clay fans! :cryingwlaughter:


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