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alright okay clay is awesome. Loved the entire cast. Matinee went well. Looking forward to tonight. Clay is large and in charge. He stands during go go Joseph with chains on. Absolutely cant emphasize enough how good he is and how amazing that high register is. Wow.

That's it so far tonight, and I had to roll up my pants and hold my nose to get that. Hold me FCA!

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I've been busy all day today. And the weather has been perfect, so I've been outside a lot.

Happy birthday luckiestson!

merrieeee, I really appreciate you bringing the stuff over! You too jmh!

*dons hip waders*

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Quite frankly I don't care if the place is full or some one tries to make a joke about Clay or not. All I really want from Clay is for him to sing pretty for me.......well that's not all but i think this place is PG! Hee Hee!

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From copingincalif at CV:

alright okay clay is awesome. Loved the entire cast. Matinee went well. Looking forward to tonight. Clay is large and in charge. He stands during go go Joseph with chains on. Absolutely cant emphasize enough how good he is and how amazing that high register is. Wow.

From Vertigo:

He, as well as all of the others, were awesomely great today. Every time I see it he seems more at ease and looking happier with it. Pharaoh is a real ham but, in my memory, Clay still got the biggest applause at the end.

merrieeee, you are a wise woman!

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I can't seriously be the only one posting! What's going on out there?

I just invited someone to come on over and visit. I told her it was a small friendly board. It seems real small today!

Tell her to come back again. I've noticed that things slow down on the weekends, especially in the summer. And yes, you are wise! And so am I, haha, because I completely agree. For some, it's as if every event of every new day is crucial in the "life and career of Clay Aiken." Reminds me of my dearly departed mother, who thought every plane I ever flew on would crash.

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From goodlife5:

I was at last night's show as well as the first night of preview. I thoroughly enjoyed both shows but I thought that last night's show was dynamite! Yes Elvis was very well received and his part is suppose to gernerate that "King" energy. Clay received loud applause when he first appeared on stage, great applause after ,Close Every Door, and solid applause at end of the show. In my opinion, no one stole Clay's thunder . Clay was fully confident and in possession of Joseph last night, his voice was to die for and I was haunted by Close Every Door. The entire cast is truly terrific and all were very well received.

They have tweaked the show, the opening flows much better, mics have be adjusted, the pace is smoother, some costume improvements for Clay and other small changes. I sat among some local theater patrons last night and they were all thrilled with the show and thought Clay was wonderful.

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I checked in periodically but was covering the index thread for vjm at CV. Wasn't she a poster here at one time? I was running around so much I forgot to go to a neighbor's jewelry party. Didn't need any anyways.

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Hey Fear, gotta kitchen yet?

More stuff, in quieter waters tonight.

And thanks so much to all who are posting recaps and allowing them to be passed from board to board, and many, many thanks to the boards that allow them as well. Sometimes I make jokes about it, but I kid because I love. Some people hate our emoties and our pics. To each her own. The recaps are so worth wading through a bit of an argument, so thanks y'all recappers and generous boards!


I don't even know what to say. He sings the high stuff beautifully. We know he can do it but he has to sustain it throughout the show. Smooth as silk. Easy peasy. Very impressed. Not surprised that he can act of course. Lots of NJU in audience and they loved it. Standing O of course for him at both shows. At this evening show the person next to me had never seen the show and loved it. She is the aunt of actress Laura Flynn Boyle. Crazy world. Loved the show, loved him and I have no interest in the ticket sales. What I saw today was a full theatre both shows. Whatever. Leave at 430 am so Turning in. Hope others post reports too.

Ps there was confetti ala Spamalot tonight at the end. Did they do that before?


I was at both shows today and I stood up to look around right before opening curtain and right before second curtain went up.

Place looked damn full to me both shows. Lots of applause for both Clay and the whole cast throughout. Third show for me so far and he just gets better and better. Best I've ever heard him. Voice is spot on and he retains it throughout the show. He's killin' it I tell ya! Just wrings the emotion out of every note.

Never expected this show to be so funny, but it's hilarious! Since I was a lot closer I finally noticed that the Pharoh was wearing blue suede shoes! That should give a clue as to what comes next. LOL. Front row tonight and front row both shows Sun.


My husband and I were at the show tonight...row g seats 9 and 11. Cheaper seats but great views! The theater was almost full with a very enthusiastic crowd. Of course, Clay was awesome in his role and in great voice. I think the pharoah and the brothers roles are more comedic in nature and therefore people are saying they steal the show. They are very good but Clay is the obvious star. "Close Every Door" is beyond amazing. It reminded me of the emotion in "Lover All Alone" but with more power. CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW NIGHT. It is worth every penny of this expensive excursion!


Most fun I have had in years. YEARS!!! The entire cast is outstanding and each of them deserve whatever amounts of applause/cheers they get. Most of them have much more rousing songs than Clay does - of course they get the rowdy applause. They also stay on stage longer and milk it (part of the staging of the show). Probably helps to make it seem like they have more/louder applause, but I don't believe for a minute they were getting any more respect or appreciation than Clay. Not from the people around me, anyway. Clay is the STAR of the show and everybody reacted accordingly.

IMO The role of Pharaoh is written to be a scene stealer, and this actor lives up to it. Funny as hell, charming and hot. The brothers are all wonderful and look like they're having the time of their lives on stage. Canann Days is the funniest part of the show, IMO, and this version of it is better than the DVD version (also IMO). "Ruben" is a freaking hoot, and he can sing. Keala is definitely different as Narrator and at first it seemed odd (given how use to Maria Friedman I am) but she was marvelous and had a great comic flair that I never saw from Maria (DVD Narrator). Loved her!!

And Clay absolutely knocked it out of the park. Vocally, he is unparalleled. Watching him sing to the kids at the start is just wonderful. He looks at each one of them individually, smiling and his eyes are just sparkling. His interpretation of the songs (both Any Dream and Close Every Door) is much more emotional and somehow more innocent than Donny's (and others I've heard) and it just makes them that much better for me. I love his change ups to CED and I had chills from the first note to the last. At the matinee there was an NJU and her three daughters sitting next to me and she had to show me her arms when he was done- said he gave her goosebumps!! There is so much of the play where Clay has no lines - he's only reacting to everything happening around him. That's a tough thing to do and he pulls it off very well. He doesn't have the flashy scenes that the brothers and Pharaoh do, but he is absolutely the heart of the show. In the scenes where he has to act, like when he accuses Benjamin, he does it very, very well.

One thing I thought was amusing - during the Potiphar scene, he gives Joseph a big stack of cash which Joseph then puts in his pocket. After he's taken away to jail, for however long (months? years?) he was in there, when he's 'freed' at the end of Go Go Go Joseph, he still has the cash in his pocket, lol. Not that I was checking out his front pockets in the white pants. Uhhuh.


I just had to add - I had row A (which is second row) and row B tickets today - left of center, and they are by far the best seats I've ever had for anything. LOVED!!! If you can get them, do it!!!

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Our very own preden:

Winnie, elaineforclay, and I got 3 autographs at each show crazysparkle.gif Clay was simply amazing and his voice was sublime! The brothers were very good smile.gif Some of the brothers signed our playbills. We loved Elvis and he signed it too. We wish we could stay another day and see it all again. We are very thankful and thrilled to have had the opportunity to see it twice in one day after 7 hours of driving, thank you WinnieB. The cast were all great. If I could come again I would.

Hey, the emoties travelled. See!

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Wheeee, I'm loving all the recaps! The more detail, the better. cindilu2's is awesome. :wub: CV is having a cellcert tonight, but I'm going to miss it. Today we have Ribfest and my son Ian's baseball game on the agenda (which he insists he is playing in, against doctor's orders). My mom is still here. They will be vaulting the 'cert, however, so I can listen to it at my leisure tomorrow. Yay!

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jmh, kitchen is almost ready. Monday the fridge will be put inplace instead of being in the living room. Stove is waiting for an inspector sowe can hook it up. We switched to gas so it has to be checked. Floors, backsplash and painting done. I screamed inside when

I saw the wall paint going on. The amber color we selected changed to orange on the walls. I like orange but a little bit goes a long way. Nice folks at Sherwin-Williams gave me a free gallo and the painter repainted it for $75.more dollars. The grout on the walls is a little strong but Ill learn to live with it.

Funny that the grout is "clay" and our painter's name is Arsenio. Coincidences everywhere. Everyone did a great job. I just fell down on some of my choices.

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I can't wait to get to Maine! Today, I'm wearing the Maine shirt I bought last summer in Old Orchard Beach, and I also watched a cooking show about lobster. *g*

Hey, has anyone ever driven a Hyundai Veloster? I am looking at different models because I need a new car this fall. I like the look of this one, and even on the base model, I get A/C and Bluetooth technology.

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From CH via CV.

From CH:

QUOTE ("walkiki")

From Gay Ogunquit - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Or the Bible goes Disco)


As summer in Ogunquit hits high season, so does the camp factor at the Playhouse. I would have thought cornball productions like “The Rat Pack” or “Young Frankenstein” would have won the title. Little did I know that the winner (so far) is a play based on--- a Bible story! “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” opens this week and based on the enthusiasm I saw on Thursday nights, fans of this camp classic (and its American Idol star, Clay Aiken) are ecstatic.

Now, it is has been many years since this Gayogunquit reviewer has been to Sunday School so my memory of the tale of Joseph is a bit hazy. Set many, many years before the birth of Christ, this play (narrated by vocal talents of Keala Settle) tells the story of Jacob, a powerful (and apparently polygamous) leader of Israel, who has (at least) 12 sons. One of them, the studious, sensitive Joseph (Clay Aiken) is his obvious favorite. This does not sit well with the other 11 and when daddy Jacob gives his #1 son a rather flamboyant, gay pride looking trench coat, they plot a “Cain and Able” on him.

Stripped of his beloved coat and sent off as a slave, Joseph uses his psychic (and vocal) abilities to impress person after person he comes in contact with. His talents are soon noticed by businessmen and royalty alike, and Joseph becomes a high advisor to the Pharaoh after he is able to decipher his highness’s dreams. (This rock and roll Elvis number is one of the highlights of the show- Matthew Ragas really nails his Vegas-style Presley!) Thanks to Joseph, Egypt is saved from famine and he is given a royal title….just in time for his brothers to come begging for help...

As said before, this take on a Bible story can’t be taken seriously (even animal lovers will laugh aloud during the “death” of the goat/sheep prop!). The cast is clearly enjoying themselves. Aiken plays the role as a subdued, sensitive soul and comes across as very likable. The “evil” brothers add enough goof ball charm to want us to see them be acquitted of their crimes. (Nicholas Ward had the audience whipped up into a frenzy with his Benjamin Calypso number.) The song and dance numbers also give the show a real feel-good charm that helps us forget the serious nature of the source material. Also, the costumes look like something Elton John would have designed after an all night LSD bender- in other words, the laughs are fast and furious. Think what would have happened if ABBA and Charlton Heston’s Moses had a love child and that should sum up this light, feel good romp!

“Joseph” is playing now through August 25th. For tickets and show times, check out Ogunquitplayhouse.org or call 207-646-5511

Jason Pendergast


I like this guys take on Clays performance.

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You weren't the only one crying. He was absolutely amazing on Close Every Door. The tears were running down my face through the entire song and even though I wiped them away when the song was over, my eyes kept leaking for awhile after. I kept telling my husband later on that evening that I would love to get my hands on a recording of that song exactly the way he sang it Saturday afternoon. It was perfection. He couldn't have sung it any better.

To be perfectly honest, I was worried that I was going to be disappointed because after listing to the little snippets that were posted the other day, I wasn't thrilled with the way he sang Any Dream Will Do. To me it sounded like he completely changed the melody and I wasn't liking what I was hearing. But Saturday afternoon, he sang it the way I've always heard it and I was very happy. There was one part in the show that surprised me so much so that I let out a little shriek. It was after Joseph's brothers took his coat from him, they picked him up and dropped him in a hole in the floor. I wasn't expecting it so it totally caught me off guard.

I also wanted to add that my seats were fantastic. I was complaining a little bit the other day because I was worried that being so far to the right at the end of the row, that I might not be able to see everything. But I was actually closer to the stage then I imagined and because of a raised platform that was there, my wheelchair was positioned so that I was much higher then the rows in front of me so my view of the stage was wonderful. It didn't matter to me that I wasn't sitting in the center. Where I was sitting was perfect. I don't know if there will be any Clack or not, but I'm thrilled that I was able to go just this one time and have the memories logged in my brain.

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Looks like a little lipstick on his right cheek near his mouth. Someone was happy to see Clay.

We only know about Toyotas luckiest. Good luck with your car shopping. Our last two cars were purchased with the help of Costco. They let you know where to buy the car and what you should pay for it.

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Maine Sunday Telegram

Review: Ogunquit Playhouse's 'Joseph' a crowd-pleaser

Review: Ogunquit Playhouse's 'Joseph' a crowd-pleaser


Styles often change, but one particular coat has a record of staying fashionable, even in thewarmer months. The outerwear in question here is an important prop in an early work by thelegendary team of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice



"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

WHERE: Ogunquit Playhouse, 10 Main St. (Rt. 1)

DATE REVIEWED: Aug. 4; continues through Aug. 25

TICKETS: $39 to $78

CONTACT: 646-5511;


"Joseph and the Amazing TechnicolorDreamcoat" emerged on the world's stages in the wake of the creative duo's later success with "Jesus Christ Superstar." Expanded and revised along the way, "Joseph" has become a favorite for theater companies and theatergoers at every level.

Over the years, pop idols like David Cassidyand Donny Osmond have signed on to thecast to bring the show home to mass audiences as well as add another stage appearance to their careers. Now, theOgunquit Playhouse has landed former "American Idol" sensation Clay Aiken, who has some Broadway experience, to add star power for its production of the show.

Aiken does fine by his title role, but the show owes its strength equally to a sterling cast that gets to loosen up and fly high in some of the very entertaining set pieces and ensemble numbers. All in all, this "Dreamcoat" fits well without need of major alterations. It's a show that anyone with an ear and an eye for top-quality song and dance will enjoy.

Aiken generally adds a low-key demeanor to his role as the biblical dreamer who believes he is destined for greatness. At Sunday's matinee, his big numbers were delivered in a singing voice with range enough to connect on both those somber moments ("Close Every Door")and the inspiring ones ("Any Dream Will Do"). Even when he was being tough ("Who's theThief?"), he stayed within his character's gentle strength to get at the show's fundamental message of perseverance and forgiveness.

Broadway powerhouse Keala Settle gained applause for several songs sung in the role of thestory's Narrator. Easily reaching the back of the hall and perhaps all the way to downtown Ogunquit with her soaring voice, she was a dynamic presence throughout.

Numbers that mixed various genres and eras of music and dance were what will likely be most memorable about this production.

An early "Hoedown" piece was a hoot, with the men playing Joseph's wayward brothers singing and dancing up a strorm. Later, an appearance from the Pharoah (Matthew Ragas) evolved into an Elvis impersonation that had everyone cracking up.

Craig Laurie and Nicholas Ward stood out in hilarious numbers inspired, respectively, by French balladry and Carribean calypso. These and other numbers were ensemble as well as individual gems for which director and choreographer Jayme McDaniel deserves much credit.

The only negative might be an unnecessary "Megamix" tacked on at the end that briefly reprises most of the show's big numbers as if the next stop was Las Vegas. Notwithstanding this quibble, if you've never seen this show or have only seen community or high school productions in the past, it is well worth it to make a trip down to Ogunquit to see how well the pros do it.

Steve Feeney is a freelance writer who lives in Portland.

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From CV:

Took the granddaughters ( 8 and 10) to see Joseph today. Incredible!! I cannot wait to see it again.

His voice gave me chills when he sang "Close Every Door"--picture the "chain" picture at the end of the song.

I felt as if I saw a lot of Sir Robin in Joseph--that same sweet innocence was there.

The show itself is fantastic--the music just has you tapping your feet. The kids loved it. We were in row W -way near the back, but still good seats. The place was packed except for the two rows in front of us-gave us a much better view, especially for the kids. It was perfect. He got enthusiastic applause for everything.

I also really love the narrator--can see why she was Tony nominated.

I'm not good at remembering details, but I always like to mention audience reaction. I heard someone say that they'd seen four other versions and that Clay was the best Joseph they'd ever seen. The ladies behind me said, "How did he not win?" I got in a short conversation with him and told them about "National Inclusion Project", etc. They found that it was mentioned in the program and were impressed. At the end they told me they just loved him as Joseph. Heard so many other random comments about how terrific he was. People just kept saying it over and over. Whenever I go to plays, I don't usually hear such enthusiasm! And I know that these were not diehard fans.

Got to do the stage door. :) The usher mentioned it and I wasn't going to because I needed to get home and knew traffic going south on 95 would be horrible. But, the girls really wanted to. He appeared about two minutes after we got there. I had the girls move up to the front and I stayed back a bit. I know he loves kids (and my granddaughters were adorable in little dresses and braids--knew he wouldn't be able to resist). He was about ready to turn and go, but saw them and signed their programs. Sooo, they have autographs and I don't! LOL I could kick myself for not taking a picture, but I blame "the fog".

Have to say this is the best day I've had in a long time.

Clay Aiken is good for what ails ya, for sure!!!

Seeing it again on the 20th with my RI buddies and I just CANNOT WAIT!!

Just have to add how gorgeous he is from three feet away. Simply stunning!! :thudmats:

There really is an ethereal quality about him, isn't there!!

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