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# 65: "Clay Aiken's Not Just Any Joe"


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Happy Valentine's Day! Hubby and I aren't celebrating tonight, but I'm fixing a special dinner tomorrow (scallops!), and then we'll start binge watching "House of Cards!" Nothing more romantic than political deception, right?

It's snowing right now, but we're on the north edge of this system, so I think we are only supposed to get 1-2". I usually like winter, but this one has just been too much.

Hope everyone has a great day, even if you do not have a romantic partner in your life. Love ALL, is what I say.

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HAPPY Valentines Day All!

We were supposed to go to dinner and the Symphony with our neighbors tonight. The symphony was cancelled and we will have to shovel our way out to go to dinner. Hopefully it will get warm enough to clear the streets. If not I have a chicken pie I made in the freezer.

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Thanks to luckiest's reminder, I was able to watch the men's skating live. And the winner was..........Johnny Weir. He's such a great commentator, so knowledgeable, and a gorgeous outfit too! Of course the results were disappointing, but I finally got to see Takahashi's Beatles program, and I enjoyed that so much. Wonderful choreography and musciality. If dance and artistry only mattered more than all those jumps--bleah! I'm kind of stunned realizing that I first saw Takahasi skate in 1998! Sad for Patrick Chan, but hey, a silver medal is pretty danged good. Sigh. Nerves got the best of him. Sigh. Hanyu has potential, and maybe he deserved the best score according to the system, but meh.

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jmh123, glad you watched! We had Kurt Browning doing commentary. He is funny, I like his quirky style. I agree, no one really skated like they wanted to win. I was happy for Daisuke because he skated well and seemed pleased. I will be so sorry to see him go because I, too, have been watching him since he was young. I don't think I've really digested Patrick not winning yet. I doubt he has either. I really, really hope he continues on and doesn't retire. He's only 23 for goodness sake!

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Duh, I forgot that of course you would have different commentators. I love Kurt Browning! We had far better commentary than we've had in years.

Daisuke has to be close to 30! I felt so bad for Patrick, really a heartbreaker. I also hope he keeps it up. You could see during the warm up that he was stressed to the max. Nobody really skated all that well of the top skaters, but Daisuke was the most enjoyable to watch for me. Of the Russians, I always thought Alexi Yagudin was the most exciting--spectacular footwork. I didn't see anyone with footwork like that today, but I guess it doesn't score points.

I was looking for a picture of Weir's outfit, but I'm not too fond of the bottom half (white tights) or of the posed shots (too solemn), so I won't bother. I did find out that he also designed Hanyu's outfit for today. Didn't like that as much - Hanyu doesn't have the flair Johnny has.

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Rain and warmer temps should help to melt our snow. Our roads are clear now so I'll be heading out this morning to shop. Poor cat only has 2 cans of food left. Ha

I watched the top men last night. I was disappointed in how their nerves got to them. It would have been nice to see a clean program. I guess the point system used makes them jump crazy. I did enjoy the moments of artistry they all had. Guess I'm just old fashioned. I hope the women have a good competition.

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Looking good Mr. Congressman!

@ClayForNC: Last night Clay met with General Rodney O. Anderson & others to discuss veterans issues. #clayfornc http://t.co/P5ofq3jkOg

@ClayForNC: Senator Eric Mansfield was kind enough to open up his home for @clayaiken to meet with veterans to discuss pressing issues. #clayfornc

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The picture:


He is looking very good. I think I love the politician man!

Well, this Monday morning has SUCKED. Knew when I went to bed last night that we were under a winter storm watch. I woke up to an employee (who is a nervous nelly by nature anyway) texting me at 5 a.m. asking if she should come it. After much hemming and hawing, she finally decided at 6:30 to not come. In the meantime, I decided to get ready for work, and the trip wasn't bad. The only downside was right before leaving the house I discovered my work keys were MISSING! Anyway, made it to work -- and there were my keys. My boss arrived soon after I did, and we started talking. I come to find out that a fellow librarian, who was really good, is leaving in two weeks and is moving out of state. This is a position that took us 3 different searches and a bunch of interviews to finally find her. So, staffing issues keep happening! And then the snow started to fall...and fall...and fall. Got the notice at 8:30 a.m. that we were closing at 10 a.m. I made it to my car OK, but then it was iced over, so that took another 15 minutes to clean it off. I finally made it home about 10 minutes ago. I thank God I only live 5 minutes away from my workplace!

So....at least I've got time to finish my laundry from last night, clean my bathroom, and work on homework!

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So he's working on the weekends too. He must be learning a heck of a lot of about what's really going on. I'm especially looking forward to him making some real heavy duty speeches. Veteran's affairs is Kay Hagen's focus and she has sponsored some bills as well. The Pac, Americans for Prosperity, is going after her with tons of ads. I can't turn on the TV without seeing at least one.

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From Twitter:

Forward Americans @ForwardAmerican

Grateful to @clayaiken @ClayForNC who took time to speak with & listen to a few Wake Co. constituents in #NC02 today pic.twitter.com/5suClCViUC


Great small roundtable with Clay discussing issues for #NC02. Thank you @clayaiken @ClayForNC, already working hard! pic.twitter.com/0SJQbtmwbU


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Aww he sent me a letter.......well his campaign did!


Last week we announced we raised more than $100,000 in contributions during the first week of the campaign, which is a powerful sign of Clay’s momentum.

The momentum already has our opponents running scared, and that’s why during Clay’s first campaign outing in Harnett County we ran into a staffer who was tracking Clay. Having a tracker assigned to Clay shows that our opponents so worried about your support that they have now assigned someone to follow him around in hopes of finding material they can place in attack ads when they unleash millions of dollars on our campaign.

The Republican tracker reminded us that we have to raise far more money in order to compete with opponents who have deep rolodexes and significant amounts of special interest support. The truth is that Clay has not been plotting a political career for his entire life. Despite our great start, we’ve only been in the race for 12 days. Our opponents have been in the race for far longer.

The big lesson from the past twelve days? We have momentum and entrenched special interests and our opponents will be doing all they can to stop it. Will you contribute $15, $30, or more today in order to help us continue to carry Clay’s message forward?

We are close to opening up office space, we have hired staff, and we’re continuing to build out an operation that we can all be proud of. Your donation today will let us know that you have our back in the face of the attacks that are sure to come from those who hope that they can stop Clay’s momentum in its tracks.

We cannot thank you enough for your early support of Clay. It has shown the skeptics and cynics that many, many people are hungry for something different. Progress will always be challenged by those who benefit from the status quo, but ultimately we have faith that progress will prevail.

Thank you,

Gene Conti

PS — Your contribution of $30 or more right now will allow us to make needed investments in order to keep Clay’s momentum going. Please consider making a gift today.

Paid for by Clay Aiken for North Carolina

Clay for North Carolina

PO Box 3809

Cary NC 27519-3809 United States

If you believe you received this message in error or wish to no longer receive email from us, please unsubscribe.

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Criso, Aiken Take Questions at Meeting in Asheboro

Crisco, Aiken take questions at meeting in Asheboro

ASHEBORO — Roughly 50 Randolph County Democrats polled two candidates in the U.S. House of Representatives District 2 race Monday at the Asheboro Public Library. Keith Crisco, Asheboro businessman and resident, and Clay Aiken, singer and former American Idol contestant, both want to unseat incumbent Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers. But they have to get through the May 6 primary first.

The candidates were on hand to answer questions at the monthly meeting of the Randolph County Democrats meeting. Local Democratic chair Jim Meredith said Crisco regularly attends the local meetings. He said Aiken called to request time to meet with members. Toni Morris of Fayetteville is also a Democratic candidate for the seat; however, she had a conflicting engagement and could not attend.

Before the question and answer period, both candidates made brief presentations.

Aiken said he is running because he is frustrated with politicians who seem to court voters only to abandon them when they get to Washington. He said he has always been interested in politics and he believes he can engage more people to get involved in the 2014 general election.

Crisco joked, as a long-time member of the community, he needed to try hard to come up with something new to tell the audience about himself. He reminded the audience of his rural upbringing that took him from Aquadale to Harvard and eventually the nation’s capital as a Washington Fellow. He said, as a moderate, he is best qualified to serve.

“This nation cannot be governed from the edge,” he said. “It must be governed from the middle.”

When asked about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Crisco said the cost of healthcare in the U.S. is a problem. He said ACA is very large and was enacted very fast. But he said repealing it is not the answer. The solution, he said, is to fix it.

Aiken agreed the measure should not be repealed. He said, when ACA is explained to people, the majority favor key provisions like no caps on benefits and keeping children on parents’ policies until age 26.

“There are dozens of provisions we need to talk about (in the act),” he said. “We need to do a better job of explaining the law to people.”

Asked how they would get Republicans to vote for either of them, Aiken said he believes most of Americans live in the middle. He said both Republicans and Democrats are tired of the endless arguing and failure of politicians to negotiate with one another. He said he believes he can draw support from all sides.

Crisco said, as a businessman and a former state secretary of commerce, he has credibility and a reputation for working across the aisle that will attract support from Democrats, Republicans and independents. Both candidates promised to cast their support to the winner of the May primary.

One audience member asked how either candidate would motivate people to care about government enough to pay attention.

“For one thing, I’ll show up,” said Crisco, noting Ellmers has a reputation for not being visible or available in her district.

Aiken noted Ellmers has only two district offices in a district that spans some or all of nine counties. He said she is completely ignoring two large chunks of her district. He speculated these areas lean more Democratic and Ellmers “probably thinks she doesn’t need them.”

On the matter of education, audience members responded enthusiastically when Crisco and Aiken commented on Gov. Pat McCrory’s recently announced proposal to increase salaries for beginning teachers.

“This is a tiny little carrot,” Aiken said, adding this is frequently what politicians do, hoping people will forget past grievances. “People are far wiser now.”

Crisco said when McCrory made the announcement at a recent Emerging Issues conference, the audience greeted it with silence. Crisco said McCrory should have come out with a long-term plan to support increases for all teachers.

Asked what they could do about gridlock in Washington, Crisco said he has working relationships already with people in Congress. He said he has had 40 years of building relationships through his involvement in industry and state government. He said he could work with people of diverse opinions and is best suited to “hit the ground running.”

Aiken quipped it wouldn’t take him 40 years to build relationships, adding he can work with others toward common goals.

Filing continues until Feb. 28 for the May 6 primary. Both candidates expect to visit the county regularly leading up to that date.

Also, Clay's site now has an "About Clay" section, which tells his story.

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Forward Americans ‏@ForwardAmerican 15m

My buddy Tim in Randleman, NC wanted me to tweet this out;) Wake Co. to Randolph Co. in #NC02 today, go @ClayForNC! pic.twitter.com/ZmunwwP89M

It didn't work boo hoo

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