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# 65: "Clay Aiken's Not Just Any Joe"


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All from CV:

"Joseph," Stage Door, Final Show, Matinee, Aug. 25th, 2013. Capture by Scarlett.


"Joseph" You Tube Playlist. Includes all clips that I've found to date of "Joseph" stage door clips on You Tube, The Playhouse video clip; and, cast members' pre-"Joseph" performances.

Links can travel.

Lying here on my bed back at the hotel and read the cellcert thread. SO Happy the reception was great, can't wait to download it when I get home.

What a really wonderful day! From taking the cab to the Cliff House and setting up for the brunch to the show and the stage door, everything was just perfect today. I was so lucky to have my best seat today 2nd row centre. Could hardly breathe during CED. Loved that we got to give him the standing ovation. After Those Canaan Days I could see that the brothers were so happy to get one too! So well deserved, I totally loved them too. At the end, during ADWD I was a mess, had to get out a tissue :sniffle:

Stood on the wall for stage door and took video, so will post that when I get home, I panned the crowd too so you can all see it. Such a fantastic day and a big thank you to all the lovely people I met today for making it even more special.

:wub: :clayversity: :loveclayssmiley: :loveclayssmiley:. Thank you Clay for everything you are and for your beautiful tweet.

Hi there. I'll write a few of my crazy, disjointed recaps when I get home to my computer. I do just need to say that today was up there among my most memorable Clay moments. I was sniffling, the cast was crying, Keala was choked and had tears, none of the cast wanted to leave the theatre, Clay got a standing ovation after CED , which was incredible and the brothers did after TCD's.

I'll never forget this show, this theatre or this town.

Also, huge standing " O " and roars at the end of the show.

It was just amazing.

And finally...


So cute....

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This is a quick recap. lots of disjointed thoughts- it was just amazing.

His performance of CED was Tony worthy. Superb, had tears running down my face. Also had them during Any Dream Will Do. Keala was very emotional and when she started to lose it during the last Any Dream Will Do , so did I. She grasped both his hands and was visibly emotional, fighting back tears. He seemed to be a bit emotional too, although we know he fights it. As he left the stage he did the salute for us. It was largely a not just us crowd- and they gave him a standing O after CED, and deservedly so.

I am so glad we made the trip. To see him appreciated by the NJU, and his peers was so heart warming. And to see that kind of admiration- well its about damn time. That story is truly a reflection of his own life. Except sadly his own fathers didn't value him. But he has found lots of people who do. And when Keala crowned him today, well it felt like he finally got what he was robbed of ten years ago Such a talented man and it made me happy to see it really acknowledged with such enthusiasm by the audience and his peers.

That man will win a Tony one of these years I just feel it.

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Recap from CV

Long drive home....but, so worth the trip. I wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world. Went with my BIL and two SIL's....who were blown away by both the play and Clay.

My BIL was not expecting anything special...initially a tag-a-long. Wow...was his mind changed!!!!! He thought Clay was amazing!!! One SIL saw in the program about Clay's book....she is buying it. I told her to buy the audio...it is so much fun to listen to Clay tell his story. The other SIL could have moved to a better seat, but, she decided at intermission to stay near the left exit seat she had...so, she could get Clay's autograph. At the end of the play, I literally saw her running out the exit door to get to stage door ...I didn't even know she liked Clay....but, she does NOW. They wanted to find his fan club oh no....they will be confused by the lack of activity at the official fan club. Both SIL's...."he is soooo cute".

I saw the play twice at the beginning and twice at the end. It was very interesting to watch the evolution of Clay as Joseph. By tonight, he had totally mastered the role beyond anything anyone else in the history of Josephs will ever match.....BOTW/Solitaire (sorry Constantine, etc. etc.). I honestly believe he reads the boards and saw artquest's comments on movement. I thought there was a difference in this last show (as I was looking at his movement and expressions more than the previous three shows). As jasr mentioned, I, too, noticed Keala getting very emotional and grabbing on to Clay's hand with both of her hands. She was also emotional when the brothers finished their song. I was all night.....very emotional final show.

There just aren't enough adjectives to describe this play....and Clay's role in it. While my one SIL was waiting to get Clay's autograph...I stood back and waited to compliment the other actors and get their autographs. This is where adjectives come into play....you were awesome, fabulous, amazing, I told each actor. Then the next actor came along and I said that he was fantastic. Finally another actor came along.....and with tons of excitement and a big smile on my face...I said "you were awful". WHAT?!?!?? I meant to say awesome. Was it sleep deprivation? all the driving? stage door anxiety? a senior moment? My SIL started laughing. I was horrified...but, started laughing a nervous laughter and quickly said "I meant awesome". Seriously, who tells an actor....on the final night of the play's run....that they were awful ? My SIL tried to make me feel better by saying that she didn't think he heard me. God...I sure hope he didn't. It all happened so quickly.

Anyway....stopped for a quick lobstah fix before leaving Maine. Saw the tweet from Matthew (the one who had been so sweet singing to the girl with Downs Syndrome on Wed afternoon) about inclusion.... ....and then I saw the tweet from Clay . He loves us!! I almost squealed like a teenage girl... right in there in the restaurant. I felt like I did after I saw his very first concert.....super fangirly. All I can say is that something really BIG is on the horizon for Clay Aiken.....and I will be here.....always and forever.

WOW....My SIL posted on her FB "Having fun being a Claymate seeing Clay Aiken in Joseph and The Technicolor DreamCoat...at Ogunquit Playhouse". Then she posted a huge picture of her autographed playbill on FB and said "Amazing Performance". Her FB friends are all saying they love that play...and they love Clay Aiken!!! These are not fans I know about!!! NJU are starting to come "out of the closet" (I feel momentum building).....and this past month, I have had the time of my life. THANK YOU CLAY AIKEN!!!

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Another one.

Just a quick recap now - more tomorrow when I'm (hopefully) feeling less emotional. Someone else already said this, but I feel like today was one of my favorite Clay fan moments ever. That theater was positively bursting with love and affection, among the audience members (plenty of whom were "not us") and especially among the cast members on stage. Every song had a little something "extra" tonight as the whole cast went all out. And the audience responded with overwhelming appreciation - truly an amazing afternoon of theater. Keala was clearly still struggling with a cold/allergies, which especially affected her upper range. But she kept plowing through and at the end I think she just threw all caution to the wind and went for it. She was in tears during the Joseph/Jacob reunion scene at the end (as was the non-Clay fan lady sitting next to me), and when she and Clay were singing they were just beaming at each other - at one point it looked like she mouthed "thank you" to him. I also just remembered that she took a picture (while on stage) early in the first act, at the end of "Jacob and Sons" - I hope she'll tweet it.

The stage door was amazing too, mostly because of all the attention being lavished on the other cast members. They all seemed so thrilled and excited to sign autographs and thank people for coming. Three of the "brothers" even took a picture of themselves with the stage door crowd behind them. I was very close to Clay when he came out of the stage door - all I could do was stare at his gorgeous eyes and blindly stick a program out (not mine) for a signature. When Clay was done signing, many people still hung around the stage door area - I think none of us wanted it to be over. It was nice to finally meet the lovely canuck in person, and to thank her for her constantly positive presence here on the board.

When I got home and read Clay's tweet, thanking us for once again exceeding his expectations (paraphrased), I burst into tears. I'm so thrilled that I got to attend three shows, but so sad it's over. (Rumor has it that those who weren't able to attend will be happy, eventually.)

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I was slow to catch this line from the post quoted above:

(Rumor has it that those who weren't able to attend will be happy, eventually.)


What a great weekend! So much fun with friends in an absolutely gorgeous area and 3 amazing shows. Each day's show was better than the last, and tonight's was spectacular-- the humor was a little funnier, the sad parts even more poignant, the rousing songs even more lively and OTT, and the love and emotion among the cast palpable and brimming over. Keala appeared emotional from the first song, but she was able to rein it in and carry on. However, during the scene where Jacob and Joseph reunite, she couldn't hold back the tears. She discreetly wiped the corner of one eye and then the other, looked at the children, and slightly shook her head as if to remind them to stay in professional mode and not cry (which they tried valiantly to do, singing with sad attempts at smiles and quivering chins). Many of the brothers were trying to hold back tears as well. How could we in the audience possibly hold it together?

And I was really proud of the audience. As a group we gave the cast overwhelming love and appreciation. They won't soon forget this night.

It was a magical end to a magical month. I'm so happy for Clay and each of the actors to have had what seems to have been a wonderful, inspiring, loving, growing experience together. I'm sure Clay had a blast with his "brothers", sharing, teaching, mentoring, and just hanging out and having fun together. I hope, and I believe, there were lasting friendships made. Clay has the rare ability to bring love and build a family in every project he joins. I feel lucky to just be an onlooker.

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Yeah, I noticed that line too. *prays to the Clack gods*

I'm thrilled about this past month, even if I wasn't able to be a part of it physically. What a great move for him, and the city of Ogunquit will never forget him.

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From Keala Settle:

@kealasettle: Holy cow. What a summer camp. @TheClamShack @OgunquitPH @CovenantHouse @clayaiken ....

...i need reality to come back tomorrow afternoon...

Do you think she likes him?

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From CV:

BTW, rumors are true. Joseph.gif

:rainbowsmile: :rainbowsmile: :rainbowsmile:

Clay changed his banner picture on Facebook to a picture of Boston. Since he seems to change this picture to wherever he's located at the moment, it's speculated that he's staying there for a while.

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From CV regarding the status of the CH:

I told geekette she could post CH and CU alerts here while the CH board is down.

Thank you so much.:-) I never asked for a key at CV because I have one at CH so I appreciate we will be able to use CH vault as well. Sorry to hear the board is still down; I tried several times to connect and I figured we'd find out it was back when....it's back.:-) Thanks to all working to make that happen.

Unfortunately, those who are working to get it back up are hamstrung. I can't talk to our hosting company because Eva, I believe, is the only one with credentials. Mrgeekette (an actual geek) has been poking around and error messages point to what seems to be a bad disk. Too bad I can't do anything about it.

So without further whining, here are some links:

The main vault is here for the CH vault, and here for CU - bookmark it and you'll be able to find your way around.

As for current stuff:

VertigosDaughter Audio, 8/25 - CH link, CU link

ClayCounty Stage door, 8/25 - CH link, CU link

CV's Cellstream, 8/25 - CH link

Please feel free to copy these links to other boards. Other than the CH, I don't get around much, but many do!

Also, if there are problems with these links, PM me here. I often can't keep up with this thread!

With specific permission from geekette, in addition to her quoted post, I'll be posting CH and CU clack alerts here at FCA while CH is down. FCA isn't members only, and CV is, so we want to cover everyone possible. If requested, I will make a separate thread, or if it turns out that "rumor" is a BIG one. :wub:

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Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat


Close Every Door


avi, wmv, mp3

Thanks to Canfly172 and CV for this.

The ClackHouse Vault:

Close Every Door 8/15


Clack Unlimited Vault:

Close Every Door 8/15

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From CV:

Random tidbits from the final Joseph show yesterday:

- During the opening "Any Dream Will Do", Clay knelt a few times to look more closely into the faces of the kids. He didn't do that last weekend, so I hoped this meant that his back/hip/knee/ankle/whatever was feeling better as of yesterday!

- All of the songs were extra boisterous last night - the brothers especially were practically bouncing off the stage during every number.

- Yesterday I was back in Row S (I was in Row A for my first two shows) and what do you know, I noticed that this show actually had sets/scenery! Somehow, during the Pharaoh's Song (from my Row A seats) I never looked up higher than the Pharaoh's abs or Clay's face, so I never noticed the Sphinx in the background! It was actually nice to see the whole stage. I also really liked being able to see so much of the audience - the standing ovation for Clay (after CED) was quite impressive.

- During the Act I finale, Clay did some vocal change-ups (during the "ahead of my time" bits) that sounded great. I only wish that Keala had been in better voice last night so they could have done more of those vocal gymnastics together. And yes, the big roar you hear (on the cellcert audio) is when Clay did some extra (and very cute) dancing during this number.

- During the Pharaoh's Song, instead of just tossing his hanky to someone in the front row, he walked down off the stage and took the hanky to someone sitting several rows back. He said something like "this is going to a special recipient tonight". Does anyone know who he gave it to? (He did later toss another hanky to someone else in front.) Clay did some exaggerated reactions to that whole bit. In fact, I felt like he and Matt/the Pharaoh had a lot more interactions during that song than when I saw it the previous weekend. When Clay sings the third "who this man might be I just don't know", he leaned real close and sort of shouted it in Matt's ear!

- The "new" Jacob was fine, but not (in my opinion) as good as the original Jacob (Bill Nolte) - Bill had such a deep, rich bass voice and an almost "regal" presence that the new guy lacked.

- During the Joseph/Jacob reunion scene, everyone on stage was looking very emotional. All the brothers were hugging each other, which I don't remember happening before (although from my Row A seat, I probably just had my eyes locked on Clay....)

- During the remix, Judah (calypso song man) shouted out "We love you Ogunquit"!

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This was absolutely, without a doubt, the best Clay trip I have ever experienced - a trip full of firsts, from my first time in New England, to my first time eating Lobster #blech, to my first time seeing Joseph, to the first time I've had actual celebrity sightings. Fabulous food (except said Lobster), wonderful friends and the bestest singerman on the planet - what more could anyone want?

We got to Ogunquit on Thursday, but didn't see Joseph until Friday evening. We spent the day in Kennebunkport, home of our first celebrity sighting. We saw Laura Bush taking a walk with Jenna & baby (and a couple of secret service guys). That was pretty wonderful seeing them taking a stroll and enjoying a beautiful day. Friday night was my first time seeing Joseph - at all, ever. We were in Row T and unfortunately couldn't seem very much (too many big heads, including mine. I'm tall and I always scrunch down - unfortunately, others don't.......). The sound was a little off - it was difficult to hear the solo singers where we were sitting, but the ensemble songs came through loud and clear. I'm really glad I went so that I could get a feel for the play itself before I sat much much much closer for the next two (more on the play itself later).

Saturday was spent walking Marginal Way and then a search for coffee. We ended up at Caffe Prego for coffee AND gelato. While finishing up our chat, coffee & calories - we spot a group of extremely talented singers & dancers, especially the tall one with the green hat...... (EDITORIAL COMMENT: Ken, it's not #icecream - it's #gelato). We then went to dinner at The Roost, which was absolutely wonderful. I wandered out into the parking lot to indulge in my single vice and who do I spy standing in the parking lot? Why the #babybrother of the aforementioned talented group of singers & dancers, waiting for a ride. Who should pull up to pick him up? Why the tall one, with the green hat. Cute moment, when Kory got into the car, he also put on a green hat - I have christened them The Bobbsey Twins. In case people don't get my code, the green hatted one would have been Clay......

I'll spare you the rest of the trip - Salem & Boston Massachusetts were two more stops along the way and I loved every second of this trip.

On to the play......

I'll just post about them all:

Kelea: I thought she was wonderful! I'm not usually drawn to female singers, but I thoroughly enjoyed her voice and her personality on stage. I thought her bringing comedy to the role of the Narrator was fabulous. I guess she was having issues on Friday night, but I sure couldn't hear it (but then again, the sound was mixed a little loud for the orchestra, so the solo artists - mostly Cay and Kelea - were difficult to hear). She definitely engaged the audience and made them feel they were part of the entire journey.

The Kids: I felt the kids absolutely added to the overall effect of the play - the mixture of "old" and "new". They looked like they were having he time of their lives!

The Brothers: What can I say that hasn't already been said? They were all outstanding! Their voices blended perfectly and you could tell that they were an extremely close knit group. Their dancing was amazing! As an aside, we sat next to the dad & aunt of one of the brothers - for those who have seen the play, he was the solo dancer during Those Canaan Days. They were so incredibly proud of him! He has just been cast in his first role on Broadway - he will be in Bullets Over Broadway, I believe in 2014. All of them were incredible. They got a standing ovation after Those Canaan Days at the closing show - I wish I had photos of the their faces. They just soaked it all in - they gave so much, I'm thrilled that I was part of giving it back to them.

The Pharaoh: Matthew did an incredible job - so high energy, so into the Elvis Persona, and so easy on the eyes...... I'm not sure who she was, but at the last show he announced that there was someone special in the audience and he left the stage to hand his blue sweat rag to a lady in the audience, in about the 4th row (he walked right next to us - the man was truly GUSHING sweat LOL!!!). I don't think she could have been any more embarrassed - it was great! I didn't notice that ALL of the people on stage had on blue shoes - that was a really nice touch. He also did a great job dragging Clay around the stage as a hairy ishmaelite (and drinking red bull).

The Rest: Every person on that stage was so talented and they all looked like they were having the time of their lives. Their joy was infectious and just rolled out over the audience and pulled us all into the story and the fun.

The Best: Clay did a stunning job as Joseph. He has a voice like no other person on this planet - it fills the theatre. CED during the last show was unbelievable and other worldly - a well deserved standing ovation. He put his ALL into that song. I also want to make a comment about his lack of movement. I noticed during the second show that I attended that he had on a back brace. Not just a lower back brace, but a brace that went up to the small of his back. I would imagine that it would impair his range of motion. It also looked like he did not have it on during the final show - which may explain why he knelt down and got eye to eye with the kids during the Any Dream Will Do (which was so incredibly sweet) and that he threw in a few more dance moves during Go Go Go Joseph. ADDING - I loved it when the brothers turned him in his coat! The show on Saturday night was particularly funny - Clay did a great job twisting his body around. His facial expressions and his body language were spot on - whether he was being sweet & naive Joseph, slave Joseph, imprisoned Joseph or Pharoah's #2. He played each stage of his journey incredibly well. The role of Joseph is understated, while insanity swirls around him. He just doesn't have the same types of songs that the Brothers or the Pharaoh do - but I felt that he was most definitely the star and the character who held the entire show together (along wit the narrator).

I want to add that, while I loved the entire cast - especially that Clay Aiken guy - the play itself was just meh for me. Some fun and catchy songs, but I felt that overall the play is somewhat disjointed. I doubt I will ever go see it again - as a matter of fact, I'm sure that I won't. I've seen it played to perfection three times now, I can pretty much guarantee that all else will pale in comparison (sorry Ace & Diana).

I'm tired. This probably doesn't make any sense whatsoever - so I apologize now!

My 40th Birthday present from hubby or as I like to call it, the best Clay adventure, I’ve ever had!! I have to say thanks to my wonderful hubby who not wanting to have to buy me a 40th bday present jumped on the "go to Maine to see Clay" train faster then most clayfans! He was the one who instantly demanded I buy my closing night seats (row F dead center!) as soon as they were available, even though at that point the plans weren’t really in place for me to go......soooo glad he made me jump, those were amazing seats. From there it was trying to enable other clayfans to join me in my adventure, and while it took some convincing my travel buddy (ashleysgram) did cave and decided to go. We were also supposed to have Claysweetea and her travel buddy join us, but as you all know Claysweetea was unable to make the journey due to vertigo, I’m so sorry we didn’t get to have her with us, perhaps on the next adventure. I do think her lovely traveling partner took lots of pictures and rocks, and other lovely treats to bring back to her, and I’m so happy there is clack for her to get a chance to experience the sights and sounds of the show.

Took two planes, and a car rental to get to Ogunquit, but we finally arrived. Beautiful weather and breathtaking views, and amazing food. Had the best clam chowder at the pub at the Meadomere (sp?) then off to the play!! Now, I had not watched or listened to a single thing....a first for me. I also did not look at prior runs or movies of the play so I really had no prior knowledge of what was about to happen. We had Row I dead center for our first show on Saturday night, amazing seats as well. When the music started and Clay walked out bathed in the Son of God lighting, I about lost it......man does he look amazing in white, and that wig in person is AMAZING and he was just breathtaking. As he came down towards the front, I finally took my eyes off his beautiful face (which was a mistake!) because I was then transfixed by a cut in his shirt that revealed skin and chest hair.....it was hard to look away from. Why is that more sexy to me then the amazing (and it is amazing) body of the Pharaoh??? Love the music and his facial expressions were great....eye rolls really made me laugh. Then came CED, I had heard talk about him being on the floor, but I guess I didn’t realize he was flat out on the floor. How he does that song like that is beyond me...and really if you haven’t sung Im not sure you can comprehend how hard that would be. I love that the song builds, and his portrayal of the emotions were spot on for this song IMO, and what can I say about the vocals, none better and yes Im biased...but if your reading this on here, you probably are too!! FLove the brothers and even on stage you can tell they are a close knit bunch. The ending scene with Jacob about made me cry, and I’m not a crier, but Clays face in that scene is beyond amazing. Overall, I could not have asked for more and was so glad I had gone.

Fast forward to the clayfan brunch the next morning at the Cliff House, and its just one more amazing part of my time in Maine. Met old friends from past adventures, and made some new ones (waves to DisplacedNCfan) food was yummy and the view there was spectacular....we loved it so much we came back there after the closing show for dinner and ate in the dining room with the view of the ocean....not too shabby I have to say!!

On to the closing show. I was so excited because now I know what to expect, plus our seats were even better! I could tell Keala (Sp?) was emotional right from the start, and in the end she’s the one who got my water works going. You could tell the brothers hamming it up even more, but it only made it even better, it didn’t take away from the show. How Clay kept a straight face in some of the scenes is beyond me, cuz they were trying to get him to crack. I think only Keala was able to break through when at the end she grabs his hands. By then she was an emotional mess and quite a few of the "kids" were as well, which just made me lose it. Vocally I felt he was even better then the night before, CED was worth the trip alone. I don’t know why but the final scenes with the eye makeup and him being all forceful and yelling "guards seize him" go right to my girlie parts! The final bows were bittersweet but a lot of fun. I was able to get up on the side at stage door to be above the crowd and get pictures, some of the best I’ve ever gotten of him....so no autograph but Ill take my pictures.

In the end I want to say thank you to my hubby for this amazing gift. To my travel partners Ashleysgram and Audrey, thanks for make a great trip even better by adding your color into my world. A special thanks to Claysweetea for all you did to help make this happen, and for sharing Audrey with us, I only hope we all can get together again someday. To Clay, I may not always have the words to describe the fun or beauty you bring into my life, but as you are indescribable, so to is the journey I’ve been on for the last ten years. Here’s to ten more!

I think I have a copy of that video on every device I own. Need to watch a few more times...

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Ken Arpino ‏@KenArpino 34m

Who thinks I should figure out how 2 fit @korywithaK_18 in my tour suitcase? @clayaiken #luvthebaby #missmybros

Matthew Ragas ‏@MatthewRagas 7m

@KenArpino @korywithaK_18 @clayaiken yeah put clay in your suitcase lol

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Ogunquit, Maine. I couldn’t even spell it for a while without looking at it at the same time. Now I can spell it as easily as I can spell Honolulu. Where the heck is that I asked myself. As I looked it up…and as I was buying tickets to a show somewhere I never knew existed before I was like whoever thought I would travel to Maine?? Bigappleforclay and jc4aikenheart you all were so much fun to travel with to Maine along with my DH. DH was joking that he was traveling with his three sister wives.


Ogunquit: a magical place. I am so happy I got to know you. It has been an amazing, wonderful, exhilarating, fantastic weekend. Good friends, Clay, an amazing show, Clay, and a visit to a beautiful, scenic, friendly town and Clay. The drive up took 2 hours more than I thought it would due to traffic. We screamed when we crossed the bridge into Maine. We screamed when we went by the Playhouse and saw Clay on the billboard. And then we hit something that is ubiquitous to Ogunguit…the traffic into town on Highway 1. We hit that darn traffic every single time we drove to our hotel from the Playhouse side of Ogunquit which was so many times I lost count. It’s due to an insane intersection that was total chaos. If ever there was a place that needed a traffic light that was it. The only other two things I would fix in Ogunquit are that they need a municipal parking lot because we found parking was a royal pita and the cell service just sucks. I had calls that failed and text messages that failed. It was a miracle the cellcert on Sunday worked!!!!

One of the wonderful things about this trip is that we really got to know Ogunquit. We did touristy things. We went to Perkins Cove, walked the Marginal Way, saw Nubble Lighthouse and York. We walked through Ogunquit which is a quintessential artsy sort of Southampton kind of town. We went to the beach and put our feet in the ocean. There was no way more than that was happening because it was FREEZING!!! We ate at some places that Clay ate at..Amore, the Front Porch and Barnacle Billy’s at sunset. We met a lot of really nice people who worked and lived in the town and had some of the best food!

The Front Porch was wonderful for dinner. And I think it was there that we realized how much the town is protective of Clay. We had a wonderful waitress. She told us Clay ate there and that we in fact had just missed him…but she didn’t want what she knew posted on public places since they didn't feel it was for public consumption. She liked Clay and said he was a really great guy. After the show we came back to see the piano bar…and she came out and talked to us on the sidewalk for a while asking us what we thought of the show. We decided against going up and squishing ourselves into the crowd. We told her he was amazingly wonderful and told her she should go. She said she wanted to but I don’t think she could afford a ticket and at that point it was sold out anyway. Jc4aikenheart wished we had an extra ticket to give her. I don’t think I met one person at any of the restaurants or places we visited that said one bad thing about him. I don’t expect everyone to love him…but there was a lot of respect.

The ocean up in Maine is gorgeous. The Atlantic actually looked blue!!!! My crazy husband decided he wanted to take sunrise pictures and went out to the Marginal Way at 4 am in the dark with a flashlight and headlight. He said it was spooky because there was no one else there. Who else would be so crazy to go out there in the dark?? He wanted to set up on the rocks closer to the ocean and climbed as far down as he could near the edge. Slipped on some moss covered rocks and then splashed in a tidal pool and decided he was close enough. That was one really great thing about this trip, he had a wonderful time photographing the scenery and I had a wonderful time being with great friends and seeing Clay. I still have the Clay grin on my face and the songs from Joseph are swirling in my head.

The play? I had never seen it. I never had the urge to see it. I didn't watch any video or listen to anything so I was a Virgin for the first time in my decade of following Clay. I was blown away. Clay was amazing. Clay’s vocals were pure and full of power. Clay’s acting got better every show I saw. There was even a change from Friday to Sunday. Closing night performances are something I never ever want to miss. The show was very emotional and they all cut loose. I am amazed that Clay didn’t break character although I think everyone was trying to make him break character. The house was full of energy and love on the stage and the audience gave appreciation for a truly amazing performance by Clay and everyone in the production. When Clay got his standing O the roof almost blew off I think. And at the end when he comes out with his coat at the end of the Mega Mix the applause was deafening. It reminded me of Spamalot when we blew the roof off the Shubert! Mark gave it the highest honor when we got back home: he told Chris and Alli that they should have come with us and seen it because they would have really enjoyed it because of how much fun the whole show is to watch. He has the songs going through his head too.

I don’t know if you all heard over the cellstream but sitting behind us the row had a family of one of the kids in the show. The father was so funny when he realized we were Clay fans. He turned to his wife and said we found them…Claymates!!! He was so appreciative of us and of Clay. He told us that the day before Clay had come to the kid’s production of the Cat in the Hat. The kids in the show also put on other shows as part of their summer camp. He sat in the orchestra with his bucket hat on. Every time the kids put on a show the brothers would come out to support the kids and watch.

Keala is a sweetheart and a local girl from Hawai’i. It was wonderful to talk story with her and give her some love. And the brothers? They are one huge talented group. And I love Kory. He is just the cutest guy!!! They deserved a standing O for Cannan Days. The final stage door every time anyone came out – it didn’t matter who it was got a rousing applause and hoots and appreciation and love. It was sad to see the moving truck when they were breaking down the set. But all good things must come to an end. I think all the people in this cast of Joseph will be friends for life.

While we were all milling around after Clay went back inside Clay’s tweet came though on my phone. I read it and burst into tears. It is the sweetest thing I think he has ever said to us. I wanted to tell him no thank you Clay…thank you for a journey that has brought me wonderful friendships and has taken me all over the country to places I never would have gone but for you.

Thank you so very much Alisafan, for arranging and coordinating the brunch. It was sooooo much fun to just have time to sit and talk in a gorgeous setting of the Cliff House to old friends on the Clay trail and to meet some new ones! Genlovesclay…your DH is a keeper. He was the only other husband at the brunch besides DH. We all even had name tags thanks to Alisafan’s daughter who made all 50 of them for us. The views from the Cliff House of the ocean are to die for. Oh and if you are ever in Ogunquit go to that Sunday Brunch there. OMG! The food is delicious and there is such a wide variety of choice. One of the best brunch buffets I have been to outside of Honolulu.

What can I say? This was a Technicolor weekend that was pure magic. The combination of Clay doing amazing things on stage, the friends, and Ogunquit created synergy that made it one of the best Clay trips I have ever taken. I would go back to Ogunquit in a heartbeat.

DH needs to work on pictures but just before we left he got super busy at work and he had to do some work over the weekend too. I asked him to please work on his Clay pictures…and his Ogunquit pictures.

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I just got to watch it and I don't know what else to say besides "OMG!!!"

That about sums it up!

I know. There are no words. Gulp.

From CV: Clay with the "purple kids" cast (not exactly sure what that is, can someone help?)


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Kwhite - your post made me cry. I dont' remember being to any Clay event before that made me cry. Brightstar said that it would be kind of sad on Sunday and I said, "OH NO, not me, I'm excited for the future" WRONG!!!!!! I blame those people on that stage. When you see tears in grown men's eyes and you know someone you love caused it, Yer done.

I got home so late last night but it was worth every travelling moment. Having downloaded the whole audio from the last show, I listened to it over and over and cried some more as I relived every scene.

Friday night, Yaknelle and I were the last out of the theatre and we finally exited out the opposite door to try to go behind the theatre to the stage door but we were stopped by one of the children who said we couldn't go there but she insisted on escorting us all the way around to the proper place and up the side of the crowd until we reached the far left side. We had a perfect view and that is where Yak got her wonderful stage door smile. We had been told he wouldnt go past the barricades to do autographs but amazingly he sure did and everyone on that side got lucky. That was also where they exited to leave so I talked to many of them and they were all so sweet.

Kory's cousin was standing there and his wife went EEEEEEEEEEEEEE when she saw him signing autographs. I told them I'd tweet a photo of him signing and they were all excited. Ken, my favourite said they would be all teary eyed on Sunday but they were having a blast. Saturday I was able to chat with Keala a bit and I told her how happy we were that she was so successful in her fund raising for Covenant House and she stopped and said "Thank you all so much, we talked about what happened (with Clay's fans) all night as we slept on the pavement and we told the kids and they were blown away'. That made me smile and I felt really good about having helped a little bit.

I didn't see anyone mention Clay exiting the final curtain call - HILARIOUS look on his face as though he truly WAS pulling the whole cast on his coat, much more pronounced and funny than the other shows as he looked toward the audience when he grimmaced. Too funny.

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