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# 65: "Clay Aiken's Not Just Any Joe"


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This might have been my favorite Clay trip ever. How do you take 6 women, a car that seats five and not have any 'issues'? I hope one of the picture taking maniacs I was with will share a picture of our travel arrangements and 'the junk in the trunk'. :hysterical: We had so much fun, saw so many wonderful sights, shopped a lot, ate a lot and every night finished with stupendous entertainment. Thanks to my travel buddies, you are the funniest, nicest and most patient women I know. :hug3:

I managed to get through the last show without crying mainly because it was more like a rock concert. Loud, energetic and just plain perfect. I got teary eyed at the final stage door when one of the brothers looked at us and said to someone who thanked him, "No, I want to thank you. I have never played to such great audiences. This has been such a great experience." That's a little paraphrased since I am senile but it was the most amazing comment and to see the joy on all the actors faces as they signed autograph after autograph and posed for pictures long after stage door was over. Right in the middle of that came 'the text' and the squeals just sort of went from one group to the next. The best tweet ever.

CED was perfection at the closing performance, I sure hope something surfaces on that.

Kaela was a soggy mess the last 10 minutes of the show. She just held on to Clay so tightly and he sort of had to sing on his own. Someone said he saluted us as he left the stage but I missed it.

I would go back to Maine in a heartbeat, hell if I was rich I would move there in the summers.

From dancermom's long post above.....awwwwwwwwwww

I don’t know if you all heard over the cellstream but sitting behind us the row had a family of one of the kids in the show. The father was so funny when he realized we were Clay fans. He turned to his wife and said we found them…Claymates!!! He was so appreciative of us and of Clay. He told us that the day before Clay had come to the kid’s production of the Cat in the Hat. The kids in the show also put on other shows as part of their summer camp. He sat in the orchestra with his bucket hat on. Every time the kids put on a show the brothers would come out to support the kids and watch.
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My ticket for the final show was in the front row, one seat in from the right wall. The woman in the wall seat was the grandmother of one of the little girls in the show. She said she had seen the show a few times and loved it. I noticed her granddaughter smiling at her from the stage early on in the show.

I was worried about not being able to see much, but the girl sitting to my left apparently upgraded to an empty seat in the front row on the right side of the center section, so I ended up moving over one seat to sit next to DisplacedNCgirl. It turned out to be a pretty good seat! I did have some view blockage of the back part of the right side of the stage, and I could only partially see Clays face during the Any Dream Will Do reprise, but I had the most awesome view of Clay during Close Every Door, even when the kids were sitting on the stage no blockage at all. Clay just totally evokes anguish and despair during that song. So, so powerful. At Friday nights show, I was sitting in between Karen and Canuck a Mainer surrounded by Canadians, just like the State of Maine! Hee!

I did get some pictures of some of the other cast members at some of the stage doors, but I havent posted any yet. I will organize and upload the better ones and post them later.

I dont think I can ever express how much fun Ive had for the past month, how thrilled I am that Clay came to Maine, and how very delighted I am that so many of you made it here and enjoyed yourselves so much. Wicked good fun!

I want to see Clay come back to Maine in the future. I want to see Clay on Broadway. I want to see Clay on tour. I want it all!!!

Completely exhausted and completely HAPPY! This was the most fun I have had in a very long time, I am so glad I made this trip and glad I got to see the closing weekend shows. I walked a lot and enjoyed everything and met some really nice people that I hope to run into again. Thank you for all the pictures, I always take a camera and then not take any so I am glad some of you take them for us to see. I have seen Clay do a lot of things and always have a great time but I think this might be the BEST of them all, I loved all the brothers, just a fabulous play and I love Clay even more than I thought.

I've never seen this play before and tried to stay unspoiled, although I cheated a little, listened to his high voice very briefly and Close Every Door several times.

As everyone has reported, the play was amazingly good. I watched the movie when I got home because I was curious to see how the different directors interpreted it. The play was so much better. I'm not biased either. Youtube has the entire movie up. Jayme McDaniel's version told the tale with more heart and the characters, particularly the brothers, had more personality. In the movie, they seemed to be a backdrop as the camera was focused on the narrator. The pharaoh in the movie sings like Elvis but doesn't move his hips, at all. Matthew's version was a hoot and a crowd pleaser. Pharaoh doesn't wear a hardhat in the movie either and no blueprints scene.

I think the audience member that emerson talked to that said Clay played the role with more emotion was spot on. Joseph/Clay made me care about him. Even while laughing at the deviousness of the brothers, I still felt Joseph/Clay's hurt at their betrayal. I agree with the reviewer who said he didn't play Joseph boastful and full of himself, but as shy and humble and wanted his brother's acceptance. He plays vulnerable, innocent, gentle, and caring very well. His pain in "Close Every Door" scene is palpable. When the brothers embrace Joseph/Clay as their long lost brother, it rings so true and seems so real because it is. They've really become close and like brothers. I also shed a few tears when Joseph/Clay saw his father again. Clay's voice so tender and sweet and touching his father face was quite moving.

I heard a few clips that had the high voice and wasn't a fan until I saw the play. Clay's high voice works because he is singing his anger and it adds drama to the scenes. When he is singing "Who can it be" to the Pharaoh, again you can hear the angst in his voice while he is trying to get his point across to the pharaoh. It just worked and his voice soars.

There was an interview before the play started where Bradford Kenney, the executive artistic director, said they needed a Joseph who would be a fresh appealing centerpiece of the production and they needed someone warm and genuine to pull it off. Well, they found all that in Clay and he brought it. I'm proud for him and so happy that he was surrounded by such a wonderful, talented group of performers who welcomed him as one of their own.

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My traveling buddy, jojobugs, and met a funny NJU from Portland in the restroom line. We saw her again as her and her husband were sitting behind us. She was telling us that 4 of her friends had seen the play, 3 loved it and one didn't because she didn't like kids. I asked at intermission if they were enjoying themselves and they loved it.

We admitted we were Clay fans and husband was impressed that we were there. I told him we had just come from a luncheon with 50 fans. The play was starting and I heard him telling his wife "They went to lunch with 50 fans, 50 of them are here, isn't that something?" I didn't tell him that was not all of us. :P

We also sat next to one of the girl's grandmother and during intermission mom was telling us that the kids had to audition for a part. I think she said she had to go back 3 times and out of 67 kids, they chose 18 and then later they added 4 more to bring the number up to 22. Some of them switched out, but her daughter was there for the entire run. This was her first professional gig. She is the girl in red on the right in the photo with Clay that Suereu posted. Clay touched her cheek during "Any Dream Will Do" and mom said she's not going to wash that cheek.

I wanted to thank Alisafan for putting the luncheon together. Wonderful food. Loved meeting the other fans and guests there and throughout our time in Ogunquit. I won't list names as I don't want to forget to mention someone, but know that every conversation was special and helped to make this experience memorable.

Thank you to my friends for making this a special trip. :hello:

Perma's Partial Joseph Recap (a singer/Respiratory Therapist's take on Clay's performance of "Close Every Door")

Or: How Does He DO That????

Since I firmly believe I am the most long-winded poster at CV, I figured I would break up my recap/memories of Joseph & Maine into more than one part in hopes more will hang in there and read each one. Maybe.

The short answer to the above question? I think it's magic. We always knew Clay was magical, right?

I had never seen this show before, and I avoided watching the DVD, most video clips, etc. before going to Maine. I did watch the video clip of Donny O. singing "Close Every Door" since so many fans said they couldn't wait to hear Clay sing it. Nice tune. Donny was rockin' the loincloth. OK then. I also listened to the audio clips we got, and loved, loved, loved the "Close Every Door" clip we got from Anonymous. It's still one of my favorites.

After listening to the Clay "Close Every Door" clip it was really hard for me to visualize all the red recap reports that stated he started the song fully prone on the floor. I saw the wonderful Playhouse still of Clay singing it on his knees, which made a lot more sense. I figured that was how he spent the majority of the song, since it would be nigh on impossible to sing that impressively lying on his stomach!!

By the time my 4 shows came up near the end of the run, he gets up on his knees, but then settles back on his feet, and he still has some weight on his hands, and that's still pretty hard to do.

BUT, in the incredibly crystal clear and beautiful clip we have from canfly (which was right after his injury), he's prone much longer, then has a lot of weight on his right forearm, his left arm, and his left knee. As others have noted, he gets up on his knees, but then stretches his right leg back out almost immediately so his weight is not evenly distributed by any means. And then, when the song is over, he curls up back on his right side again.

It should be impossible to sing well like that, but somehow, he sounds absolutely amazing!!!

So...why not? What IS so hard about singing like that?

Well, first of all, the diaphragm is the main muscle singers use to have good control and project with good deep breaths.....and Clay is LYING ON IT!!!! Well, at least partially.

If y'all don't mind going back and rewatching that "Close Every Door" clip a few more times I'll point out a few things. At the beginning of the song, his arms are both stretched out, but thanks to his (possibly) double-jointed shoulders, he's actually lying more on his right side....at least the right side of his chest. That helps to free up his diaphragm a bit, so he can get a nice deep abdominal breath, but he's still lying on the right side of his chest....like I just said!!!

I used to work a lot with people with chronic lung diseases like emphysema, and we'd have to teach them how to breathe again. COPD yields over-expanded lungs which pushes down the diaphragm, so it can't move as well and makes these people short of breath. They have to rely on their accessory muscles in the rib cage to assist their breathing as well as raising their shoulders. Except that Clay is LYING on the right side of his rib cage, and his shoulders are fairly fixed because his arms are stretched out and chained to the floor!!!!

So, honestly, he SHOULDN'T be able to sing that well lying like that, or even when he gets on his knees but still has weight on his hands and arms. His shoulders are still frozen in that position, so he can't "recruit" their movement to expand his chest when the music really gets going. I can't even imagine what he could do if he were standing up to sing this song. WOW.

Really, I'm not sure exactly how he does it. He's always had great breath control, as we know when he holds a note forever. One thing I did notice that was fascinating (and you can see it on the video) was something I noticed on my first night. I was sitting in BB1 that night, which is the side inside aisle seat on the first row. I actually loved that seat because I had a unique sideways view of the actors when they moved to the front of the stage and could have touched them when they stood in the corners. Clay has a hammertoe on his right foot, I noticed when it was about 6 inches from my face!! I've had several hammertoe surgeries, so I know it when I see it. Clay and I have a con.nec.shun!!!

But I digress....when Clay starts the song lying on the stage, watch his back. In my BB1 seat, I was looking right at his back, which was why I noticed it. Before each line he sings when he is completely on the floor, he takes TWO breaths before he starts singing. Sort of a double-pump action. As though he was stacking breaths to get as much breath in as possible before he sings the line. He does it for each line until he starts to rise up from the stage. He may even continue doing it, but as he straightens his body, it's harder to detect. Very intriguing.

I was never taught that technique myself, and Clay hasn't had that much formal vocal coaching, so I'm not sure if this is something he figured out on his own or what. It sure does work, though. He gets an amazing amount of control and power, even when he is singing relatively softly, or with great emotion. Take a look at the section where he is doing battle with the hair that is hanging down in front of his mouth. By the time I saw it, he anchored his hair more firmly behind his ear so it didn't poof out while he was singing, but in our 8/15 clip, it still does it several times.

If any of you have long enough hair, you give that a try. Clay is not singing very loudly at that point, but he has a great richness of tone, and a deceptive amount of power. You all try to sing along with your hair in front of your mouth and see if you can get it to move 2-3 inches away from your face as Clay does several times during the song. Man!!!! Does our guy have great lung power, or what?????

Clay's rendition of "Close Every Door" is pretty much perfectly perfect in every way. If a vocal coach were to give him one hint for the song, it would probably be for the words "find" and "mind" where they come up before the kids chorus and again at the end of the song. "Find" is the only word that ever seemed to give him any trouble. It's interesting, because in canfly's clip, and in the finale mp3, he goes higher on the word BEFORE "find" ("shall"), so that he comes DOWN for "find", which is easier, instead of having to reach up. On the recording from 8/14 that I have he doesn't do that and he has to strain just a little to get it.

He sings higher than that note several times, so it's not a problem getting to the note. I think it's the word "find" itself, and the way he sings it. Clay goes for the long "i" sound ("eye"). The vowels "i" and "e" are the hardest ones to sing, because they close up your throat a bit. The sounds for "a" (ahhhh) and "o" (ohhhhhh) are much easier because you have an open throat for those sounds. So, most trained singers would sing the words "fahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-eye-nd" and "mahhhhhhhhhhhh-eye-nd" rather than "fiiiiiiiiiiiiiind" and "miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind" and have an easier time of it. That's our Clay....never takes the easy way out!! So that's just a little tip for him for his next theatrical performance!!

So, to make an endless post short......he really SHOULD NOT have been able to sing so powerfully, emotionally, softly, effectively, BEAUTIFULLY as he did lying on the stage like that. And yet he did. With great effort (from my BB1 seat I could see him literally shaking as he was singing, and it was not all for effect).

And it was one of the most breathtaking, spine-tingling, goosebump producing, amazing things I have ever heard in my life!!! And I got to hear it 4 times.

And now thanks to canfly and our other intrepid clack gatherers, I can relive it again and again!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Aren't y'all glad I kept it brief?????

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OK - pooped out. Over to somebody else!

Bueller? Bueller?

Most of what I wanted to say has been said already. Clay's voice was perfection in all of my five Joseph's. As far as his acting, his expressions, his movements, he got better and better with each subsequent performance. The love in the playhouse was palpable. It was so obvious to me that the cast had become an instant and close family. I could feel the love and support that they had for each other. Even with Clay being injured, his part was still very physical. I watched them being very careful with Clay when they were carrying him around and when they put him down. I kept holding my breath when they dragged him accross the stage.

The grandmother of the little girl, whose face Clay caressed, when he sang "Any Dream Will Do" was sitting behind me. When the little girl's mother brought the grandmother to her seat, I got to talk to her. She told me that the children had to go through multiple auditions, with some being eliminated along the way, to be on the show. She was very happy that her daughter had made it through all the auditions, and stayed all throught the run of the show as some of the children were switched out.

She said that the children loved Clay, but did not get to interact with him as much as they would have liked because Clay had his private dressing room and the children were outside in the white tent. But she did say that Clay went over to the tent several times, and brought Parker to play with them. She said that now that Clay had caressed her daughter's face, she probably would not want to wash it for a long time. I could understand that

This was the very best Clay trip for me. I am so glad I "caved!" I was not going to go because of the expense associated with going to the Gala, but it was worth every penny and more! I so wish that all of you could have been there. I am definitely not an impulsive person by nature, I gave it a lot of thought before I caved. But I do empathize with those who for different reasons could not attend.

Sunday, after the last show, last stage door, we were lingering in the stage door area, Keala and some of the cast were also lingering like they were reluctant to go. I went up to Keala and told her that I was sad that it was ending, but was glad that I had watched five shows. Her eyes filled up with tears and she gave me the biggest warmest hug. She was so warm, so real. She told me with tears in her eyes that without "us" they were nothing and that she was really grateful for "us," the people who came to the shows. Then she gave me another big hug. By that time we were both crying. I just love Keala.

Went back to my group, then Clay's tweet came on our phones, and we were all crying again. So much emotion, so much love! Really good loving cries. So happy and grateful to be a fan of this man, and a member of this fandom.

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This is my (kind of) recap. Please remember: I don´t speak egyptian english very well!

When I heard that Clay Aiken, my favorite singer, was doing a play by my favorite Broadway composer, Andrew Lloyd Weber, I knew I had to go. When I knew it was on a beach in Maine, near to Boston, that was always on my bucket list, I jumped right in. With the help of 2old4clay, I got tickets to the play. I also got airplane tickets and hotel in Boston and that was it.

Boston was really fun, I went to several museums, historic places, a boat trip and it was wonderful. I´ve learn a lot about American History, tea party, Paul Revere and all the things I had no idea. And also did a lot of shopping, as several members of my family have birthdays in September.

But the real fun began in Maine. On Wednesday, 08/27, I took a bus from Boston to Portland (a first for me, never had to take a bus in the USA before) and met my roomies, 2old4clay and toldforthis on the rental car lot at Portland airport. All set, to Maine we went.

Our hotel was The Milestone, and it was OK. Our room was in the top of a mountain, so it was hard to walk, everything has to be done by car.

Then, the first of my 6 shows. I cannot begin to tell you how good and fun it was. As most of you know, I cry everytime I see Clay entering the stage for the first time (and I mean, everyday!!), and this was not an exception. I just could not believe how beautiful he was and that I was there to see him. And the singing… amazing. I was very spoiled, as I got Donny´s movie, all the songs with the London cast and the Broadway cast. But none of it can compare to what I saw there. The cast was amazing, Keala Settle, the Narrator had such a powerful voice, the costumes, everything was beautiful. I had good center seats, but they were on the right side, opposite to the stage door. And let me tell you, I´ve cried again during "Close Every Door" and at the end of the show, when Joseph meets Jacob.

When it ended, I went to the stage door and was very lucky to be in the first row. I was chatting with a lot of people when the cast started to come, They were all so nice and kind, they were the best. Then, here comes Clay. I was so thrilled. Someone told him that I´ve came from far away and he said: “I know, she came from Brazil”, that was awesome and I got his signature on the program.

The next day, cablegirl arrived and joined us. We had two shows. As always, I had my binocular with me and this time, no fear that Clay would pick on me from the stage for trying to see his nose hair. :whistling: . It was amazing seeing his face up and close, during "Close Every Door" and all the other songs. Lots of crying for these too. I was very fortunate again as both my seats were to the left, right on to the stage door, so I got first row on the stage door for both show, and again got his signature.

And some good pictures (clickable):






On Friday, again, my seat was a good one, right next to the door leading to the stage door, and this time I got him to sign my ticket. Going to multiples shows, there are much more details you see, and this time, as I had forgotten my binoculars, I could see the whole play, not only Clay´s face up and close lol.

More pictures (clickable):

This was bigapple and jc4aikenheart´s iPad that dm mentioned earlier and I got double Clay:


And remember my ear pciture, way back? I almost got another one, this is how close I was (clickable):

th_P8230720_t_zpsc5a53bd7.jpg and he looks so happy!

I also got a lot of pictures of the Brothers and cast, I´ll post the link at the end of this "recap".

Saturday was a good one too, but I was opposite the stage door exit, so I didn´t get near him for the stage door.

I got a very nice Picture with Keala, she is really nice (clickable):


I cannot begin to tell you about the last show, it was beyond excellent. Everyone was giving their best. We gave Clay the most amazing standing ovation after "Close Every Door". After those Canaan Days, we gave the brothers another amazing standing ovation and you could see and feel that they were all astonished and amazed. During GoGoGo Joseph, Clay did some very cute dancing movements. Towards the end, Keala was getting very emotional, and grabbing Clay´s hand. She mouthed the words “Thank you” to him and I lost it, I was weeping (to be fair, I was weeping since the beginning of the last show, I cannot tell you how many tissues I´ve used, I could not believe it was the last show!).

At the stage door, I was away but someone offer to get my program signed (it was a different one, with few pages and Clay on the cover). And then, when we were still there, Clay´s tweet came out, and we were all crying. It was the sweetest thing he ever said to us, and I love him more (is that possible?).

And how can I express what beautiful place this Maine area is. We went to Perkin´s cove, had a boat trip to the light house, with amazing scenery and went to Kenenbunkport and saw the Bush´s home. We ate at some of the places that Clay ate at: Amore, for breakfast, the Front Porch and Barnacle Billy’s. And of course, the Corner Stone, because it was the only place that had food after 11 pm. I ate lobster, lobster, lobster and lobster, and loved all. The brunch at The Cliff House was so much fun, meeting a lot of CVers and the food was very, very good and the view amazing. Thank you Alisafan.

So I want to say thank you to my roomies and all the friends that I met , thank you for making my stay in the USA a great one and for all the help. And a special thank you to 2old4clay, our organizer and driver. She is amazing in it!

And to Clay, I have no words to describe all the good things you brought into my life, all the friends, all the fun, all the places I went that I would not had gone if it wasn´t for you. I love you forever and I cannot not wait for more to come!

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I took a major chance when I actually bought my tickets prior to final confirmation of Clay appearing in Joseph. Of course we were pretty positive of it, and the day of the announcement I had a gut feeling to check out the OP website. When I saw tickets for 1st and second row for dates that I would like to attend, I held my breath, prayed and bought the tickets. After I closed the OP website window and returned to Clayversity there was the official announcement that Clay Aiken would be starring in Joseph. I was excited, and relieved that I would not need to sell my tickets on ebay if it turned out that he was not in the production.

Leaving very early on Wednesday 8/21 I began what was to be the best 5 days of my travel experiences. Meeting up with Lucia and ToldForThis at the airport we got in the rental car and trecked our way to The Milestone. The room and location was nice but the layout of the property was not conducive for anyone that has a hard time walking. We were in the last building up on a steep incline, so anytime we left we had to go by car, even down to the free breakfast. They considered our room to be ground floor, but we still had 8 or so steps to drag our suitcases up and then back down. I would not stay there again if I returned to Maine.

The only prelim I had to Joseph was listening to Donny sing Close Every Door, and the first snippets that Vertigo’s daughter presented us with early on. After that I decided not to listen to anything else, so I was blown away by everything that I saw on stage. Clay was outstanding, and each night he would add a little more to his funny expressions, or his slight dance movements and to the power of his vocals. His performances were beautiful from start to finish. I had 1st row seats 3 days in a row. I stared at his feet a lot, though for me I was more eye level and for someone who does not like naked feet (me) I have to say that Clay has very pretty feet. Like his hands, very soft it seems.

As my travel friends have mentioned I had quite a few things organized for us as we wanted to do some things on the days that there was no matinee. I had printed off several menus and committed myself to going to specific places if everyone else was in agreement. Our plan for Friday was breakfast at Amore Restaurant (a plan before I even knew Clay had been there) the Marginal Way and the cruise to the Nubble Lighthouse. We had heard through the grapevine that Clay would be having breakfast at the Amore Restaurant on Friday morning. We had no details, but our plans were already laid out so we kept to them. We were seated in the back room as were several other groups, but as we finished up after being there an hour or so, the owner kept walking back to the room we were in as if assessing everyone’s progress in their meals. As each table of people left, waiters and waitresses came in and cleaned and rearranged in a hurry.

I certainly felt that they were in preparation for the arrival of one Mr. Clay Aiken. We left, did not hang around, no matter what rumor we heard. I have to assume that they had readied the place and he probably showed up shortly after we left for Perkins Cove.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for the entire time that we were there.

On Thursday morning I went back to the Portland airport to pick up cablegirl as she was spending a few days with us. I also knew that Clayann and Desertrose were at our hotel so we were able to fit all of us in the rental car and overall we spent the time together at Perkins Cove on the cruise, and for lunch at Barnacle Bill’s. Saturday we went off to Kennenbunkport which is also an amazing town with shops and restaurants. I spent most of my five days trying to learn how to park the rental car. I bet I reparked that thing a dozen times trying to keep it within the white lines. I am not used to a SUV, I had a heck of a time judging the front fenders in order to pull into a space. Clay should have seen me trying to parallel park on Main Street in order to get to the Cornerstone to eat. It took me about 10 minutes, and I can actually parallel park..but this car was a challenge.

I only made one stage door and that was because Lucia squeezed me in, but as I said Clay appeared to be unhappy and rushed through the signing. After that I just gave it all up, hoping that some first time fans could get an opportunity.

Saturday night was dinner at the Ogunquit Lobster Pound with dancermom2, dancerdad, bigappleforclay, jkc4aikenheart, Vertigo, daughter Sadie, ToldForThis, Lucia, Desertrose and Clayann.

Brunch at The Cliffhouse on Sunday was great…a big thank you to Alisfan and SueRue for coordinating all of this for us. The food and company were amazing.

His final performance of "Close Every Door" was even more astounding than the one that canfly2 has already provided to us. Permaswooned described his every movement and breath in such technical detail that I have nothing else to add because it left me speechless.

There are no words to describe the final show or any of them for that matter. You have seen it all written down in black and white so to speak, but no matter how many times we can say amazing, moving, awesome, joyful, exciting, sexy… and vocally outstanding… they can not do these performers justice as to the quality and the entertainment and love that they gave back to us all. Clay means the world to me, and every time I try to let him know that in some small way …he turns the tables and hands it right back to me. If I died tomorrow I would die knowing that I have just experienced the very best of Clay Aiken.

I'm not sure I can do any more than string together a few random thoughts. So here's a recap-ish.

The Visits:

Since we had a 6AM flight, we spent Saturday night with DS and DIL which was very nice.

I brought my homemade spaghetti and we had a nice meal together. It's fun to see my DS in his "take care of LittleMama role". He got up from the table and immediately started loading the dishwasher and clearing away. She's been having some back issues. (pre-preggers SI recurring) So he's taking pretty good care of her while she ices her back and puts her feet up, etc.

Paula (bearcat4Clay) and I each had connections in Maine. She spent our first night with a Clay friend she hadn't seen since Spamalot - 5 years. And I spent our first night with hubby's Sister and her Hubby. You have heard me talk about David and his myloma and melanoma. So it was great to see their condo for the first time, visit, have a special tour around Yarmouth from a resident (SIL). Nice to share a couple of meals with them and catch up. Time for SIL to have girl talk and let her talk about being the wife of "the patient", things she wouldn't say around BIL, you know? They are doing amazingly well.

Monday we picked up the rental car and headed to Ogunquit.

The most notable thing to us was the GREEN and the FLOWERS everywhere in Maine! I guess when you have feet and feet of snow in the winter, you relish the spring and summer and grow while you can! Just beautiful! Not to mention the Rocky Coastal natural beauty. Our little motel was very nice, beautiful grounds, with a creek in the back. (Town Lyne Motel) The owner was very nice. The only small negative was a teensy bathroom, but even that wasn't bad.

Before the House Lights Go Down:

I got to meet and see several folks on the board and from other boards. But it was not like usual. Spread over time and with us staying spread out geographically, it was hard to get more than a HI, Howarya, etc. I wish we had had more time to visit, but sometimes just a Hello across a crowded room is all us Clay fans need to know we are sharing something wonderful!

Seat - We had Three shows each with a different view. Our first night we were in B 2&4 which we thought would be great. But our view was blocked quite a bit - mostly by the children. Again when Joseph and Jacob reunited - we had the privilege of looking at Jacob's backside for the entire reunion. It was kind of hard not to laugh when we should have been moved. But we could see nothing of their emotion at seeing each other after Jacob believed he was dead for all those years.

I know it's an old playhouse, but it seems to me that the director should have someone watch the rehearsal from all over the place to see if the rehearsal blocking really works once you get to the set.

Luckily we were able to upgrade for a last 2 $how$ ! It was worth it though. Row H was Excellent!

We, however, did enjoy ALL our views! Fun to see Clay up close and fun to see the Big Picture from near the center of the house.

Young boy sitting behind us was chattering on about how Clay Aiken "has been my hero forEVer!"

We couldn't figure out how since he seemed to be about 10 years old! But it was too cute.

The Show:


Joseph's entrance:

When Joseph comes "through the book" silhouetted in Light the effect is stunning. Something about all the children being in bright colors then Joseph framed in a rectangle of White against a black backdrop makes it a powerful image. The way a crisp black and white photo stands out in scattered color photos: more special. Notable. If that makes sense.

Not to mention, Clay cuts quite a stunning figure surrounded by that light!

Joseph joins the children and "graces" each child with smiling eyes, and a sweet smile, kneeling down to greet at least one child. His loving nature is visible.

Any Dream Will Do showcases Clay's voice really well.

I heard a man sitting behind me exclaim, "Clay Aiken has SOME VOICE!!"

There are two moments in the show that show that Silence is also Music. That Silence is also Drama.

I can't remember the 2nd time, but the first time is :

In Any Dream will do Joseph sings "I was left Alooooone" and then -… silence … - and then he sings "May I return to the beginning". That moment of silence, to me, was as powerful as any note.

Introduction of Jacob & Sons -

The family is introduced and the characters carry indicators of their "trade", baskets of fruit, etc.

One of the funniest "foretellings" in that introduction is when 3 actors skip across the stage with Sheep on Sitcks to show the shepherding part of the family business and the Sheep are NOT white! Nooo. They are Multicolored! No wonder Joseph had such a colorful coat! LOL!

I'm not sure exactly when, I want to say it's after the introduction of "Jacob&Sons", but Keala comes back to lean against the column stage left, she pulls out her iPhone and "snaps a pic" and then "Tweets" it! You hear the little "ChirpChirp" sound that Twitpic makes. Cute. Then she stuffs the phone done in her Bra! Exaggeratedly, at that!

Oops! Too much. Splitting!

Now I can go back and start reading recaps. I wanted to finish this mess before I read others. :)

Random, remember?

When Joseph sang Close Every Door - did anybody breathe?

Okay, I'm breathing now.

The minimal introduction - simple chords - has a dirge feel to it to me. Quite. Dark.

And then his "torn voice". The minor key and his phrasing just exude despair. He does not stick strictly to the timing of the notes on the written page. He holds a note, fades out, then finishes the musical phrase with a little rush of eighth or sixteenth notes.

I may not be explaining it well. But he Cries this song, he Wails of the knowledge of "the promise".

Even though he despairs he still expresses a sense of hope for his people. I feel that especially when the choir comes in. His voice just rises above the despair.

To me - the line, "Give me a number - instead of my name" reminds me of the victims of the holocaust who were tattooed with their Auschwitz Camp serial number. I don't know if that was the intent of Rice and Webber. It was just my personal reaction. Added to that, Joseph sings that he "doesn't matter" so name or number are just the same.

And the jump/the Cry on pro-AH-mised at the end just slays me.

(BTW, when I looked up Auschwitz to be sure the spelling was correct, I learned something new. At least according to the article I read, the tattooing only took place at Auschwitz. No other camps. I never knew that and I've visited the site.)


Random, remember?

Potipher and Joseph:

Our first show we were wayyy far stage left (audience's right side) and got a side on view of the money exchange.

That's one of the sexiest damned things I've even seen. I don't know if I can do it justice.

Potipher gives Joseph the big stack of bills and Joseph sort of slyly palms it and quietly slips it into his pocket. But his hand doesn't go in the pocket, he starts the stack into the pocket then kind of finishes tucking it the rest of the way in using just his thumb and fingers to push it in. Almost slight-of-hand. Demure, even.

Before I forget -

The Orchestra:

They were wonderful!

I can't imagine they had a 50 piece orchestra under that stage, but they sure as heck sounded like it.

Having played French Horn in my youth, I especially loved the horns.

At one point, after Pharaoh finishes explaining his dream. Twice.

Joseph begins to sing his Interpretation. A single French Horn note sounds and holds for the cue to the opening note of:

"Seven years of bumper crops are on their way.

Years of plenty, endless wheat and toms of hay"

What can I say, I just love the round sound of the French Horn!

Canaan Days!!

Amazing Harmonies from the brothers.

And excellent comic timing from Reuben! He is a master!

Loved the Tango, too!

Did I mention Amazing Harmonies?!!

There's also a bit related to the bad times, the famine.

Remember I said they paraded "Sheep on Sticks" when introducing the family business?

Well, when we are seeing the conditions "Jacob & Sons" are living in, "We are down to our very last sheep!", there is a lone sheep on a stick marched across the stage. But it's a SKELETON! Bwah!

Some standouts for me in no particular order:

*Nicholas Ward ROCKS THE BASS VOX when they are holding the looooooong notes in this number! He also ROCKS on the "Benjamin Calypso"!! Both musically and outrageously funny facial expressions! Every time he sings "We are the criminal guilty ones", his face just falls, hangdog, like a little boy caught painting on the living room wall.

*One of my favorite lines in the show is Joseph's "After all they have tried Fratricide!"

*"Grovel Grovel": I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but it is the music of "We Three Kings of Orient Are"

*Keala's "Hand Harmonica" Waahhh Waahhh intro to There's a New Star in Heaven!

Everyone has described the show, I'm sure. This is the end of my notes. I loved all the "bits" in the show that are homages to musicals past and music styles. Kind of like a Patchwork Quilt that tells a family story!

But - from the opening with the children just playing "at recess" to Any Dream Will Do, to "Close Every Door", to "Don't you recognize my face?" to The Megamix Curtain Call, every single minute of the show was a delight.

It was serious content presented with humor and love and gorgeous music and funky music.

Just a delight.

And Clay Aiken KILLED it! Softly, soaringly, Roaringly, sometimes bordering on slapstick and at other times floating like a feather.

And the entire cast, you could just feel they blended - musically and emotionally, they felt a camaraderie that spilled out into the audience for all three of our shows. And they wed talented as hell.

Still too long!

The Close Encounter of the Clay Kind:

After the Wednesday night show 5 of us wanted to go get something to eat.

We started at the Front Porch and it was TOO NOISY!

So we walked across the street and decided to give the Cornerstone a try.

It was late. Almost 11. The girls headed over to the hostess to try to get us a table.

(I'll let the other girls out themselves and tell their reactions!)

As I was following, I looked to my right and there was Kory sitting in an interior section of the restaurant that opened with outdoor seating.

I decided to go say hello and tell him how much I enjoyed the show.

I got almost to Kory and stopped dead in my tracks.

Clay was sitting right there, to Kory's left.

Holy Crap!

I did an abrupt about face and walked away.

Then I thought, no, I still want to speak to Kory. (and mention the twitter KorysQTs follow)

So - I turned back around and walked over to him. Clay was facing the opposite direction. I was not in his sight line nor was he in mine.

I spoke to Kory briefly and thanked him for a great show and walked back to join the girls.

By this time they were being led to a table and the waited was saying if we wanted to eat he needed to take our food order before our drink order so he could get it in to the kitchen.

There was a big group of 17 who were about to get their order in and he wanted us to get our order in before the kitchen closed! (He later told us the big group was the cast of Joseph.) :)

I showed the girls that Clay was "here", just over the little wrought iron railing. He was wearing the navy blue with white striped polo. We could take peeks at him without bothering him.

It was fun to see him out having fun, relaxing after giving a great show. Laughing with friends.

No Jerome. No security guard standing sternly between us and him.

It just made me feel so good!

We could admire from afar. Just getting little glimpses. His back to us but that was fine.

So - that was our Close Encounter.

A little bit of Maine Miracle!


If you made it to the bottom of this random mess, that's another miracle!

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Another line from above that I love:

Young boy sitting behind us was chattering on about how Clay Aiken "has been my hero forEVer!"

We couldn't figure out how since he seemed to be about 10 years old! But it was too cute.

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I go back and forth on it. I do kind of think he realizes that this is the one part of his personal Facebook page that everyone can see. Therefore, I have my suspicions that he does change it for "us," in a sneaky sort of way. But then, other times, I think it's just something he does to keep himself occupied. Who really knows? All I know is that I kinda like it, even if it's not really meant for us...

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Yes you're right specs r us is out in force! He probably just broke his cell phone!

I agree, except that he probably lost it. Or left it in a cab. Or his keys. Could be his keys.

I'm speculating, aren't I?


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It's so nice that Clay made such great friends this summer. It must be difficult for celebrities to find friends that do not have an agenda. Sounds like they have all become close. It's also probably why the show had such energy and sincerity which could be felt in the audience.

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I so wish I could have felt that energy...but yeah, I'm glad he made some really good friends out of this. Makes me smile.

CV figured out the #dzack hashtag. I obviously don't know my castmembers of the show, because I never would have figured it out.


How about:






eta: Yes, must add Ken and Keala in the K part.

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What is everyone up to this weekend? My husband and I decided to steam clean our upstairs carpet today. Ick. But it looks SOOOOOO much better.

Then, we just got back from a free lunch and Costco shopping. We have a Red Robin opening in our area, and, thanks to Facebook, I made a reservation for today. It was ONLY through reservation though, as they are doing staff/cook training, but we got a totally free lunch. The food was quite good! However, they had a fire drill in the middle of our meal, checking to make sure the staff knew what to do in that instance.

Costco followed. I always spend too much there!

Soon, my hubby and I have to put our upstairs back together and then we're cooking out.

Anyone else?!?!?!

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