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#66: "I'm Clay Aiken, and I Approved This Message!"


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Actually the legislature voted that in NC candidates no longer have to say "I approved this message". I guess they want the pacs to speak for them. Whatever. School closed early here Monday and wasn't open today so we get to read Dr Seuss tomorrow. I plan on reading "The Places you"ll Go". Although I would rather hear Clay read as would the students in our school.

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Interesting blog, wirtten from the perspective of a guy who runs a motivational speaking company:


I think the last half of the article is the most important, so I'm going to quote it here:

Will Aiken be successful in his run for Congress? It might be a long shot. Personally, I disagree with his stance to raise the minimum wage, but what I like about Aiken is the fact that he appears to take action. He finds causes to support and he does it. And he isn’t held back by the negative perceptions of others.

We all have weaknesses. Skeletons in our closets. Character weaknesses. Lack of experience. Fear of failure.

And the Voice of Treason knows them all.

What is the Voice of Treason? The Voice of Treason is that voice in your head saying, “Buddy, you’re no good.” We’ve all heard it. We all have those negative vibes trying to drag us down. It’s human nature.

Whenever I speak in public on such subjects as communication or leadership or strategic planning, I’ll ask my audience to raise their hands if they’ve ever heard that voice in their heads that’s telling them, “You can’t do it,” or “You’ll screw it up if you try,” or “you’re going to fall flat on your face and look silly, so forget it.” Most everyone knows what I’m talking about, and almost everyone raises his or her hand. For those who don’t, I say, “You know that voice in your head that’s insisting you don’t raise your hand? That’s the voice I’m talking about.”

We all have that voice.

Here’s something to remember. The Voice of Treason doesn’t play fair; the Voice of Treason plays upon your fears, and there’s not a person alive without some fears. Fear is an instinct. It’s a good thing when it comes to our survival, but not such a good thing when you’re trying to follow a dream or take a risk. Our biggest challenge is often distinguishing between fear and feeling, fear and fact, fear and reality.

Fighting the Voice of Treason is a continuous process. We have to do battle with it almost every day. It’s a part of life. But the good news is the more often you put the Voice of Treason in its place, the less often the voice jumps up to bite you.

From my perspective, it looks like Clay Aiken has conquered his Voice of Treason. Do I hope he wins? Not especially. But do I salute him for running?


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I'm on it!

clayforncChatting with folks at our first fundraiser! Great turnout!


clayforncNo fundraiser is complete without a selfie with some great donors! Please contribute today at www.clayaiken.com!


That tweet that merrieee posted earlier is now gone. It had a picture of a receipt signed by Clay -- including part of his credit card number. Not smart.

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Oooo, I got a personally addressed letter from Clay's mom!

I’m proud of my son, Clay Aiken, who filed last week to run for Congress. Like a lot of people, I am not a huge fan of politics today, and I especially don’t like the tactics that some politicians use. Last week Clay said that he is hopeful that his campaign might be able to show the press and politicians that we do not have to tear each other down in order to win. I’m proud of that stance and I’m asking you to contribute $20 today to help Clay bring a fresh, new, positive approach to campaigns in America.

Clay had barely announced when the incumbent’s campaign attacked him for “San Francisco values.” Even one of his primary opponents talks about “North Carolina values.” It makes me wonder what they are getting at.

I can tell you about the values Clay was raised with. He learned the value of hard work, an appreciation for the value of a dollar and the importance of family and friends. And he learned a lot of his values in church, like our responsibility to extend a hand to people who need help.

Clay was born and raised in North Carolina. He continued to live here, even after he achieved success singing. He never “went Hollywood” as a lot of folks do when they make it.

You can see Clay’s values for yourself if you watch his announcement video.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised by what his opponents are already doing. I hope that one day our politicians realize that our people deserve better and that you don’t have to take the low road to the highest offices in the land.

I’m proud of Clay for standing up against that kind of politics.

Please stand with me and with Clay – and with Clay’s true North Carolina values by giving to his campaign today.


Faye Parker

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I love the approach they are taking re: the San Francisco values comment! Puts the Ellmers camp in a position of being direct or shutting up. It's a good letter from Faye--I got it too.

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GREAT article regarding Clay:


Thank You, Robert Holding

Gary Pearce posted on March 06, 2014 12:27

He helped answer two questions that I get a lot: Why are you helping Clay Aiken? And, of course: What’s he like?

When Holding said he was considering running against Renee Ellmers in the Republican primary (he didn’t, in the end), he said she “has gone Washington.” He added, “Do not underestimate Clay Aiken. He’s speaking from the heart. If he gets off the ground there is a concern on my side that he could get loose and win that thing.”

Bingo, Robert.

Aiken is known for his singing voice, but he has a unique political voice. As he showed in hisannouncement video, he tells his life story in a compelling way, he captures the public’s disgust with Washington dysfunction and he offers a clear and refreshing contrast. And he’s bringing attention to a race that wasn’t on the radar.

What’s he like? The first thing people say is: “You’re taller than I expected” (an inch or two over six feet.) He’s genuine, down-to-earth and likeable. Self-assured in the way successful people are, but not cocky. He’s not intimidated by cameras, media scrutiny or the Republican tracker who tapes his every move and utterance. Been there, done that.

He’s tougher, smarter and more informed than people expect. He’s a sponge for information and he sets high standards for himself and people around him.

He has a genuine distaste for what politics in America has become, just like many voters. And he has an internal compass that steers him clear of politics-as-usual. He’s a welcome contrast to a cynical, power-hungry, money-obsessed political world.

And his campaign is attracting smart, idealistic and committed young people. That’s good for the Democratic Party.

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merrieeee -- totally agree! I've got a few theories about WHY that is exactly, but I need to think about them first to be able to put them in words. (I also need to finish the project that's due Monday for my class too!)

New tweet:

Martin Nesbitt believed that his job was to vigorously represent the people who lived in his district. He did that throughout his career.

Mr. Nesbitt is a NC Democratic State Senator who died today.

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Clay mention on the show "The Doctors" today:


It's about his surgery that he did for TMJ, but also talks about other things he's supposedly had done. Although that seems like a bit of an invasion of what's he's had done IMO, it's a pretty good piece. The end talks about how he's running for Congress, and one of the people on the panel thought he won Idol that year!

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We had a bad ice and snow storm and lost power for 5 or so hours today. I think Raleigh had a problem too. The roads were not great but had to go to the doctor so I skidded around in my Prius in the slush and got it over with. Can't believe the main roads weren't cleaned . Salt didn't do the job.

I'm getting excited reading Clay's tweets. Waiting to hear from his opponents on the issues.

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But that kind of leads the point I was thinking about earlier this morning. It's probably not the most popular opinion, but here goes...

I think Clay cares about this new career WAY more than he did for much of his music career. Early on, I believe the passion was there, fueled by the heady popularity of American Idol. I also think he had the time of his life in 2004, when he did three concert tours (I'm still floored he did that). But then, the realities of sustaining a music career started kicking in. Now, I'm still not gonna come out and say that RCA/Clive Davis/TPTB screwed Clay. I don't think we'll know anything about all that until Clay writes his next book, which I think he will -- in about 15 years or so. Anyway, the whole "business" part of the "music business" started kicking in. I've always thought that Clay didn't like that; as much as he knew he had a good voice and liked entertaining people, he also really didn't care all that much about things such as tour schedules and, yes, the fan club.

But this is different.

Everything that has happened so far is very professionally done. If there's been a mis-step so far, I've yet to see it. (Although, we are only a month into the campaign...) And Clay looks positively radiant in almost every picture from the past month. This is his new passion, and it shows. He wants to serve his constituency. I sincerely hope he wins to be able to continue on that pathway.

Par of me wonders if the change is this: he was basically thrown into the performing arena. Yeah, Faye wanted him to sing, and he did perform in a lot of shows in North Carolina. But I do not think he expected the hoopla after AI at all. This political thing, though? He's had time to think about this. Control almost every part of it. Bring in the best people. Mr. Planner is a happy camper.

I'm once again along for the ride. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

*tries not to get motion sick too often*

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Ladyj, I agree with you 100%. He does look happy and content with his life lately. I don't think his heart was ever completely in the entertainment industry. I think he tried to please everyone else to his detriment.

Now he is doing something for himself and hopefully will result in doing something for others!

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