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#66: "I'm Clay Aiken, and I Approved This Message!"


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@clayaiken: Thank you ALL for supporting me today. Will you chip in $5? https://t.co/uyaVgFnVvM - I need you. #standwithclay

@clayaiken: Your generosity astounds me. Thank you all. https://t.co/xq9blxCu0Y #StandWithClay #NC02


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New article

@WorldsNewsPosts: Clay Aiken Doesn't Want to Talk About 'American Idol' http://t.co/CvPeLP0mLV #news #world news


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OK, to match tweets with pictures and such...

kearney ‏@keearney 3m

Hello Clay Aiken pic.twitter.com/gYin9Gdjfr


Sally Greene ‏@GoSallyGreene 1m

At Lillian's List luncheon with Gail Perry and candidate Clay Aiken http://instagram.com/p/mNpBuYG4z0/


Lillian's List is an North Carolina group that supports progressive women's candidates. Their luncheon was held today, and the keynote speaker was Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is the National Democratic Committee Chair. In other words, she's HIGH power in Washington. Coolness.


Proud to join the 450 @LilliansList progressive women who are getting ready for @DWStweets! #DemWomen #LLKickoff14 pic.twitter.com/284y0T9UNl


Clay probably ID'd in the right hand corner of the room.


@LilliansList event and @ClayForNC is two tables away. Made my day! So excited he is using his "voice" in politics. pic.twitter.com/R363fFG1Rb


The picture from the NC Theater article linked above (the article will be placed in the news later tonight):


Tyson Miller ‏@TysonMillerNC ·30 mins

With @clayfornc at #collegedems gala in Greenville! #ydcd2014 #clayaiken http://instagram.com/p/mN3eDfk0Wv/


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New email from Clay:


I know that you have heard from our campaign a lot over the past few days and I know that you are likely hearing from all kinds of candidates. I know it is aggravating. It is a sad fact that campaigns require a great deal of money to win today and the media looks at deadlines like today to measure where campaigns are and where they are going.

I have been humbled and honored to receive the support of so many people just like you over the past two months. Can I count on you once more? Your $10 contribution will make a difference today.

We need your contribution by midnight tonight in order to show the media just how many people are standing with our campaign.



PS - You can give right now at this link. Please consider asking your friends to do so as well:https://act.myngp.com/Forms/5234590141888069632

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If people would get off the golf course I could go home.......grrr!

But at least I can surf! I think he looks too young and too good looking to be a politician! Wouldn't he make a smashing candidate for Prez?

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Fear, I've been getting more interested in politics over the years. Mainly because I've been concerned by some of these crazy people who have been given a position of power, and because of all the money involved in politics. Think Citizen's United was one of the stupidest decisions the Supreme Court has made. So I am excited for this path that Clay is taking, but I was glad that he wasn't considering making this a permanent career change. As much as he is interested in politics, I really doubt that he would have gotten involved to this degree if politics wasn't such a mess right now, with NC being a particularly messy area thanks to gerrymandering and money. I have to disagree with Clay about John McCain, at least the McCain that has been around since he ran for president. That isn't the guy that I remember watching on The Daily Show. This one appears to have lost his mind.

ldyj and merrieee, thank you both for keeping this board open. It was the first board where I ever felt accepted. I will make more of an effort to post here. Hugs back ldyj.

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Popping in to say hello as well, I know I've been away a couple months... ldyj and merrieeee thank you for bringing things over :) I still read over things here almost every day to see what's going on and I get Clay and his teams' emails too, seems like he's doing well with his campaign! Even if I'm not really into politics his race right now is kinda interesting...

Work is keeping me really really occupied, I'm getting regular days and hours now, almost 30 hours a week that I'm just getting into a routine of, so I'm tired ALL the time. We're in the middle of a remodel and I just had my whole section recently in upheaval and able to do almost nothing while I waited for them to be done. And they're still actually working on it.... my other time filling life ruining vice is tumblr. Nothing much else is that interesting.. took a quick weekend trip to visit a friend in Chicago back in February and went to the Sing-Off Tour when they were in town a couple weeks ago (holy crap were they GOOD SO GOOD)..and while there made plans to see the Goo Goo Dolls and Daughtry concert this summer!

And um.. that's really it... hope everyone is doing well, maybe in a couple more months something else interesting will happen I can talk about! lol

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Well good morning sleepy heads! I've had more people come in the office this week and say they heard my guys running for Congress! They've all said good luck to him and no one has said anything derogatory! Very nice.

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Team Clay tweet:

Thank you, everyone, for your work and support on behalf of @clayaiken over the past 2 months. Onward!

I would venture a guess that he did quite well in the first quarter (especially considering he really only had two months to fundraise, not three).

Nikki SchwabVerified account ‏@NikkiSchwab

I booked my interview with @ClayAiken via #selfie - http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washingto...t-american-idolhttp://pic.twitter.com/WpkV5Tfj0v


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Wake Young Dems ‏@wakeyd ·8 mins

Join us for #selfieswithClay with @clayaiken at the @TriTavRaleigh, TONIGHT at 6:30pm. 6004 Falls of Neuse Rd #ncpol

This would be:

Tribeca Tavern @TriTavRaleigh

This is the official page of Tribeca Tavern Raleigh


April 16: Young Professional Reception, The Player's Club in Raleigh

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The mods over at TWOP are saying goodbye and this is what one of them wrote

Big, huge thanks for the staff of Television Without Pity for bringing me on, and apologies for making such a mess out of the "American Idol" forums. Fortunately I'll never have to deal with that madness ever again, unless something truly bizarre happens, like Clay Aiken running for Congress. But that would be silly.
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I love Twop and am sorry to see it go. Yes it was the Clay years - I quit reading the Idol boards years ago - but I spent a lot of time over there before Idol, and still today, for all my favorite shows. Didn't read the recaps but despite some of their silly rules, it was a great place for actual intelligent conversation. I think I got kicked off 4 times and have who knows how many warnings. During season two of idol, on the episode threads, there used to be at least 50 pages per episode. I checked and now there is just 3 or 4 per episode. Social media has changed the landscape. People want to talk instantly or while the show is airing and not worry about things like grammar. Too bad. I'll miss it.

Oooh I just realized I am free to say whatever I want on Twop.. what can they do to me now LOL. And I have to admit I always loved his thread title ... Clay Aiken: The Thing That Wouldn't Die.

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merrieeee -- he certainly does. [tm Laurel or Hardy, I can't remember which]

I first found TWoP for the Amazing Race recaps. Then I started reading the AI recaps during Clay's season -- not knowing that there were message boards attached for each show! DUH! When I finally figured that out, it was the middle of the AI tour, and I was hooked. It took a while to get a "rhythm" for the board posting style, but I figured it out, enjoying the snark. And then, I remember when they kicked us out...and the CH was born.

It was during that time I met the wonderful couchie. It's been 11 freakin' years girl....love every minute of it.

Thanks Clay.

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Hey Couchie!

Clay looks so good in those casual clothes. He is one who can wear practically anything. Even in his pj bottoms with the mismatched sweatshirts he looked adorable. Can't say I was crazy about the Orville Redenbacher outfit though. No one can really put that look off.

I wish I had read about Twop back in the day. I was slow to the whole internet thing and although I have been a big fan of others before, like Barbara Stanwyck, had never even thought about looking anyone up online. Then Clay came and everything changed. But even then I was a slow starter. Went to sites that had Clay in the name so that's how I came to CB, but at first I just thought it was a website and I found his videos and demos. Then I learned about message boards after I started clicking everything on there to find out more information. It's been quite a ride.

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Well since I've been here an hour and had a crisis of NO coffee I figured I check the boards out! Geez people the world doesn't end because you can't get your caffeine fix. Yesterday I made coffee with decaf and no one noticed!

Any who I found this. Clay is now hip and urban......you gotta love it.


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